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Unwritten laws of fashion of gender psychology

In society for some unknown reasons it is accepted to apply this or that color of clothes to show the psychological or internal state, based on gender psychology which, in turn, is based on psychology of heterosexuality and homosexuality. It is similar to certain “law“ in fashion and it is followed from small to great.

That is if the man, for example, feels “courageous“, at him everything is normal in sexual life with women, or at him simply good mood, then he generally puts on black, red, or green color of clothes. If he, on the basis of gender psychology, feels insufficiently courageous, does not correspond to the standard gender stereotypes, or it has any psychology into the account of homosexuality which somehow to treat him, then he chooses clothes, white, blue or blue on color, to show the state.

At women still, but on the contrary. If at the woman, in sum, the psychology is based on heterosexuality, then the woman puts on white or blue color. And if for some reasons at the woman homosexuality psychology, then generally black, red, pink and green. If at men and women violet color prevails, the person means, probably, learned something new in respect of sexuality, or just is in somebody balance to this or that gender psychology. Such impression that all this in us is put at the genetic level.

It is known that blue and are considered blue as male colors. And red and pink female. But as so it turns out that the same colors are often associated with nonconventional sexual orientation of the person. And, it is also not known why these colors became man`s and female. But anyway, to follow such thought-up flowers of fashion in such logic everything is not correctly. For the man to put on white color is something not desirable because men generally want to correspond to gender psychology. But at the same time, righteous persons often wore white clothes, thereby showing the certain internal purity, or knowledge of how to reach it.

If to show the state on flowers of clothes, then based on the surrounding natural world. For example, if at the person everything is good in life, then it is possible to put on light tone. If the person is cold also the assured inside, then blue color, symbolizing ice. If person active, then red. If at the person something is bad, then, probably, black. If the person loves, then, as we know, yellow or is yellow - hot. It, at least, is more logical.

It is possible to apply still colors of clothes in respect of sexuality. For example, if the person very passionate and hyper sexual, then, it is possible, red. If the person self-assured also likes to take the lead, then, probably, blue. And if the person, on the contrary, likes to give an initiative, then white. Black and brown colors, can be would say that sexuality of the person is in the sleeping state. Green color, color of the nature, perhaps would mean that the person is in active search of the second half and would wish to live under natural laws of sexuality. Yellow, solar color, it is possible to refer to the same love and love.

And in general, it is better to put on those colors which “are pleasant“, or there is a wish to put on, but not those which on any “invention“ of psychology of the person allegedly show the internal or psychological state!