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When Christ barefoot passes to liking?.

It was usual busy morning when approximately at 11:30 I left the house on a meeting with old friends and saw it... The road was snow-covered therefore I moved with a speed about 40 km/h. My eye was fixed by the elderly man who slowly moved on crutches on the sidewalk along the road.

On it. The grandfather did not step on the left leg, but it was extremely heavy to move even by means of crutches to him on not cleared away and slippery path. At this moment my right leg itself released the accelerator pedal and pressed on a brake pedal. I parked, without having reached to the bus-stop.

For all life my faultless intuition brought me only in 9 - m a class at examination in history, and now she prompted to me that to us with the old man was obvious on the way, and I stopped to ask whether I can give a ride to him. He answered: “Yes, it would be healthy“. I helped it to get into the car and took an interest where it is necessary to go? The grandfather heaved a deep sigh and told: “I want to visit the wife. You, the daughter, go to the subway Babushkinskaya, and there I will tell you where to land“.

In the car the grandfather began to shiver a little, probably, on the street managed to be chilled. I included to it heating of a seat and made music more silent. A little later the old man undid a jacket, pulled out from - for bosoms of 5 red carnations and said: “Oh, the daughter, thanks to you big, with your help I at the wife will be in 10 minutes. Today we have anniversary - 55 years from the date of wedding, and today I was 84 years old“. “Oho, I congratulate! - I told, having smiled. - Double holiday moreover what!“.

I did not begin to ask the grandfather why they with the wife do not live together and why he should overcome every day such route on crutches to meet her. You never know from - for what they ran up, and it is possible, his wife owing to age is ill now therefore it goes to her.

When we passed the main intersection on Babushkinskaya, the old man told me what after the following traffic light will need to be turned to the right and to stop through 200 meters. So I also made. But having stopped, I did not believe the eyes and for some moment grew dumb with surprise... I stopped the car to land the grandfather at cemetery Rajevski...

He sat next on a passenger seat, but its voice at that moment reached me as though published: “The daughter, you is close to an entrance do not approach, and in recent days there so much snow piled that, you will not be able to remove then the car“.

The grandfather buttoned a jacket, strong squeezed a bouquet of flowers and with my help went out of the car. “Thanks to you, daughter, thanks to you, beauty! Already four years I visit every day the wife, and for the first time for all this time gave a ride to me. You have very kind heart and very beautiful eyes. Be healthy“. It was developed and went.

“Wait! - I shouted. - Why five? Why five carnations?“ “I come to it, as to live in spite of the fact that it is much closer than this distance that I overcome every day. It is here“, - and he stuck with a forefinger himself right in the heart. “And if it is honest, then money at me was enough only for five carnations“, - having smiled, the old man added. “It is improbable, - I told, - you come every day here in spite of the fact that you are hurt by a leg? you understand“

“, I very much love it and to come here for me not burden. But all this will end soon. Doctors made the diagnosis, I had two months, it is no more. In two months I will be absolutely happy, having met the wife. There is more. I will surely tell it as on my last birthday God gave me a gift, having sent you to the help. Today for the first time in recent days it was so heavy to me to rise and gather, and before an exit I prayed to the Lord that It gave me forces or helped. For all these years that I come to the wife, at most, that for me made - it offered a hand in the bus and gave way. And here you. You put me in the car, gave me heat and comfort. Unless not a miracle? Of course, miracle! Moreover what - with big green eyes, a wide smile and kind heart. Thanks to you, daughter. Be healthy“.

Drove a lump to my throat. I stood and looked after the leaving grandfather on crutches and with a bouquet from five carnations which every day for already four years visits the wife. Its carnations were such bright that it seemed to me that is more red than them I in life saw nothing. I remembered how he truly called distance in 200 meters through which I stopped, having turned from the main road. Of course, he knew that here 200 meters, his legs even if on crutches, are better than my odometer in the car and can precisely define the passable way.

I stood, and wind frayed my hair, but to me was all the same. To me was all the same as my hair which I did in the morning more than an hour, magnificent ringlets, blush and ink looks. I kept, I, however, kept very much, but emotions were stronger, and I felt how the small teardrop rolled down a cheek.

I swallowed the lump which drove to a throat, and it fell a heavy stone. And then it is unknown from where the undertaken heat spread on all body, and it seemed, thousands of fires were lit in heart, lighting me from within. This feeling was similar to that, called Christ barefoot passes to liking...

“He loves. He really loves it. And it is such love what practically you will not meet“, - I thought. Undoubtedly, despite the illness, he was a happy person. In his eyes there was no grief, claims or complaints to the destiny at all. His eyes were filled with pleasure from the forthcoming meeting with the darling.

When I returned to the car, found two passed calls on phone, but I did not begin anybody to call back. Now I for some reason wanted to be silent and to anybody not to talk.

I made music slightly more loudly, pressed on the accelerator pedal slightly stronger and went to the planned meeting, still feeling traces of bare feet of Christ at the heart...