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To what type of the family relations your family belongs?

“In a happy family the wife think that money undertakes from a bedside table, the husband - that the food undertakes from the refrigerator, and children - that they were found in cabbage“. And your family happy? To what type you can carry it? Who at you takes the leading positions?

Of course, all know that ensuring needs of the man and woman for a matrimony, paternity, motherhood and education of children belongs to functions of a family. The sense of a family consists in creation of optimum conditions for all-round development of persons of both spouses, in their care about each other, in satisfaction of need of lovers always to be together.

But each family differs - not only the relations, but also life, traditions. Structure of a family and the interpersonal relations of her members, ability in the course of formation of family way to overcome difficulties, to react adequately to the taking place events, to adapt to the arising changes - all this distinctive signs which form a certain type of a family.

The egalitarian type of a family concerns to the most rare for our country, according to psychologists and sociologists, in which life is constructed on trust and equality. It is called still partner type. Here the husband and the wife work. Someone can earn more, someone is less, but for a family it has no special value as the family budget the general. The relations are under construction on full equality and mutual trust, and in communication both interlocutors are capable to listen and understand each other up to the end. All problems and controversial issues are resolved by discussion and search of the best way of an exit from current situation. Household chores are halved too. Here the healthy and joyful situation reigns in the house.

One more type family the relations is the authoritative family in which very widespread type is patriarchal . Here the husband is head of the family, completely is responsible for members of household, independently solves all problems. The female role is reduced to banal functions - housework and education of children. Here the spouse and children completely submit to the husband. The man makes all decisions, without his permission and orders in the house nothing becomes. The head of the family - the getter, and the husband manages finance, irrespective of his income and the wife.

One more quite frequent phenomenon in the modern world is the matriarchal family where the woman or earns more and, therefore, has influence on the spouse, or is an activist who likes to be engaged in the family budget, children, repair - everything that is only in time. Often the husband allows the woman to undertake the predominating role from - for the natural laziness, inability to solve house problems. Here often the wife - main. She provides a family, resolves all issues in the house, including disposes of finance (the husband gives to the spouse a salary, the wife paints the family budget). At matriarchal type of a family function of the getter is carried out by the wife, but not the husband. However in pure form matriarchy meets seldom.

To whatever type of the family relations your family belonged, it is worth remembering equality and mutual understanding, only the happy family will be able to pass through everything tests and to be an example for imitation the children.

Happiness of a family in many respects depends on by what principle you will construct it.