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How cadets remembered “Capital“? The fairy tale

Epoch-making events of the past - increase in prices for the vodka loved in the people - fermented also a regret in all sectors of society. Nostalgic feelings to the lost prices were shown differently, but with confidence it is possible to tell - one and all including a stronghold of the Soviet power - the military personnel of the Soviet Army.

After the resolution No. 361 which marked in 1972 the beginning of the next company of party and Soviet government on fight against alcoholism, Moscow vodka turned into ordinary “crankshaft“, having risen in price to 3 rub 62 kopeks, and untimely late “Capital“ for 3 rub 07 kopeks in epicures replaced ranks “Wheat“ on 4 rub 12 kopeks with ware. The difference - is more than ruble, vodka rose in price for a third that caused a wave of a regret and melancholy for the left “wellbeing“.

Once, still before I got to ceremonial calculation, cadet boxes “ironed“ the Khreshchatyk in the direction from the Vladimir descent to Bessarabka. At first saluted tribune “population“, and then on the way to the market periodically repeated show “encore“, pleasing the numerous audience. So was till 1972 which brought with itself not only new victories of socialism, but also the new prices of alcohol.

It is unknown to whose lucid mind the original idea to remember gone from sale “Capital“ on parade, but on the way to nowadays decayed “casemate“, and in 70 - e years - to the main grocery store of Ukraine, the Central epicure for the first time has come, cadets began to salute it, responding to the account team not absolutely usually. Young cheerful boys amicably shouted: “For - and - and - three!!!“ Also continued, dropping into a ceremonial step and turning to an epicure: “But - about - seven!!!“

Tradition was born instantly. Of course, tried to fight against it. God forbid, someone tried to work “capital“ ritual in advance, during regular trainings. “Days“ were provided, and to leave them on Kiev “lip“ guilty went not at once, and after the end of parade when all others went to deserved festive dismissal.

However, to be fair, I will note that after responsible action often “forgot“ about strict punishment, good parade for military in a peace time - almost like war, wrote off everything.

But during parade commanders with guarantee closed eyes to such manifestation of melancholy for the past. Whether because of festive mood, whether from - for the fact that in noise of crowd nobody plainly penetrated that cadets shouted... Or perhaps commanders would be also are glad to join “a voice of the people“?

The decision of the administration on change of a route of ceremonial boxes became one of measures of fight against unauthorized frivolous tradition. They were developed in 1974 or in the 75th year, and parade went from Bessarabki towards the Vladimir descent.

Calculation of “choreographers“ was based that by an epicure ceased to go. Columns near it took initial positions from where they went towards stands. Officially changes were explained with “care of staff“. Say, from below up it is more difficult to go, than from top to down.

An exit, however, was found. Began to salute Stolichny restaurant. Vodka on 3 - 07 in it, however, never gave to lives, but what to do if today, and in those days “Central“ was the only epicure on the Khreshchatyk?

It is hard to say how many years the tradition held on to remember the lost vodka price during parade. I can only assume that until the Soviet Army stopped existence...