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What can tell the mobile phone about the person?

Ya are kicked downstairs and I see it. White, though slightly shabby, it is allocated on the gray road. To lift it or not to lift? Here in what a question. Human greed does the part. I will not lift, somebody will lift another.

... And here it lies at me on a palm. At phone the ideal size. To tell that it is convenient to hold it in hand, - nothing means to tell. Phone that on there is a most ordinary. What in it? Inside the battery, iron and any chips, as well as at all phones.

It is much more interesting to look at an operating system. The interface in English, there is no Russian for some reason. The list of contacts not such and big, but it is visible what to the former owner of phone is with whom to communicate. Names in contacts some strange, obviously non-russian.

Numbers of contacts too interesting, are not present any Russian operator. Among contacts one draws attention, with the name “Password“. When pressing it the character set and figures appears. Ha - ha, as originally! Phone - simply ideal device for storage of passwords and codes from cards!

In one of telephone photos the young lanky Black smiles. Now everything becomes clear: the owner of phone was born in one of the countries of Africa. The Russian interface is not necessary and bought phone it obviously not in Russia. Strange names in contacts are names of the African friends of the owner of phone. Judging by photos, the young Black came to our country to study.

Photos in phone much. Is since that period when the owner of phone studied at school of the country. In photos schoolmates, careless and cheerful. Just the same clodhoppers can be met at any school of the world. On a background of photos it is possible to see school school desks and posters with foreign inscriptions. There is a photo where the owner of phone is depicted with the little boy. Most likely, it is his younger brother who is obviously not accustomed to be photographed with a serious look - he smiles and puts out tongue. Despite it, everything looks very lovely.

In the following photos student`s life in Russia is imprinted. The young Black came to our country to study, to get acquainted with our culture. Here the student costs against the Kremlin with the women in the Russian national clothes holding bread and salt in hand.

On one of video of phone (from school life of the Black) guys sort and assemble the Kalashnikov. The Kalashnikov - it and in Africa the Kalashnikov. Probably, there is no man in the world who would not know about this automatic machine. At once lessons Fundamentals of Health and Safety at which not only boys, but also girls were engaged in assembly and dismantling of joint stock company are remembered. There is no video on phone with firing from joint stock company, but with the owner of phone, probably, it is better not to communicate, goodness knows...

On other videos - the African songs and dances. As they are unusual as they are mysterious! It whole culture, art!

Suddenly the thought comes to mind: in photos and video of phone important points of life are imprinted. In total together, video and photos, is the whole life. But what to the owner of phone who was left without these photos and video?

Suddenly in a hand I feel still some subject. It appears, the sim card dropped out of phone. It lay in my palm long ago, and I did not notice.

I insert SIM - the card into phone. Almost at once phone accepts the entering call. It seems that the Black or someone from his friends tries to phone and wants to ask to return phone. I lift a tube...