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Deciding to buy feature of acquisition of housing in new buildings of Irkutsk

own housing, many of us ask topical issue: what housing it is better to buy - primary or secondary? Many can find both advantages, and shortcomings of each of options. we know
About secondary housing much, its sale was actual within the last two decades. Many buy apartments in panel houses of previous years only because do not want to live in the house where a long time construction and repair work and an opportunity to drive at once simply will be conducted “disappears“.
If to speak about primary housing - it is more successful option for those who want to equip the housing from the very beginning, you receive the apartment with naked walls, inside all can be made to own taste. It would seem, it is very convenient to buy the apartment with repair and to drive to it the next day. However it turns out later that repair is made not qualitatively or just does not correspond to your own vision, and all should be remade. And it again - takes time and demands additional material investments. By the way, it is more difficult to do repair in apartments which belong to secondary real estate, than in new houses. It is necessary to clean for a start “traces“ of the previous repair work, and then already to begin the arrangement of the apartment.
exists Today many construction companies which offer primary housing in all cities of Russia; the number of the people wishing to get such &ndash option; grows every day. Very important that apartments in a new building - it is safer option in respect of documents on the property right. There cannot be “dirty“ transactions with participation of the previous owners, you acquire real estate directly from the builder and are its first owner. You will save not only the nerves and money, but also time for studying of history of the operations performed with the apartment in the past and also clarification of whether there will be no “owner“ at this apartment.
Big advantage of new houses in Irkutsk is the fact that they have the modern concept of construction and very interesting architectural style, practical planning. These are any more not those apartments which were under construction in the Soviet Union on the same project when it was possible to mix easily the house in Bryansk with the house in Krasnodar. Here on the first place identity, high quality of construction materials and the building in general, and compliance to modern technologies of construction. Such apartments and new buildings of Irkutsk - it is transition to a new standard of living. Today construction works which were “frozen“ a few years ago are resumed, the construction sphere too at the wrong time “struck“ crisis.
Modern housing complexes also include a small park zone, playgrounds, the parking for cars of residents, walking paths also in general tend to creation of the developed infrastructure. Very often, if the new house is built outside city boundaries or on its suburb, the builder thinks over and coordinates with the authorities options of construction of school, kindergarten, medical institution and shopping center near the complex, thinking of those people and their families who will live here. Such option very strongly attracts families with children for which it is important that preschool institutions or school were nearby.