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Twenty years to the World wide web. Why we did not notice this date?

Are remembered, a year ago I together with the 16 - the summer niece watched opening of the Olympic Games in London. Also admired how British fine could show to the whole world of what they by right are proud.

Suddenly on green lawns, having moved apart mighty oaks, poperl the factory pipes symbolizing industrial revolution up. Revolution, probably, the most bloodless of all revolutions happening in the history. And revolution, strongest changed both the person, and the world surrounding him.

At the end of representation, after grandiose fate - a concert around the traditional English lodge standing on a stage quite to itself, at this lodge the roof really departed. And the lodge quietly rose afterwards, having opened eyes of the enthusiastic audience a simple wooden table with the old-fashioned computer on it. In front of the computer not the so old person in a white jacket, the sir Timothy John Berners - Li (Sir Timothy John Berners - Lee) , the inventor of World Wide Web, World wide web sat.

- Who is it? - the niece asked me.

- The inventor of the Internet, - I told.

- About! - she admired in reply. My niece, the girl quite modern and with the Internet on friendly terms. However about sir Timothy she obviously heard for the first time.

I suspect that she quietly thinks that the Internet was always. As TV, as mobile phone.

However, having called T. Berners - Li the inventor of the Internet, I, of course, exaggerated. The Internet was safely invented to it. T. Berners - Li once joked what to call him “the inventor of the Internet“ almost the same as to call “the inventor of electricity the“ of the person who constructed the refrigerator. The main merit of this scientist is that thanks to his works intercomputer communication (and it and is the Internet) became attractive and necessary for billions of people.

And so daily that these billions, practically did not notice recently executed “round“ birthday of this great invention. Very few people remembered that only 20 years ago, on April 30, 1993 , the presentation of the protocol for transfer of multimedia information on networks of the Internet, the first server transferring such information and the first-ever website written by means of the special HTML hypertext markup language took place.

There was it in Switzerland, in Geneva where there is the European center of nuclear researches (CERN). So the contribution of the small Alpine republic to world science and culture is not limited to chocolate, cheese and a cuckoo clock.

CERN - a leader of world physical researches. Recently his name emerged in news lines in connection with a construction of a hadron collider. What the piece very few people represent is. For this reason some time the collider stayed the world horror story. Here will start a collider and there will already be to you a doomsday...

The young mathematician and the programmer Timothy Berners - Li worked in CERN half a year in the summer of 1980 and returned here once again in nine years. In 1989 creation of system of data exchange about results of physical experiments between the staff of the center was its task. E-mail in CERN already worked, but she could transfer only text messages. And schedules? And photos? Actually it was originally supposed to improve e-mail so that with its help it was possible to exchange also graphic information.

At system development T. Berners - Li took a step which seems obvious now. But in 1989 did not seem to that. Moreover, it seemed at a slow pace in the wrong direction.

Then development of the Internet seemed as follows. Each computer connected to a world Network - as if library. The program updating the hierarchical catalog of documents, available to an exchange, works at it. The third-party user is connected to this computer, finds the necessary document by means of the catalog and downloads this document to himself on the computer. Then, already on the user`s computer, the obtained information can be read if it is the text, or to consider if it is the picture. Downloading of sound files was possible too, but the sound on the computer still was considered as exotic.

The similar system seemed natural and unique. Even attempts of combination of local catalogs in the general global catalog became (hey, Google!) . Go development of information technologies for it, “library“, ways, for the unskilled user it would be difficult, and, above all, it is boring to be engaged in infinite information search. Besides, such “world library“ would be inefficient. The elementary inquiry would demand fair time for the answer. And at increase in amount of information in “the world library“ answer time sharply would increase. The Internet so also remained a zone where highbrow cranks would frolic.

But the similar device of the worldwide information Network would relieve chiefs of all levels of a present nightmare: inevitable information leakage in the Internet. At hierarchical creation of catalogs to block access to this or that information resource - a piece of cake. And it is simple to arrange “electronic spetskhran“ very much even. Pressed a button - there is no document. There is no document - there is no problem.

So in what there was an essence of the proposal of Tim Berners - Li? He suggested to deliver to each document which is on any of the computers connected to Worldwide network in compliance the special unique address, the uniform index of resources (Uniform Resource Locator, URL) . By means of this address it was possible to find easily any document where it was in the Network. Besides, T. Berners - Li developed the special protocol of communication (

the Most obvious consequence of inventions of Tim Berners - Li - emergence of hyperlinks on documents which can be on any of computers - the servers connected to Worldwide network. Pressing such hyperlink led to sequence of automatically carried out operations as a result of which on the computer screen - the client the image of the required document appeared. Simply and it is clear! After that already nobody could stop distribution of the Internet on the world.

Tim Berners - Li essentially did not patent any of the inventions. In his opinion, information has to be available to all and it is not necessary to do it by a subject of purchase and sale. Perhaps, therefore it is less rich and less known, than Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg or owners of Google. But it does not prevent it to live in a consent with itself and to derive pleasure from life.

I received such wish at the recent birthday from one of girlfriends. And would like to wish it at birthday to the age-mate, sir Timothy Berners - Li. To which on June 8 it will be executed all - navsy 58 years.