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Whether excursion to the world of flowers is interesting?

Flowers and herbs, trees and bushes, mosses and lichens - all this fine gifts of Mother of Earth. Life on the planet depends on them. They satisfy the mass of human wants in food, the dwelling, heat, health. Through many centuries beauty and magic force of plants attracted people. Was considered that plants are a link between the person and the sky. On representations of ancient Europeans - druids flowers and plants were allocated with sacred and salutary force. If to address legends and legends, then it is possible to see that plants play an important role and in creation of sign symbolics. Let`s plunge into the bewitching and magic world of flowers. Before you roses. One purpurno - a red rose on a long stalk with the large, but not strongly revealed bud - a symbol of love and passion. The white podvyavshy rose speaks: “You did not make impression on me“, the presented branch of a rose designates “yes“, and here a pink leaf “no“. We pass further and we see carnations. What they speak about? Pink - “I will never forget you“. Red - “My heart hurts about you“. White - “Sweet and favourite“. Field - “You are beautiful“. And here yellow and striped mean “You avoid me and I will not be with you“. Let`s stop for a moment and we will inhale aroma of those flowers with which we already got acquainted. It bewitches the magic smell, but it is time for us and we come to an aleyka of tulips. Red, yellow and motley as if little men, at big meeting. They quietly whisper, trying to tell: “Believe me, I love you“ (red), “Your smile as solar color“ (yellow), “Your fine eyes“ (motley). How many compliments from tulips. Well unless it is not fine? The soul rejoices. Having received the mass of positive emotions we move further and here our attention is drawn by white, red and pink camellias. We bend and hear: “You are delightful, you - a flame in my heart, I grieve for you“. There is a zheleniye to answer them that never you will leave them, but we do not stop. At us ahead there is a lot more interesting. In an unusual flower garden there are beautiful friends - chrysanthemums, always the happy violets wishing the best - a daisy and a forget-me-not which want that they always remembered them. Here both the hawthorn and peonies, asters and cornflowers, gladioluses, gardenias, wistarias, narcissuses and a mistletoe and is a lot of, it is a lot of various species of flowers. From travel you learned that each flower designates something and symbolizes. Using unusual language of flowers you can talk to the, friends, darlings and the administration. Napimer, enter office bouquets: dahlia, peony, carnation, gladioluses, gerberas, roses, hyacinths. These bouquets have to be volume and massive. In love red and white roses, a tulip, pansies, cornflowers, a lilac, daisies. They can be both miniatyurny, and very big. Bouquets - courtesy visits. Enter them: buds of a white rose, jasmine, carnations, narcissuses, peonies, lilies of the valley, bindweed, one-color violets. Knowing takiyedetal you will never be trapped. I hope, travel was pleasant to you? Then visit this mysterious world of flowers more often, receiving only positive emotions.

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