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How the Greek rocker became love solovyyom? To birthday of Demis Russos of

Today Alexandria - one of the cities of the state of Egypt. But once, based by Alexander of Macedon, it was the capital of a dynasty Ptolemeev and one of the centers of the Hellenic culture. Therefore it is no wonder that in this city future “Greek nightingale“ - Artemios Venturis Russos known under the reduced name Demis was born on June 15, 1946.

However, from - for Suez crisis (attempt of Egypt to bring from - under control of British the Suez Canal) and the related disorders in 1961 - m to year to a family Russosov was necessary to run on the historical homeland - to Greece.

There our hero mastered a set of tools - a guitar, a pipe, body, a contrabass though as it will become clear, his voice will become the main tool of Demis. In 1963 Russos met two related Greek souls with the same names difficult to pronounce - Evagelos Papatanassiu (later known as Vangelis) and Loukas Siderias. In the spirit of the times children decided to play fate - music, and the APHRODITE`S CHILD group (“Aphrodite`s Children“) was born. She will be fated to become the only thing in the world known Greek fate - a band. Well, however, not absolutely Greek … to

The matter is that in 1967 power in Greece was seized by junta “black colonels“, and established military dictatorship. APHRODITE`S CHILDREN decided to flee reactionary Greece to more advanced countries. At first they, of course, chose England. But did not allow to be legalized by it there, and children stopped on France. There they met heads of a fmrma of “Phonogramm“ and concluded the contract. But it seemed that political troubles just pursue Demis... In 1968 in Paris mass collisions of revolutionary students with police begin. In such situation the group managed to make only one record then studio... it was closed.

D. Russos:
“Romantic time was. Fortunately, this song at once got on top a hit - parade... Otherwise it would be difficult for us to survive“. “Rain &Tears“ (“A rain and tears“) became i>

the Happy song. Not all know that Vangelis wrote this song on the basis of classical “A canon of Re - a major“ Johann Pachelbel - the German composer of the 17th century. Beautiful chamber sounding of a song in the spirit of an art - fate was strengthened by Demis`s tenor, surprising on beauty.

I remember that having for the first time seen Demis Russos on the TV, I had a certain feeling of a dissonance - in any way could not believe that this shivering angelic voice is taken from the heavy bearded man.

D. Russos:
“Vangelis used my voice to show to the world the music, and I used Vangelis`s music to show the voice“.

However, after finding of long-awaited popularity it was necessary to live APHRODITE`S CHILD no more than three years. Vangelis was mad about studio experiments and just refused to go with tours. In 1970 - m to year it began to conjure with the courageous conceptual project, having decided to set to music neither more nor less... “John the Evangelist`s apocalypse“. Nerves of other participants did not sustain. When in 1972 an album under the name “666“ everything is was issued (and became top of creativity of APHRODITE`S CHILD), the group did not exist any more. Vangelis began to embody the plans solo, Siderias became the teacher of antique literature, and Russos unexpectedly started singing... extremely pop love serenades.

Fans of APHRODITE`S CHILD are still spat towards solo creativity of Russos. And it is valid, Demis`s voice in combination with light the priest - melodies personally always caused luscious feeling in me - as though honey is plentifully sugared.

And here women vseya Europe just were thrilled, listening to Russos`s trills. Already the first solo single of the singer - of “We Shall Dance“ (“We will dance“) - made 1971 great success (first of all, in Italy). However, on the style he still reminded creations of APHRODITE`S CHILD of times of “Rain &Tears“.

Real “star“ Demis became after record in 1973 of an album “Forever and Ever“ . The plate was simply filled by luscious hits from which the song, of the same name with an album, - “For ever“ became the most successful. However, at our population bigger popularity enjoyed of “Goodbye My Love Goodbye“ . It is sung by a parrot Kesha from the known Soviet animated cartoon, and I for some reason constantly hear its echoes in the famous song of R. Pauls “Opening day“.

D. Russos:
“Two nuances are. “Forever and Ever“ was the biggest commercial hit, most of all its records were sold. But “Goodbye My Love Goodbye“ is better known. I do not know why... It is more as a trademark.
of “Goodbye My Love Goodbye“ initially is the German hit. I at first wrote down the German version, sang in German and there were million sales in Germany. Then I made the English version, and it also dispersed“.

But we - that with you know that other song of Demis Russos which on a plate of Melodiya firm some clever man translated as “From a souvenir to a souvenir“ uses the most passionate love of the Soviet and Post-Soviet listener. As a result could seem that the hero of a song just moves on gift shop. And though the name “From Souvenirs To Souvenirs“

it is correct to b to translate as “From reminiscence to reminiscence“, we all the same on a habit a call the song “Souvenir“.

I live from reminiscence to reminiscence,
Last days, in
When all could give our hearts.
Ya I live from reminiscence to reminiscence
Dreams which you left.
They will live in my thoughts.

the Authorship of a song belongs to Greeks too - to the composer Stelios Vlavianos and the poet Alec Konstandinos (the same tandem wrote also a hit “Forever and Ever“).

Very few people know that in the same 1975 - m to year the song was sung by the Greek singer Marinella (a real name - Kiriaki Papadopulu). Here only it executed it in Greek - and in the Russian transcription the name of a song sounds as “Yati Fovas“ (“Why you are afraid“). The Greek text (other than English) was written by Pifagoras Papastamatiu, and it sounds from a woman`s face. A song, what of options, arose earlier, I find it difficult to tell.

It is interesting that a year later after “From Souvenirs...“ Zhanna Bichevskaya will sing Andrey Bogoslovsky`s song “Boys draw war“ which motive is very similar to notorious “Souvenir“.
And in 1977 VIA RED POPPIES will write on a melody of “Souvenir“ the Russian text, well-known to my generation under the name “There Are Years“.

The last day
left us As the shadow disappears at midday,
Love leaves with pozheltevsheyu foliage,
I we leave you.

There are years and a sadness in your eyes
A I do not know what to tell you, to Find
words or without words to answer
your love,
That became you my destiny.

B 1975 three albums of Russos - “Forever and ever“, “My only fascination“ and “Souvenirs“ get to the top ten of Britain - the country where the APHRODITE`S CHILD group once tried to get unsuccessfully.

Demis Russos still writes down new albums, lives on half a year in France, in Greece and often visits the Post-Soviet countries, forcing female hearts to tremble as well as 30 years ago.

D. Russos:
“... I never wrote someone songs specially. And those poets that is written by verses to my songs, they do not mean any specific woman from my life. Write abstractly. But each woman can carry these songs into the account“.