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Biogel. How with its help to correct a shape of nails?

Biogel are the changed formula of traditional gel thanks to which biogel gained plasticity and ability to be dissolved by special liquids. The bio prefix in fact has under itself no anything. Any “bio“ in these gels is not present. Any natural component. Only chemistry. So the advantage of strengthening by biogel that the nail becomes thicker and, therefore, can maintain big, but not boundless loadings.

Biogel protects a natural nail plate from external influences. Biogel it is possible to correct visually it and shortcomings. Some biogels are suitable for lengthening of a nail plate, but this lengthening will not be such what can be created by means of traditional gels as not so solid biogel, and plastic.

Preparation of a nail plate is similar to preparation of nails for building. Gloss from a nail plate cleans up, the nail is cleared of dust and degreased. Further the primer for biogel is put. After drying of a primer the basic layer of biogel is put with the rubbing movements. When drawing each layer the end face of a natural nail is sealed to avoid flaking of biogel from tips of nails. Further the leveling layer of biogel by means of which it is possible to correct all roughnesses of a natural nail is put, to lift the fallen tip, to make even up the growing nails.

On long nails formation of an apex is obligatory. Of course, it will be not such as in classical building, and it is slightly less, but its existence on long nails is obligatory - it will give additional durability to a long natural nail.

When strengthening a natural nail it is possible to choose a various color covering. Besides, on biogel practically any design, as well as on the increased nails - spangles, drawings, a service jacket, a molding and so forth is available. Before design the master will level a soft file a surface of a nail or if alignment is not required, will polish a surface baffy. Further will make drawing and after drying of paint will put a finishing covering which will protect drawing from chips and external influence and will prevent negative influence of external environment on artificial material. At change of a chemical composition and structure of classical gel biogel became more subject to atsetonsoderzhashchy liquids and other chemistry, such as aggressive cleaners, acids and alkalis.

In case as design spangles are used, then they powder a thin layer of biogel and will be polymerized in a lamp for fixing of spangles, and then other part is modelled. It is also possible to mix transparent biogel with spangles and to draw or lay out received instead of a stylish frenchik.

The acrylic molding on biogel is carried out as a rule after drawing the finish as the surface of a nail has to be glossy, and an acrylic molding opaque. The size and composition of an acrylic molding is limited only to length of a natural nail.

After a finishing covering of a nail nutritious oil is applied on a cuticle and rubbed in skin. Biogel it is remarkable means for those who want to have the beautiful, strong, but natural, but not increased nails. Of course not all problems can be corrected biogel so depends only on your natural nails you suit biogel or not.