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How do nail extension?

Building, and are more correct to tell modeling of nails - the procedure unique today allowing to make faultless manicure on any type of nails. Whether the nail plate is deformed at you, or you suffer from an addiction (you gnaw nails), a shape of nails up or down growing - it is unimportant. The master who passed high-quality training, having experience or diligence will make a miracle of any nails. If you wear traditional uniforms of nails, then at high-quality modeling they will be indistinguishable from natural nails.

Before building the hardware or dry manicure, as a rule, becomes. And matter is not that hands before or after building it is impossible to wet. The matter is that at classical manicure the cuticle is cut off completely and there is a risk that at Opel of an artificial nail it is possible to touch already gentle cuticle with a file that will lead to cuts. And after building the manicure is not recommended to be done of esthetic reasons as removal of a cuticle in this case will give to a marigold a look at least week socks.

After manicure preparation of a nail plate for building is made. The nail plate is processed by a file or baffy high abrasivity for removal of luster. The nail plate is not cut at all, especially to meat! So only inadequate masters - clumsies do. And if you see that with you carry out such manipulation - run from this master!

So, luster is removed. Further the nail needs to be cleared of dust and to degrease a special preparation. After degreaser the special primer - a primer is applied on a nail. It strengthens coupling of artificial material with a nail plate. Having waited for drying of a primer, the master starts directly modeling - putting gel or acryle.

When putting material the master tries to lay out most exactly architecture of an artificial nail that then at Opel just to bring a nail to an ideal. Of course, if you got to the beginner who hardly mastered nail extension he can and put a lot of material, but at Opel the nail will take the necessary form with the correct geometry. Putting gel or acryle has to be without flows on a cuticle and lateral rollers as it can lead to peelings. Optimum distance from skin to material - 1 mm.

Pay attention that today gel and acryle have identical durability, and the fable about the big fortress of acryle goes still. In total long ago not so. And gel does not breathe. And the natural nail does not breathe. It has no lungs. He receives all food from blood vessels in growth zone. And the nail plate is the dead fabrics which were horny, in fact.

After putting material and the subsequent opil the master applies a finishing covering on nails. It adds to nails gloss, protects possible design and acrylic nails from solvents as a finishing covering - gel, and to it acetone is not terrible. Some masters still polish acrylic nails and cover them with a transparent varnish, but, in fact, it is waste of time.

A closing stage of nail extension is putting nutritious oil on a cuticle. In an amicable way, it is necessary to use oil every day. It will give to a cuticle a beautiful look, will slow down its growth and will promote food of a natural nail.