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How variety celebrities grow thin?

Recently the Internet is literally hammered with advertizing of the well-wishers offering disposal of excess weight in the different progressive ways. The famous actors and other “public“ people allegedly urge citizens to use a new unusual method of combustion of excess fat and fast disposal of extra kilos.

At the same time for receiving a miracle technique it is necessary to visit the website offered in advertizing and to order or a disk with information which is written down on it, or the text about a popular diet. All this says that the world problem of excess weight came also to Russia, - on streets of our homeland people with strong indications of obesity even more often began to appear.

In the advertizing materials urging the people to use techniques of disposal of excess weight information that a certain recognizable person within a month dumped 30, 40 or at once 60 kilograms of excess weight is given. Information this doubtful and, of course, is the usual “scam“ parasitizing on those who are not able to get rid of extra kilos.

It is necessary to tell that in a situation with excess weight “not to guzzle councils“ only “not clever“ people can give even if these people have any academic statuses. In today`s world nearly a third of the population has different diseases (endocrine, diabetes, heart, etc.) which promote a set of excess weight. Mentality at people different, and not all are capable to the exhausting weight loss methods connected with starvation.

And then - we do not know that we eat: shops are filled up import genno - the modified food which long do not spoil. Tomatoes, for example, jump aside from a wall as balls. Environmentally friendly products cost much.

I participated in the program for disposal of excess weight recently and I want to share.

As well as many compatriots, eating randomly at any time, I found out once that it became somehow inconvenient to tie laces on footwear. Also understood that it is necessary to grow thin. In three months which I visited our local “group of health“ I got rid of 10 extra kilos, at the same time my consultants swore that so quickly it is impossible to grow thin that it is fraught with negative consequences.

However this expensive pleasure cost me twenty thousand rubles, and I did not begin to stretch it for a year. Especially as the technology of disposal of excess weight which I used is based on the use of dietary supplements. It was necessary to use method of absorption of tablets and different preparations instead of increase in physical activity to me from - for natural laziness and on some other the reasons.

Methods of disposal of excess weight now much. There are weight loss techniques based on “combustion of fat“ by means of physical exercises in fitness - clubs and different sports sections, is counting the caloric content of the consumed products. In the first case long physical activities are used that not always turns out. In the second case of people goes in cycles in calories and can get excess psychosis, thinking, as if not to eat superfluous.

There are weight loss methods in which the person is turned in air-tight materials as doctor Agapkin showed on the TV. It is possible just to refuse the use of bread and thus to get rid of several kilograms. My disposal of excess weight coincided on time with the Lent. I did not eat some bread and greasy food, and is unclear that more promoted disposal of extra kilos - a post or dietary supplements.

There is a way technical, with use of dietary supplements - not the best, but sometimes necessary.

And there is a way of weight loss by means of surgical intervention about which I also want to tell as about the most probable method used by our celebrities. The plastic surgery is rather developed now and even if on a face it is possible to carry out the rejuvenating procedures why not to make it on a stomach or on a bum?

It is impossible to dump in one month in any way 50-60 kilograms of weight because the person cannot depart from the physiology, as if he wanted it. The skin stretched at obesity during fast weight loss is not reduced, and it is necessary to hang in the form of a leather apron which without surgical intervention cannot be cleaned. Surgeons got skilled at to do now cosmetic seams which are almost not noticeable.

To disguise on a body or to hide such seams under a swimwear it is possible without any problems. These are very expensive operations which only rich people are capable to pay. They are almost inaccessible to the lump of the population. As a rule, at rich and well-known there are personal (house) doctors who watch over health of the patients and advise what methods of prevention can use without harm for health.

The dietology is a business now. The same business making huge profit, as well as production of the food leading to excess body weight. Therefore - the more problems at people with an excess weight, the more joyfully at heart at sellers of goods for weight loss. Sufferers to get rid of excess weight and will be to get a slim figure always.

It is necessary to understand that the problem of excess weight at the population came to the international level, and not school students are guilty that they are fed with high-calorific products. It “people in white dressing gowns“, “professors“ and the doctor of some sciences (often at additional expense) from screens of the TV broadcast to us about advantage or harm of certain separate food.

The offered techniques for weight loss with use, for example, of charcoal or some exotic products can lead to diarrhea and other serious consequences for health. Better in fitness - club to register...