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How it is often necessary to wash dogs and cats? Owners of pets pay

much attention to questions of forages, the mode of walks, and here the question of bathing is brought up, only if the pet comes very dirty from the street. And it is important - to bathe a dog or a cat, for example, in time and correctly too. Same

occurs at visit of the veterinarian. We ask, than to feed our canine friends, than to give to drink what vitamins to give what to do that they were cheerful and happy and whether they here often ask a question of the bathing mode?

Happens, you come on a visit to “dog lovers“ or “aelurophiles“, and hits into a nose specific, not always a pleasant smell … On a delicate question “You washed the animals long ago?.“ the answer which is simply depressing: “Yes they not dirty, here will go for a walk, will be soiled strongly then we will wash! “ And this smell is very steady, eats in covers on furniture, in furniture, in clothes of owners and to get rid of it rather difficult. And the animal will feel discomfort even if from it dirt lumps extensively do not fly, and it just did not bathe long ago. It is simple tell they to us about it cannot … we Will begin

with dogs. Look narrowly at those representatives of the dog tribe who often are at exhibitions. They have wool in a fine state, just shines and is poured, and it is not breed, and in leaving! So give also for the pets who do not take medals and cups at prestigious competitions, to look after also carefully, really they something it is worse? It is not so expensive as it seems - to bathe with the correct shampoos and is as frequent as it is necessary.

The most important is the fact that at dogs skin is more gentle also to the land, than at people, and natural greasing, really, is washed away by detergents. For this reason of dogs it is necessary to wash with special shampoos which composition is developed specially under them. As a last resort it is possible to use very good “human shampoos“ with a mark “For the dry and injured hair“. There are shampoos for certain breeds, for different types of wool, consult in shop or at the veterinarian and pick up correct.

Now process of bathing. If you are afraid that water will get into ears to your doggie, enclose in ears to him wadded tampons, it is desirable oiled. You do not apply shampoo directly on wool, at first plentifully wet a dog that water from it directly flew, and dissolve shampoo in some capacity. Do not feel sorry for shampoo, soap thus at least twice, every time well washing away foam. Has to be not hotter than water and not cool, but lukewarm, be guided on the feelings.

After a bathtub wool at your dog should not “creak“, it has to be slippery. Wrap a beast in a towel, take out from a bathroom and well wipe, but in a towel you do not dry, and that wool will rot and spoil. Dogs are subject too to colds therefore it is impossible to allow to come after washing to the pet to draft and wind at all.

How often to wash a dog? The old wrong stereotype remained that often it is impossible, and that wool will deteriorate. This installation was created because once dogs were washed generally with soap or human shampoos, and it is valid badly influenced wool. Today the choice of shampoos for dogs is huge, and it is possible to bathe them as often as it is necessary. Of course, it is impossible to do it every day, but every two weeks according to the schedule and out of the schedule if it strongly is soiled - the most normal mode. It is possible to do it to a thicket, dogs in the summer too, as well as we, sweat.

I will separately mention about elderly dogs. Skin at pets “aged“ becomes still to the land more thinly. There are special elderly dogs shampoos, and it is necessary to bathe them less often, than in youth.

We will talk about cats now. It is considered that they do not need to be bathed at all, well only if (as well as in cases with dogs) they strongly are soiled on the street. Yes, cats need to be bathed much less often, but all the same it is necessary.

In - the first if your cat walks on the street, need to be washed after walk only the become soiled sites. The second - surely we wash cats after a summer season. If your pet in general does not leave anywhere and at the dacha is not, it is enough two times in a year of full bathing.

Some precautionary measures before bathing of cats. Cut off claws - cats not everyone like to bathe and can strongly scratch you. As at dogs, we do the same with ears - we put in them the oiled cotton wool lumps.

After bathing again the same rules - are well wiped and we do not let on draft or wind. Cat`s shampoos too the huge number of types in special shops, is for short-haired, for long-haired, even for “bald“ cats of certain breeds.

Still I want to tell about a novelty both for cats, and for dogs - dry shampoo. Happens, there are no conditions carefully to wash up an animal, and it strongly dirty, such shampoo will help to solve a problem.

Animals shampoos are also with ill-defined effect against parasites. In the summer when pincers and fleas it is more, there is a sense to use them.

You remember - caring for appearance of the canine friend, you at the same time show care and about his health, the condition of his skin and wool is important too. Look after the pets carefully and correctly, and they will be always grateful to you!