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Homophobia, or common sense?

conversation on homosexuality always you risk to run into rejection still before you tell something. There is a category of people who do not love you only because you in general lifted this subject. Also it concerns not only homosexuality. And still there are things, not to speak about which simply criminal. Therefore I will risk.
publicly served as the Occasion to start talking about it the note found by me somewhere on Internet open spaces - in France the police arrested the man for the fact that it was dressed in a sweater with pronounced heterosexual symbolics, it, say, could offend feelings of the gays who were a row. By the way, this word - the gay, - in my opinion most precisely captures the phenomenon essence. I in general would recommend to all to use it but which is not distorted and the analog recognized unprintable. I in principle for that things to call by the names, am so easier to keep clarity of mind and sobriety of thought.
However, we will return to a note. So, the French police arrested the man on a charge of a homophobia. It would be possible to complain, of course, about “their customs“, but a problem in what these customs painfully persistently try to impose to us. If to be consecutive, then it is necessary to arrest also gays as their public expression can offend the hetero. And the fact what equality such is! Then the juvenile justice in Norway has to not only take away children from normal couples and give them same-sex, but also on the contrary! Also it is time to organize, in that case, association on protection of the rights of the sexual majority! Personally I seriously consider this idea, it would be desirable to get support of the people only.
In the last several years gays grew bolder and try to direct public consciousness. Only one that circumstance that homosexuality in psychiatry ceased to be considered as a perversion, speaks about much. To this phenomenon thought up weight digestible and pretty well the looking labels, regularly speak about it in mass media, doing it thus the embedded advertizing. Everything would be nothing if gays just lived and had a good time as they consider it necessary, but they take the active offensive now and try to direct life of society, and with an obvious excess in the party. Perhaps, it is revenge for prosecution times. However the revenge in this case will cause only a wave of the civil protests similar to recent disorders in the same France concerning legalization of same-sex marriages.
the Freedom of expression of one should not strike at the rights of another. The freedom of choice should not result in lack of the choice. The person has the right to be that whom he wants, but has no right to ego-trip at the expense of the neighbor. This I recognize that concerning gays excesses took place. Yes, existence of Art. 121 of UK USSR is a sign of obvious injustice. Yes, it is impossible to discharge from office for sexual orientation. But it is impossible to pursue the person for his heterosexuality also. It is impossible to take away children from those who them can have and give them there... well here think up something. It is impossible to demand to himself the special relation only on the basis of the physiology. And so, if gays demand to allow them the gay - parade, then I demand to allow me the hetero - parade. Let people know that heterosexuality - it is normal too that we are the same people and we want to live, work and bring benefit to society freely.
Homosexuality will always be defective, they cannot have children naturally. Therefore in principle full equality will be impossible. And always gays will be sexual minority. However it is not an occasion to strike them in the civil rights to what, actually, some time ago society already came. But a mistake is also the connivance to all their requirements. Eventually, we limit small children in their wishes, otherwise it leaves from - under control. The same situation came in the USA and Europe now, and it is sought to be imposed to us. It is more than if to disregard a situation, at them it will turn out. They will be able to hold key posts and then their influence will be irreversible. I will repeat, I not against persons who want to be perverts, I against my rights are violated. And you what you think?