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What to present to the girl - the teenager?

Teenager, adolescent, teenager... Irrespective of the country and time, at teenage age is to the person hard in this world. It is difficult to it to find a common language with parents, teachers, schoolmates. To it it is uncomfortable at school and uncomfortably at home. And most often he cannot cope with himself.

growing Time - the difficult period: any more not the boy, but yet not the young man, any more not the girl, but yet not the girl. So who I am, eventually? Without being able to cope with negative emotions, discontent with everything and everything, the child becomes conflict, obstinate. But nothing, will pass time, everything will be settled. We all passed through awkward age though seldom we remember it with pleasure.

Most often the child is scary dissatisfied with the changing appearance. He can consider long himself in a mirror, and it, of course, irritates parents. “Well what is the time you already turn in front of the mirror?! Be engaged, at last, in something useful! I in your years...“

Dear parents, do not dissemble. Remember yourself at teenage age. What is the time you studied the reflection, infinitely dreaming on Gogol: “If yes to put Nicanor Ivanovich`s lips to Ivan Kuzmich`s nose...“

Someone told that the best way to make children good is to make them happy. Birthday, undoubtedly, excellent occasion. But what it is possible to present to this little meanie? So there is a wish that the gift gave sincere joy to the favourite little man! A new dress, boots, jewelry - all this is remarkable. And here one more idea which unexpectedly was very successful.

Once I sat in beauty shop, expecting the turn. Incidentally my look fell to a poster with the list of services where, among other things, I read: “Beauty lesson“. I right there decided that it is that gift which I look for. The girl learns how to look after herself, will always learn to look good. And it will be competent work of the professional, but not the fighting coloring put by means of the girlfriend - schoolmates. “How I look?“ The answer to this burning question is important to any woman from three to ninety three years, and even later. Isn`t it?

I refused all procedures, and the whole hour we discussed details of the forthcoming lesson with my cosmetologist - a gift. Believe, all spent efforts were worth it - the success was loud. If it is interesting to you, I am ready to share experience. It is added and generalized by my friends who gave such gifts to the children too.

Very important point - to find the good cosmetologist - the makeup artist and to accurately explain what you want from it. And you want to receive answers to three questions “how?“.

1. How to look after the person in the morning and in the evening? (Skin of the teenager demands special leaving!)
2. How in the morning to make an easy make-up which would hide shortcomings and emphasized appearance advantages?
3. How to make a beautiful resistant make-up on a party?

Formulate all tasks because the girl will become puzzled, having got to beauty shop for the first time. Will answer all questions “specifically“: “Well, I want something...“

Surely ask the master to pay special attention to tone of conversation with the child. It has to be friendly, confidential chat without any edifications and lectures.

Agree with the makeup artist that the girl actively participated in “Lesson“, but did not sit an indifferent doll. For example, the master works and comments on the actions on one half of the face, and the young client synchronously repeats most on another too.

The beautiful evening make-up has to be the final of a session.

Having brought the girl on “Lesson“, sit down aside. Do not interfere at all, and take a sheet of paper and a legible handwriting write down all recommendations of the master. The unusual situation, abundance of new information do not give to the child the chance to concentrate. But she everything will attentively read houses and will be grateful to you.

Do not forget to take with yourself the camera. It is an important detail, then you will understand why.

And here “Beauty lesson“ came to an end. The master asks the girl to take out from hair all elastic bands - hairpins and to incline the head down. It is necessary to fluff up properly - to hype up hair on all length and the sharp movement to throw the head back. Hair lay down a magnificent natural wave.

The master brings the girl to a mirror. Where camera? Well, remove! Do pictures on the right and at the left, from below and from above, full face and in a profile - to you all the same nobody will disturb. The girl stood, she is busy only by herself. It meets itself new. She for the first time sees herself such what always dreamed to be. It is the great moment - transformation of an ugly duckling into a swan, frogs in the tsarevna, girls in the girl. This moment very much moves and concerns to tears!

Suddenly it seems that the girl became higher growth. Indeed - it is proud the thrown-up head, the straightened shoulders, an equal back add couple of good centimeters. And this coquettish look from - under long eyelashes! As one girlfriend told me: “People on the street turned around“.

But you are mistaken if you think that “the Moor made the business and can safely walk“. We continue to work. Among a set of the pictures made in beauty shop almost hidden camera without pose and without “chi - and - z“, choose the most successful and - run in a photographer`s studio. Order a beautiful portrait in an effective frame there - it is the second part of your gift. I assure, it will create a furor!

This portrait will become not only decoration of the room. He will improve mood of the girl in not the most successful day, will raise a self-assessment, will help to fight against youthful complexes and to win against struggles of life. By the way, such phototherapy - one of techniques of psychologists for overcoming of depressions.

Well, and most important. In an award for all the efforts you receive a sincere official message of thanks and love, but a smile not on duty and “thanks“ a tongue twister.