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What useful to take from fairy tales? A top - 5 most practical magic subjects

of the Fairy tale, certainly, are rich cultural heritage. With them by word of mouth, popular wisdom including very practical character passed from father to son. Demand gave rise to the offer at all times.

that the elixir “For a long time and happily“ is necessary for people, was known during an era of petroglyphic information transfer. Agree, except magic spells, in the course heroes had absolutely smart objects.

Here it is interesting and that you took from those magic features and as if used such peripheral devices?

the Cap of darkness - cool piece: it is possible to observe, spot, spy. But for such bagatelle the impudence and absence of any shame and fear of exposure is necessary. Besides, use of a similar subject is penal - invasion into others personal space. Though - that you will not make under the influence of the terrible and pleasantly irritating curiosity.
Boots - fast walkers - here irreplaceable means in a century of speeds and traffic jams. In the summer, however, can be zharkovato and it is not absolutely hygienic, but always - in any place and in time. As for a style - the vintage enjoys the increasing popularity. And the visa is not necessary, and with tickets - transport the question is not necessary, and behind a sea breeze it is possible to drive in a lunch break.
the Psaltery - a self-buzzing - the fine decision for the organization and carrying out various festive actions. It such tool remarkable - a psaltery play, select repertoire. A problem only that parties will be especially thematic, most likely in folklore style. But the flashmob and dances “to exhaustion“ at desire and without it are guaranteed. Quite good option a psaltery provokes to do a body and fitness - programs - on the various movements which are not giving in to control: you want or not, and it is necessary to dump excess kilograms.

the Ball - the navigator - it is so remarkably easy for span to be guided in space and to find what is necessary! Global searches as regards police and crime are not discussed, and here only imagine the day off and shopping in shopping center with such powerful klubishchy... What to tell about a way to the mobile phone lost in the apartment at which the battery sat down, to gone from the field of the tired sight of keys or to the panel which hid in the unpredictable place from the TV.
the Magic tablecloth - it the ingenious creation of fantastic thought will never lose the relevance. Some enthusiasts persistently try to eat one solar energy, passing through themselves salutary beams of the immense Universe. However the simple people still want “some bread and shows“. And if shows are present at the full assortment and is almost free, then the question of a daily bread rages in a stomach strictly according to the schedule. What is good - products from which on a skaterka the food materializes, precisely without GMO and frightening “Å“. Though consequences of such not limited meal are not known. Here it is precisely best of all by strong-willed effort to adhere to a diet and to observe a measure. Otherwise there will be one meal a day - all day long.

“... And I was there, honey, beer of saws, on moustaches flew, and did not get into a mouth“ - it is possible to dream of fast and rather free solution of pressing needs infinite summer. Let such reflections will lead to new practical ideas and will not allow laziness to shroud consciousness in a zone of deceptive comfort.

Who knows still magic gadgets and ways of their application, add!