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Whether have animal dreams? Whether

were Noticed by you sometime for your pets what they in a dream pull paws as though run, whine for fear, bark? All these actions mean only one - they have dreams, and it is proved by scientific experiments.

the Most serious researches on an occasion of dreams of animals were conducted by Mathew Wilson. Professor, the head of department of studying of activity of a brain of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he made the most interesting experiments, studying behavior of animals in a dream.

As quite often happens, rats became experimental clients. Experiences yielded the stunning results - rats the same as people, are capable to have dreams, they during a dream as if restore events of last day, enduring them again and again. As a result of the works Wilson drew a conclusion that these conclusions can be applied also to other animals.

Interestingly, about what dreams of animals, for example our pets? It can be anything that already happened to an animal, or what he wants to test during wakefulness, or on the contrary, can dream it what he is afraid of.

to Dogs often dream walks with the owner (and be sure, they too there see you!) differently how to explain slow shuffle with paws in a dream and expression of pleasure on a muzzle?

to Dogs and cats sometimes dreams feeding process. Look narrowly at the pet when he sleeps, and you will see that he as though chews something with pleasure, and then sharply wakes up and rushes to a feeding trough. Someone precisely observed this picture!

Scientists claim that animals can dream even representatives of an opposite sex, nice to them, represent?

it was Already said to span that animals dream what happened to them in reality. Opening concerning dreams of some bird species, specifically chaffinches became unexpected. They, it appears, in a dream … train in a singing of the trills! It was recorded by means of comparison of increase of pressure, activity of lungs, physical activity of these birds when they sing in reality and when sleep. Full coincidence of work of their small organism allows to claim precisely - chaffinches in a dream sing.

Animals in a dream of a mogutinogd to hunt. It is possible to judge it, watching their fast movements of paws, to the speeded-up breath as though they pursue someone, on growl and bark. Waking up after “hunting“, dogs, for example, some time cannot think what they do not sleep any more, they a little are even lost - as so where that beast with whom I almost caught up??

you did not notice that sometimes when your pet sleeps, it keeps within how the person? Animals in a dream often imitate the owners, especially if they are strongly loved. Dogs and cats accept the funniest poses absolutely not characteristic of animals but very similar to ours. They lay down on backs, put the paws on a breast as though it is human hands. Animals imitate not only to people - they sometimes copy actions of other animals. For example, one owner of a cat absolutely seriously described how his cat in a dream … began to pogavkivat!

Why animals have dreams for what they are, actually, necessary? It is besides proved that animals test dreams after very busy day. Their brain does not manage to digest in reality that surplus of information which obtained. Your pet was tired, fell asleep, and the brain continues to work - it continues to process what did not manage “to digest“ during the day. The pursuit of a hated domestic cat with whom the dog did not catch up in the afternoon continues. The cat, on the contrary, anew gets away from the enemy and again with gloating watches powerless bark of the opponent, sitting on a tree. Cheerful and not really meetings, tasty food which for a long time in a stomach, but which was pleasant and which the pet wishes to eat again casual appointment on walk to “subject“ of love desires - all this is again and again wasted in the head while the animal sleeps.

Surprisingly what, for example, little puppies who still blind and do not run in a dream begin to touch sometimes vigorously pads and try to bark. By special devices during experiences it was even recorded that some days before the birth these tiny creations already copy the “begatelny“ movements and try to give a vote!

The dream is necessary for animals, as well as us. Scientists, to establish truth, sometimes make the most severe experiments with our smaller brothers. Such “sadists“ by means of the inhumane experiences established that the dog without food, for example, can live more than a month and if intentionally to deprive of it a dream - at most ten days …

Of course, they have dreams, do not even doubt! Something dreams both dogs, and cats. Dreams are inherent in both domestic, and wild animals. Cows, goats, sheep are capable to dreams too, birds, even separate species of snakes have dreams.

They are not less interesting and saturated, than our, human. Here only they cannot tell us them, and it is a pity!