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What you think of, reading “the Seagull...“ Richard Bach?

the Parable was for the first time printed in 1970, and after its reprinting in 1972 became really the best-seller and brought to her author a world fame.

Hardly anyone - that perceives this parable as the fairy tale “about birdies“. Too the analogy to life of people and society is obvious. Already dedication at the beginning of the book indicates that the speech will go to stories about us, about people: “To nonfictional Johnathan - Chaika who lives in each of us“.

In a certain measure this small deeply philosophical story is “obligatory literature“ for everyone who begins to ask a question of sense of the life; for everyone who wishes to learn himself, the world, life; for understanding of what it will face on this way.

Richard Bach recognizes that to him this parable simply “was zadiktovat from above“, not he thought up all this. Later in the book “Bridge across Forever“ it will describe how tried “to reach“ it.

But we will return to “Seagull“. Why within so many years the small book makes such strong impression practically on each new reader? Unambiguously it is difficult to answer this question, but one is undoubted: before us the veil over secret, intimate dreams which in the depth of the heart are kept by each of us - about a possibility of acquisition of absolute internal freedom, intelligence of life, broad vision and understanding of the world and infinity of the movement on a way of improvement opens.

Together with Dzhonotan we understand that in this world there is nothing impossible, everything depends only at most spirit and tendency of going. Anyway, having read this story, you suddenly stop and understand that you need to think of much, to understand in many respects, to understand a lot of things and, what is even more important, - a lot of things need to be made.

Unfortunately, the people setting before themselves the purposes higher than career, the power, glory or material welfare, usually “drop out“ of a framework of standard society. From “accurately debugged track“ which final is known to all already in advance and we will not cancel.

Vot and Johnathan, of course, tried “to play as all“, but his keenness and huge desire to learn an essence of life did not allow it to make it. It, certainly, left a mark on its relations with the family, but what it reached later, could be to parents only the cause for pride of the son. He never turned away from others. More likely, it had a regret that the others “did not want to believe in pleasure of flight, did not want to open eyes and to see!“

the Attentive reader will understand that no miracles can serve as the proof any even if also very high level of development of the person. It is rather on the contrary, they can turn back against “wonder-worker“ as it and happened to Johnathan. He paid with exile the speed of the achievements, and the desire of his death became response of mad pack to revival of the died Fletcher by it. And literally just she idolized it.

Both training, and Johnathan`s work in a parable are directed to achievement of the increasing and bigger speed of flight. About what speed in fact there is a speech? Not about movement speed... It is clear, that it is only analogy to the speed of understanding of life, to the speed of internal spiritual growth.

The movement in this direction, approach to this speed begins with the simply and habitual - with horizontal flight, besides - slow, i.e. with an internal stop, with internal silence. Then gradually harder and harder elements of aerobatics, ability to apply the gained Knowledge in life accustom. And in perfect option the speed and the movement do not depend neither on the place, nor on time (effects of teleportation) any more.

Perfection, as we know, is boundless. “Heaven is not the place and not time. Heaven is an achievement of perfection“. This disclosure in the heart of another dimension. After this world there is following - higher. In it conscious development is not a way for the elite, it is already norm for all. It is the most important, than there are engaged.

By the way, there are no descriptions of how there earn to themselves a living or have a good time. There are sick and old, no wars and sufferings. There absolutely other sense and purpose of life. It is filled with the conscious movement on a way of understanding of life. And training begins with simple too - from meditation: Johnathan was put at once to study, sitting blindly.

Also there is a way further away... it is visible in the description of leaving of Chiang and how there was a reorganization of his body, - his body gained absolutely other qualities and properties. It could pass through itself such types of energiya that even difficultly it was (sick) on it to look at the time of transition to higher world.

It becomes absolutely clear that God or the following link of reason (or as if we called it) is a huge, infinite structure, hierarchy of more and more developed souls moving on the way of improvement with huge tasks and duties. And everything submits to the law: “We choose the following world, proceeding from what we learned in it. If we did not learn anything, then the following world will be just the same as this“.

Unfortunately, to the majority for understanding that there is a way of internal improvement and that it is necessary to move on it consciously, sometimes it is required a lot of time is more frightening. Paraphrasing Sullivan - it is thousands and thousands of lives before there is the first vague guess that life is not settled by food and race for power.

“And then hundreds more of lives before we begin to understand that there is something, called by perfection, and hundred more, we will not be convinced yet that meaning of life in comprehending perfection, sharing it with others“.

But the main thing what there is a wish to place emphasis on, - in a parable is described an exit from such state of affairs in society when mercantile, mercenary interests and senseless routine of life without spiritual basis and the purpose dominate. In a parable the idea of creation of such community in which could live and be improved internally the directed people is designated.

The example is necessary for all, and not somewhere there - it is unknown where, and here - in the middle of “Pack“. Unfortunately, for our society one person with any superskills or superopportunities is not an example yet. The effective example is a group of people - adherents and accurate system of training, school which educates in essentially other on quality interaction with life.

It is about knowledge of how to prepare the person for transition to life heart - with higher level of consciousness. Graduates of such school - people of absolutely other level of outlook.

Johnathan came back to Pack to create such example and to show an exit from the routine ordinary to the interesting life filled with sense. He created group of pupils, friends - adherents, and through some time this bright example worked - practically all pack adjoined them.

There were, of course, both difficulties, and bans to communicate with “exiles“. But no bans will force people to refuse an opportunity to learn to live better. To seek to be more perfect and happier if before eyes the example demonstrating that all this is possible. It in the nature of any person - to aspire to the best.

Usual option: 65-75 years - and on a cemetery. It is attractive? There is Johnathan whom this option did not suit, and got to system - “school“ where norm - to train and study. There all study Life, and it is interesting!

To stake the life, to devote it to it all without the rest - for them it needless to say. There is no trade. If to offer them idea to move on space - time, then they will look for an opportunity to make it, to learn quicker! And it is an average link.

The difference between them and Pack is already so huge what to speak about the top management where Chiang, just senselessly left.