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How cadets remembered “Capital“? An introduction of

Today in Russia as once and in all the Soviet Union, vodka price - is more than the price. Its fluctuations caused and cause a ready response among the people including in army which, as we know, was always the tool of the state and part of society.

B “mothers of the cities of Russians“ Kiev in Soviet period soldiers and sergeants of conscription service on streets met rather seldom. Not because Kiev was the capital of pacifists but because cadets of military HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS came across continually. “Conscripts“ were just dissolved in their weight.

Also as Moscow and Leningrad, Kiev strenuously “forged“ defense capability of the country, annually sending thousands of lieutenants without mustache to the new duty station. The Ukrainian capital trained officers for all types of military forces: infantry commanders and naval political workers, engineers for aircraft, air defense and land forces.

In one of military HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS of Kiev at the end of 70 - x it happened to study also me. Echoes of the company on fight against alcoholism of 1972 gradually came to naught by then, but about “the light past“ when the half liter bottle of the “Moscow“ vodka cost 2 rubles 87 kopeks, and “Capital“ - 3 rub 07 kopeks, all remembered with regret.

“Normal“ cadets of our school to release managed to take part in three parades which those years were regularly arranged by the major public holiday - day of the Great October Socialist revolution.

The reason is simple, first-year students still insufficiently firmly “stood on the feet“ and did not differ in the necessary level of drill. The final fifth year has no time, they and “houses“ - that were not, the most part of year in traveling. Practice, then training, then the diploma and “state exams“, not before parades. There are cadets 2, 3 and 4 - go courses to which was not to get out of high “honor“, in a system of rowing of all behind very rare exception. The garrison order for the number of cadet “boxes“ did not leave to choice command.

To my peers with “great honor“ to rattle on the Khreshchatyk the boots grounded by iron it “was inexpressibly lucky“, we got “excess“ parade. After 60 - y anniversary of VOSR in 1977 approached 60 - I am anniversary Sichnevogo Povstannya and formations of the Ukrainian Soviet Republic. The Ukrainian authorities decided to celebrate a significant event military parade too.

It should be noted that parade in itself - action though responsible, but interesting and cheerful. However any mass show of “military choreographers“ is preceded by the intense preparatory period during which “supernumeraries“ under the sensitive guide and a vigilant eye of fathers - commanders selflessly and persistently, though unsuccessfully, try to make the way in life boots on “that will shift Earth“.

Daily front trainings began directly with rise and lasted till a breakfast. In time to be in time by the beginning, ceremonial calculation awoke a bit earlier, gave the weapon and booted off from an arrangement in the direction of a front parade-ground.

On a parade-ground in the autumn morning it is usually cold and promozglo therefore cadets, as a rule, on a parade-ground did not hurry, “nykatsya“ in all cracks which could only be found on the road, or, according to laws of the nature, got off in a wide corridor in pack just as defenseless sardines in the ocean.

To expel a cadet jamb on a wet and cold parade-ground, “sharks“ - to officers had to shout and swear bad, but acceptable words. By the way, never reached a manhandling, even to seize the cadet under an elbow and only some especially zealous gimpers and that occasionally dared to pull out “in this world“. It was not accepted in our “Bursa“.

None of “sardines“ were eager to leave voluntarily a warm corridor the first. “And that I - that“, - was continually heard in response to angry commands from the hunched figures hiding “faces“ in the twilight. A task of officers was “to punch a gap“ in cadet “defense“ and to expel the first ten behind which unwillingly and slowly, shivering from morning cold, were extended on a parade-ground, ringing automatic iron, all others.

The front charter provides teams of management of a system “for all occasions“. But in a ceremonial box authorized teams lose meaning. The commander ahead “on a dashing horse“ can shout to himself under a nose anything, to sing songs or to use foul language. Behind a roar of the steel plates fastened to soles of boots in a box nobody hears it.

Therefore team double: “Quietly! Alignment to the right!“, on which all are amicably extended, drop into a ceremonial step and turn the head towards a tribune that “to devour with the eyes“ a party of secretaries, ministers and other responsible officials, participants of parade gave themselves.

For this purpose in a box appointed one especially vociferous that on a wave a hand, or just in the agreed place, that heart-rendingly cried out: “Schyo - about - from!!!“ In reply hundreds of voices picked up: “And - and - and - rrraz!!!“ - chins flew up up; then: “And - and - and - a dvaaa!“ - the heads turned in the necessary party, and the steel roar about asphalt became intolerable.

What does it have to do with vodka? You do not hurry, it is only an introduction, the fairy tale ahead...