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Do you have in the head a demon? Is not present? Get! A terrible story of a dihydrogene of monoxide

It that else for the demon?! The imagined Maxwell`s demon is a being for mental experiment who allows to fly by to fast (hot) molecules of gas only from the left part of a vessel in right, and to slow (cold) molecules - only from the right part of a vessel in left. to

But us needs other demon - which passes in the head useful, intelligent and reliable information, and any nonsense, sensations, an unchecked pseudo science and other intellectual opium and deception, various fraudulent pugalka - does not pass. This is very useful demon.

For clarity I will shortly tell a drama story about a certain chemical. However, what terrible beginning?

For the first time the alarm was given by E. Lekhner, L. Norpchener and M. Kauffman in 1989, having extended in a campus of the Californian university in Santa - Crous the leaflets warning about an environment pollution of a dihydrogene monoxide .

In 1994 Craig Jackson created a web - the page for Association for prohibition of a dihydrogene of monoxide (DGMO).

In 1997 14 - the summer school student Netan Zoner conducted research: he gave the report on horrors of DGMO (I will list below them) and interrogated 50 people whether it is worth forbidding DGMO. 43 told yes, 6 - were not defined and only one understood a situation.

In New Zealand the member of parliament Jacky Dean addressed to the ministry of control of drugs, with a question of whether you should not forbid. It became heavy blow to career of the politician.

In March, 2004 in California, in Alizo Veydzho`s municipality municipal authorities were convinced of harm of DGMO and even appointed date of vote for a ban of use of the containers containing foam as those, among other things, contained terrible DGMO.

And at last, Alexander Panchin in 2008 conducted survey of VKontakte. For prohibition of DGMO 27%, supported partial prohibition of 4%, marking of the products “contains DGMO“ - 11%, development of means of protection - 5%, the others voted for “it is possible to do nothing“ (the truth, it is unknown how many from them got to the core of a dirty trick and how many just waved a hand: “and, as - nibud we will survive, and not it was seen“).

What substance is?

DGMO is used for the following purposes:

- for cooling of nuclear reactors;
- as solvent in production;
- as raw materials in chemical industry;
- in production of pesticides and other poisons.

Hit of a dihydrogene of monoxide in capacity with a methylisocyanate became the reason of the largest technogenic accident in Bhopal.

In December, 2004 in Hugo - east Asia as a result of powerful emission of monoxide of a dihydrogene over 250 000 people died!

DGMO influences global climate changes.

In it many pathogenic microorganisms effectively breed.

DGMO accelerates corrosion of metals!

Harms the majority of electric devices.

Contact of the unprotected skin with a gaseous form of chemical leads to the most severe burns!

Inhalation even of a small amount of DGMO can end with death! Digidrogen`s

monoxide - a cause of death of “Titanic“. This substance damaged its case. More than one and a half thousand people died as a result of an exogenous hypothermia at contact from a dihydrogene monoxide, and also at its hit in lungs.

DGMO can be found in some drugs and in foodstuff , and the producer often does not specify it!

The situation is awful:

the Fulfilled DGMO in tons falls out to the rivers, the seas and lakes, but do not write about it in newspapers.
the huge corporations interested in sale of DGMO Exist!
DGMO can be found in any reservoirs!

Well as, it became terrible?

Probably, it is worth sorting in detail what substance is. I explain for humanists (though they could also guess). Dee - two. A hydrogene - hydrogen. Mono - one. An oxygene - oxygen. All collected in a small group: two hydrogen, one oxygen... N 2 About! Water!

Clear water...

Re-read the properties which are listed above. Everything is right? There is no deception. Water really does all this.

Here such here long-playing draw.

Ufff... It is possible to relax. It is not necessary to fight, it is not necessary to demand marking of products “contains DGMO“. But safety measures it is necessary to observe everything-! Both on production, and in private life and a household.

And at what here Maxwell`s demons in the head? And while thoughtfully and captiously you belong when say to you that:

- the cactus near the monitor reduces “the awful radiation“;

- water has memory and consciousness and takes offense at bad words and that it can broadcast this information via phone and the Internet (The Ig Nobel Prize of 1998);

- concentration of substance of less than 10 - 23 is possible ;

- pronouncing some mantras by a lingering voice can help to grow thin;

- the red purse and a bronze toad in a hall will help to grow rich (if this toad was not made by Faberge or Benvenuto Cellini!);

- the sum of figures of date of birth or an arrangement of far stars defines all your destiny and character;

- next products (wine, meat, eggs, sugar, chocolate, coffee...) are harmful and deadly;

- world corporations (masons, pharmaceutical companies) make a fool of all, only plot of the healer Dazdraperma helps;

-... and infernal DGMO impregnated the whole world, and here now the huge cloud of DGMO flies up to your city!

Let demons work. Do not start up any nonsense in the head.