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Grant for the beginning seller: how to learn to sell?

of Sellers are a lot of now. Behind counters and phones, at big offices and just at home. And all of them try to sell. Goods, services, ideas There is a lot of sellers, but successful sellers - unit. And, of course, there is a question: why it so? Why a huge number of the people who chose as work of sale of various goods, services or ideas are not successful sellers?

to be successful, the seller has to conform to three requirements:

1. To be self-assured.
2. To be sure of the goods and it is good to know it.
3. To love the buyer.

We will review a simple example. It is necessary to sell refrigerators on the North Pole to polar polar bears. Goods as it is obvious, not actual for this target audience and the region. But we will assume that polar bears are able to talk and possess necessary means of payment. And in this case with them it is possible to trade. Including refrigerators.

The love to the buyer (in this case - to polar bears) is important very. The buyer always feels, he is interesting to the seller or not. And each person wants to be interesting. Especially - for the seller of any goods (service, idea). The buyer is eager to feel that he is considered as identity and, offering goods (service, idea), consider its personal, individual tastes and preferences, and do not treat him as to a purse on legs which has to be undone and lay out a certain sum and there at all - though do not dawn at all.

So it is necessary to fall in love with polar bears. Yes, they not cause warm feelings in all. Polar bears are aggressive (predators!) moreover and not too pleasantly smell. But it should not stop the good seller. He is simply obliged to find something in a polar bear for what it would be possible to fall in love with it sincerely (buyers - as children, always feel falseness). For example: at a polar bear an excellent skin, curative fat, tasty meat. Yes, to consider the buyer from the gastronomic point of view not too well, but if it is impossible to find any other merits then one plus is available for any buyer: he holds in hand pie which is vital to any seller (that is that money from which the salary will be allocated then). And already it can be loved for it. Look at a polar bear, present how it will be magnificent to look his skin about your sofa - and you fall in love with it with all sincerity.

Confidence in goods - one more important point for success of sales. You are not sure that polar bears need refrigerators? You in general are convinced that refrigerators on the North Pole have nothing to do? Then you will not be able to sell them. On the contrary, you have to be convinced that the decent polar bear has nothing to do without own refrigerator. These are vital goods. For example, to hide meat stocks from other fans of a meat diet. Where it is the best of all to hide meat from hungry polar foxes? Of course, in the refrigerator! Any polar fox will not get there. It just will not have brains. Polar foxes silly, not that belyemedved (will prevent to flatter the buyer never).

Knowledge of goods - without it stable successful sales are impossible. The goods need to be advertized, it needs to be presented to the buyer in the best possible light, but at the same time not to deceive the buyer, attributing to goods nonexistent merits or holding back about obvious (or even about not too obvious) shortcomings. The buyer tends to come back and if he liked goods and the seller, then the probability that he will come once again to buy something else is high. Or will direct friends, relatives, acquaintances. Or - will not come and will not direct, and on the contrary, will tell that there - that unfair sellers.

What you know about refrigerators except that they keep products fresh some time, happen different color and generally have the parallelepiped form? Advertizing can join all. Practically any property and quality of goods can be considered as positive. Your refrigerator white? Great! It remarkably is in harmony on color with ices of the North Pole - point to it to polar bears. Your refrigerator black? Remarkably! With its help it is possible to create a magnificent decor in fashionable style of minimalism. The unit of your refrigerator works at spirit mix? From the point of view of reliability it is minus in comparison with the units working at freon. Report about it to polar bears, but do not forget to point to what the units working at freon, much more noisy, and those that work at spirit mix, hardly whisper and will not disturb the sleeping polar bear cubs. For fans of environmentally friendly products: freon promotes emergence of ozone gaps, and spirit mix is absolutely safe! For patriots: our refrigerator of a domestic production; for fans of foreign cars: our refrigerator is not inferior to the best samples of foreign household appliances.

Self-confidence - the main component of successful sales. If the seller shows signs of uncertainty in himself, the buyer perceives it as signs of low quality of goods or dishonesty of the selling firm (and differently why it is the seller so it is not sure?) . Therefore self-confidence needs to be cultivated. Various trainings are the quite good help for education of self-confidence.

Optimism - the main trait of character of the successful seller. It is impossible to lose courage at all. Polar bears on the North Pole do not wish to buy refrigerators? Well so not all bears are still interrogated! Perhaps here behind that ice floe the pack which all life dreamed of own refrigerator just sat down. And then, even if bears will refuse, there are still polar foxes and seals.

A smile - the main weapon of the successful seller. It is a master key which opens soul of the buyer, and together with it - and a purse. So if you want to be the successful seller - smile. At your disposal all bears of the North Pole! Huge audience for sale of goods! And any competition!