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To Kislovodsk? Undoubtedly! About miracles and memorable places of

the “Sour“ water which gave the name to the city, that well-known “Narzan“, or “Drink of athletes“. Got used to drink narzan? And in Kislovodsk it is possible to take the whole bath of this drink! Narzan bathtubs of the Kislovodsk resort are well-known for the medicinal properties. And if still to be covered with silt mud from the Tambukan lake, rich with sulfides, then health will not abandon you hundred years.

the Special microclimate of the resort town arose from - for the mountains surrounding it. Kislovodsk is located in the deep valley, but at the same time the atmosphere is always full of freshness from here - for the mountain air which is going down to the valley on gorges of the rivers.

Honey falls, narzan bathtubs, stalactite caves - only the beginning of the list of unique features of the city. Fascinating landscapes and unique monuments of architecture do a trip to Kislovodsk not less interesting, than travel to Europe. And if it is necessary to restore health, then the klimatobalneologichesky resort of Kislovodsk is that it is necessary for you. Here treat diseases of blood circulation and peripheral vessels, neurosises and asthma, metabolic disorders and many other things.

Kislovodsk jealously protects the ecosystem. Soon in the city opening of the environmentally friendly power plant working at solar energy is planned. What - what, and such energy in Kislovodsk it is a lot of. Not for nothing it is called the city of the sun! The summer sometimes lasts about five months, and in September the Indian summer begins. It is a little rainfall, and rains if begin, then quickly come to an end.

What to look at...

the Lock of Love and insidiousness will deceive you from the very beginning. There is no lock! Only the rocks reminding the ancient castle with gear walls and towers. The name “lock“ received from - for ancient legends of the young man and the girl. As usual, the young maiden was planned to be married for rich the groom, and she loved the poor guy. Then lovers decided to jump off from the rock, but at the last minute Kislovodsk Juliette changed the mind, and only the young man departed down... As the girl was died after that, the legend holds back, but perhaps, to you will carry to learn the end of history.

Alikonovk`s small river will lead to one more miracle of Kislovodsk - magnificent to Honey falls . From height of 18 meters of water of the main falls powerful streams flies down in a free fall and forms the powerful streams with noise directing down. Behind the following turn of the river one more, not so high, but even more powerful falls forming several cascades. Falls received the name from the melliferous herbs blossoming here round summer. According to other version the name was thought up by the newlyweds coming here to carry out a honeymoon.

It is worth arriving to Kislovodsk and for the sake of building of the Main narzan bathtubs . The building is executed in east style. The ladder with a graceful handrail is put to a northern wing. It is not a whim of the architect, but need. To the North the level of the soil goes down, and the northern wing was raised at construction.

It is almost impossible to list all interesting places of the resort town.

Climb Cascade ladder , bypass the Ring - the mountain , ascend to Lermontovsky rock with the remains of settlements of the ancient people and go down in “Devil`s grottoes“ . Landscapes and the nature of Kislovodsk will not leave indifferent anybody!

Well, to continue to tell about rest in Kislovodsk it is possible still very long. Separate article is deserved by Kislovodsk resort park. Surely you descend there and pass routes for medical walking. Successful trip!