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Beauty completely? What manicurist of

the girl does not want to have well-groomed hands with beautiful manicure? Of course, it is wished by everyone. Some do manicure independently, but even more often ladies resort to the help of the manicurist and nail extension.

At all times people strove for beauty of hands and nails. Of course, ideally equal marigold and velvet handles as at modern young ladies, in the past was not trace and, but archeologists found out that else in Ancient Egypt women to emphasize the beauty and status situation, painted nails structure from henna.

Tools for giving of a form to nails, for disposal of agnails were gradually invented, structures for mitigation and moistening of skin of hands, for coloring of nail plates were thought out.

The fashion changed: nails covered with gold, silver, painted in red and black colors, put on tips, let grow and shortened... Invariable was one: the mankind strove for perfection, finding for this purpose all new and new ways.

As well as now, in the past not each girl managed to grow long nails, but there was a wish to have them everything. On nails pasted paper, silk and even a film, but, alas, such tricks rescued for a while. These designs kept quite poorly, and therefore people tried to find the solution of “a nail question“ again and again.

“Rescue“ came from there from where did not wait: the stomatologist who is incidentally wounded and lost part of a nail did not want to frighten the clients by such external defect and therefore increased to himself missing part acrylic sealing material.

Of course, it was absolutely not flexible and not really convenient, but girls and women sacredly believing that beauty demands the victims for the sake of long nails were ready to go to it. When it became clear later that sealing acryle negatively influences a nail plate, society began to look for more elastic and safe materials. And over time they were found.

Now the manicurist renders the huge range of services. It both building, and strengthening of nails, and wax trays, and many other things. Often the manicurist is engaged as well in a pedicure. All this, certainly, needs to study. There are no public institutions specializing in this subject in Russia for the present, but there are many private schools and courses where wishing, having paid some sum, can learn art of manicure.

It is possible to seize bases of building and strengthening of nails and independently, but training at the qualified teacher will allow to avoid a set of mistakes which are, as a rule, peculiar to beginners - self-educated persons.

Manicurists work with clients according to the schedule or on record. In the second case the working day can be unrationed and depend on the personal schedule of the client, in the first the client chooses time, convenient for it, proceeding from the schedule of the master. To become the successful expert in this sphere where now there is a big competition, it is necessary to practice, be aware constantly of all novelties of nail service and to watch fashionable tendencies.