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You want to be included in the fairy tale? Sirmione - magic by a row

Still and transparent water of the lake in which surface lock walls are reflected... You think, it is the fairy tale or shots from the historical movie? No! This medieval castle quite real, also is it in the real-life town of Sirmiona that settles down in Lombardy, one of the areas of Italy.

The lake which waters quietly wash the fantastic peninsula is considered one of the biggest in the country and carries Gard`s name. He is often visited by tourists who with pleasure remain per day - another in the fantastic city of dream on which streets, apparently, the Middle Ages still walk.

Sirmione - not the simple city, it is divided into three parts, each of which lives life. The first is a historical part without which it is impossible to imagine such ancient city. Here the main sights of Sirmione are concentrated.

Also here the cafe, bars, restaurants and little shops for tourists work. Feature of historical part it is possible to call the whole kilometers of small benches where different types of ice cream are on sale. Besides, any kind of transport therefore, walking on streets, really you feel that it got to the Middle Ages is forbidden here.

Other part of the city is considered more modern, but is all the same intended generally for tourists. Here hotels, hotels and country houses which can be removed for the period of stay in Sirmiona are located the most popular. The third part - only for locals. Here more modest country houses and private lodges tower. Planning travel to Sirmione, it is necessary to consider that it is the well-known resort therefore the prices here not the lowest.

Undoubtedly, the most popular place in this city the fantastic lock Skaligerov who was considered as one of the most unapproachable fortresses in Italy in due time though his look not gloomy, but rather just magic is considered.

Walls of the building are decorated by a decor typical for those times. The lock in the narrowest part of the peninsula settles down that in ancient times was important: so it was more difficult to get to the lock. Built it in the XIII century when here the Venetian republic was located.

Today on walls of the lock it is authorized to go, than all tourists by all means use. Besides, the lock is decorated by a huge ladder with 140 steps. Of course, it is rather difficult to climb it, but above everyone waits for remuneration - unique landscapes of the city and vicinities.

The lock Skaligerov opens the gate for visitors every day (except Monday) with 8. 30 on 19. 30. The entrance is not free, the ticket costs for the adult 4 euro. It is possible to reach the city only by bus as there is no branch line here. But it will definitely not become a hindrance on the way for those who really want to see all miracles of Italy own eyes and to visit at least once the fairy tale.

Being going to Italy, by all means visit the city of Sirmiona where it is possible to feel the real medieval princess walking on the coast of the lake near own lock.