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Eduard Asadov. “Who heart is capable to love and trust“

Somehow time, having come once again into bookstore, I saw the small collection of verses on love. Without deliberating, I bought it. Having begun to read, I understood that I am bewitched by these wonderful lines. On a cover by small letters it is written: “Washing love will never leave …“, and above, already big: “Eduard Asadov“. About this poet all hardly know, such as, about Pushkin or Lermontov. It is not passed in schools. But, I consider that it has to be known, at least those for whom literature and poetry not an empty phrase. And so, I want to acquaint you with this wonderful poet of the 20th century.
Eduard Asadov was born on September 7, 1923 in the Armenian family. He wrote the first poem in eight years. Having finished, the young man deliberated school whether to enter in literary, and can the theatrical institute. For the young man, as well as for all people of that time, solved everything war. From war Asadov returned without eyes. So he the next year after war entered the literary institute. The first collection of verses “Svetlaya Road“ published in the same year when graduated from institute, in 1951. In total at the poet of 47 books. Except verses he wrote poems, stories, the essay, stories.
Eduard Arkadyevich was one of popular poets of the Soviet Union. This popularity lasted quarter of the century. Many with interest went to its recitals. And, of course, about love many loved Eduard Asadov`s verses on the Homeland, on war, on the nature, on animals, on friendship. Many critics of the poet criticized. They did not like simplicity, naivety, sentimentality of asadovsky verses. From the beginning of reorganization of the poet ceased to print. Such eclipse was given to the poet for 15 years, but he all the same continued to write. At once he all - waited return of reader`s love.
Eduard Asadov has such fine lines with which I want to finish the small acquaintance with this poet:
I to me to spit on cynical laughter
of Togo to whom not to measure star heights.
these my verses for those, Who heart is capable to love and trust
. Love
and trust heart! Trust the heart and trust it!