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What to do if you found consolidation in a breast?

the Answer is simple: at once to go on an appointment! “Yes, - you will tell. - We heard it many times why again to repeat?“ And it is necessary to repeat! Here admit honestly whether long ago last time you investigated the breast? And if found consolidation, would go to the doctor at once? If “yes“, then honor to you and praise. Means, at you everything is all right. And if “no“?

If you look for the reason for which it is possible to delay visit to the doctor - does not hurt … If you in panic are afraid of any tool in the doctor`s hands... If you think that everything will resolve by itself, then this article for you.

Admit, for certain you go to treat teeth only when they already began to hurt? You go because differently it is impossible. And you precisely know that you do not cure tooth either grandmother`s plot, or garlic, or a pork skin. You know that only treatment or removal of tooth will help.

And with a breast everything is much more serious, than with tooth. If you do not cure tooth in time, you will lose it and if do not cure a breast, then you will lose not only it. I write it because I know all this firsthand. The syringe or any tool in hands of the doctor causes in me just panic horror which I not in forces was to overcome. And I pulled, postponed visit to the doctor. At first stirred one, then another … Now I very much and very much regret for it, but I can correct nothing.

Therefore I want to warn all girls and women: do not arrive as I, be not afraid, do not play for time, do not doubt. If you found in yourself at least the slightest consolidation in a breast, let it will be about a kernel or a pea, at once go to the doctor. Give up all affairs and cares and go to the expert! Only it, and nobody else, will be able to help you.

What to do and whom to address? visit In the beginning the local therapist who will direct you to the oncologist. Besides, it is not necessary to be afraid of it. Visit the oncologist, he will channelize you on various researches. Make them surely. It is not sick, not difficult and not especially expensive. In each case the doctor appoints individual researches, but some of them are invariable. It is a mammogram, a X-ray, the analysis of urine and blood, the cardiogram. After all researches most likely will perform on you small operation which you will soon forget how a bad dream. And then you will live for a long time and happily much - many years.

If you do not make it, then everything will develop absolutely according to other scenario. This small “pea“ will expand in big problems, and then it is necessary to be treated much longer and to experience much more difficulties and pains which could be avoided.

The main thing, you remember that in this case time works against you. And still: do not think of doctors badly. Now there are a lot of different movies and series in which unfair doctors ruin patients. If you do not watch all this, then get rid! Vampomozhet only doctor. Even to repair the crane or the lock, we addresses the expert. And health is much more expensive to risk.

Therefore once again I urge not to be afraid of all, not to make to myself the diagnosis, not to be treated by “folk remedies“, not to consult on girlfriends, not to play for time, and at once to see a doctor. And the it is rather, the better!