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Than Benjamin Batton`s history is so mysterious? Present

that you are not on this this world yet. The birth moment still ahead, mother strokes hands a tummy in which you lie, and the father strong holds her by a hand. Wonderful minutes, isn`t that so? Still to see itself from outside though with half an eye...

I here - the long-awaited moment: after long efforts, persistence and attempts you are born the baby of crystal-clear soul on this world, only externally look: perhaps, as ancient decrepit old man! “It is impossible!“ - you will tell, and, probably, you will be right.

Only Benjamin Batton will not be able to agree with you...

First it seems that the greatest riddle of this movie - a question: how so it could turn out that the nature missed, stopped short, miscalculated? How many grieves at once in one history: sneers of peers; neglect and mistrust of adults; loneliness and universal fatigue...

But the most terrible and mysterious occurs when Benjamin at last “looks younger“ and is compared by the person and mind to those who were born with them in at one time, in one era. This golden mean on which they will meet, - as a thin and fragile suspension bridge on which people to each other went.

Touched with hands, exchanged as if souls, remembered eyes - and there is already no bridge any under legs. They fall to the fast mountain river which whirlpools of days will reject them further and further from each other, in different directions again.

Now Benjamin will become younger, even younger, still, and they - everything are more senior, both are more senior, and is more senior. It will be heavier to them to see, and his sight will be similar to eagle. They will cease to hear - and his hearing will become more sharply. But they will speak and go, and it... He will just forget how it becomes. Steps will become the last. Words - too.

- Benjamin, we are fated to lose people whom we love. How differently to learn as far as they are significant for us? whether

History it great sacrament, love, the tragedy, human meetings, change of the whole century, magic of time, parting, pain of losses and pleasure of acquisitions, or the natural course of things that were broken at someone`s will? At the most critical moment of the movie I cried: when the gray-haired, tired, old woman held on hands of the defenseless baby. The child who many years ago was her husband.

In it for me the most important and painful riddle of the movie also opened. What it: to reconcile to the fact that on hands at you your darling, the elect, the husband from whom you have a child born already whom you loved all the life and whom you will lose in time stream now lies? Time going back does not feel sorry for anybody too.

If you did not happen to plunge into the atmosphere of this fine, touching, magnificent movie yet - I advise you, dare it to make. Benjamin Batton with the mysterious history laid down in a moneybox of my heart and forever in it will remain. It is delightful - it is the only word which will be the main thing in my dissonant, but frank review.

- Someone is given rise to sit at the river. Someone is beaten by a lightning. At someone ear for music. Someone - the actor. Some swim. Someone knows everything about buttons. And someone - Shakespeare. Someone is created to be a mother. And someone … dances.