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Squids with onions. How quickly and easily to prepare this tasty dish?

I Love these squids. Well, in - the first, tasty. In - the second, very simply, quickly and easily. Believe, this dish is available even to the beginning culinary specialist. In - the third, nourishingly. And in - the fourth, rather cheap.

It is relative - it is because looking what to compare to. Of course, if with cabbage or potatoes, and there is no question any - a squid at the price in obvious loss. But! Tubers of potato are what? 75% - water, 18 - starch, 2 - a crude protein, and further... so, on a trifle. Sahara, cellulose, different organic compounds. And squids? Important source of protein of an animal origin. And notice - digestible protein.

Here we will also compare squids to other, similar sources.

I do not know at whom as, at us, in Petrozavodsk, the carcass of the frozen Far East squid costs 130 rubles for kilogram. The piece of pork gammon will cost you 260 rub. Veal - 320. Beef or mutton on a bone will pull, respectively, for 275 or 295 rubles. A carcass of gutted chicken - 110, a rabbit - 320 rub. If on fresh fish, then the trout costs 230 rub, a pike perch - 250, a pike -110.

We will sum up. At first sight, only the chicken and a pike are cheaper than a squid. But! The squid, in fact, is a fillet. And at a chicken, except meat, also a bone. If to take purely chicken fillet, then it also stands up not one hundred for kilogram any more. At a pike - not less than a third the head, a spine, a tail, fins, interiors. Respectively, in terms of fillet, the pike is more expensive than a squid. Of course, from the head, a spine also it is possible to cook a fish soup, but if to take purely a loin, then a squid one of most if not the cheapest, a source of animal protein.

And now to the second thesis. That “simply, quickly and easily“. You look.

We need kilogram of squids. In shop you look attentively. It can be two types. Carcass of Far East. It is what we, as a rule, see on the picture below which there is a signature - “squid“. Usual on appearance, a medium-sized cephalopod mollusk, it it is pale - violet color. To kilogram it usually there are 5 - 6 carcasses. Also we take them.

If such decent white whetstone on which price tag write “fillet of a huge squid“ gets to you, to put it in a basket and to move forward to cash desk - is not necessary. At a preparatory stage with this whetstone it is much less fuss, but … How many time took, ever nothing acceptable left it. Inedible thing. Rubber rubber.

Far East, of course, it is necessary to tinker with a carcass a little, but it is just that case when the game - costs.

In what an essence of this “fuss“? The squid usually is on sale frozen. And so, before beginning to train him, it has to be defrozen completely at the room temperature. This procedure will take you not less than 3 - 4 hours. Therefore if bought till a lunch, the squid on a table will be only for dinner. If got it from the refrigerator in the evening, then by the morning it will precisely thaw. Here then rolled up sleeves, tied an apron and - for good reason. If you begin to process still frozen (or not completely thawed) a squid, he will be rubber already by definition. As if you tried.

A defrosting - not all. As the squid will thaw, we boil water in a teapot. Began to boil? We pour out hot liquid in that vessel where squids thawed, and almost at once in what minute with a small tail, we merge. As merged, each carcass it is washed out under cold water. We hold with one hand, another we rub a carcass that from it the thin film - a skin got down and from such dirty it is pale - the violet freak the squid was recoloured in color of an ivory. Became kremovo - creamy, almost white.

And until the squid was thrown into a bowl again, do not forget to pull out at him the cartilaginous chitinous plate - “shooter“ supporting his body. On science this piece is called gladius, and it is a sink rudiment. It is protein too. But - trudnousvoyaemy. It is better to pull out it from a carcass and to throw out. While both outside, and inside you wash out a carcass - you will surely find.

As the skin was removed, the chitinous plate was thrown out, the squid should be cut. On its chopping board - and across “head“ (did not forget still that it is cephalopod?) on thin, strips 3 - 4 millimeters thick. Cut all prepared carcasses and put them back in the enameled bowl.

Now the turn of onions came. On each squid we take on a bulb, we clean and we slice half rings.

With a preparatory stage all. Farther everything much quicker.

We put a frying pan on a plate. We warm it and we pour in vegetable oil so that the bottom of ware was completely closed by a thin oil plyonochka. Still slightly - slightly we wait and we spread onions on a frying pan. Now it is impossible to hesitate in any way. We do not depart from a plate and that onions did not burn slightly, actively we interfere it with a skimmer or a wooden rake.

As soon as onions were reddened and became golden, usually 10 - 15 for this purpose it is enough minutes, we add to it in good time the cut squids. Also we continue to disturb. Not so, of course, actively, as onions, but … To sleep too I do not advise. And so minutes 7 - 8. Usually the squid is not recommended to be prepared more than five minutes, from surplus in heat treatment it loses the tastes and becomes rubber. But as at us there is a lot of onions, it undertakes part of temperature “blow“ therefore 2 - 3 minutes are much admissible and harm to flavoring parameters of a dish will not be done. But it is more … By no means! It is impossible.

Process of heat treatment of a squid is a technology. And its violation - is fraught. You do not fry pancake on one party of 20 minutes? Even if and to try to make it, then the second party already should not be fried. It just will not be. Therefore the technology is obligatory to observance by the culinary specialist both on pancakes, and on squids. This cephalopod - very tasty product, but in heat treatment with it sensitivity is necessary. The principle “is still sensitive that for certain“ in this case it is impossible to apply well in any way.

As time left, we switch off a plate, we salt a dish, we pepper to taste, we mix still time and we put aside a frying pan from a hot ring.

And what? Unless not quickly? All the time what you will carry out at a plate - at most half an hour. I … Throw on a frying pan and disturb yourself. What can be simpler?

The best garnish to this dish - mashed potatoes. When frying the squid emits a lot of liquid. In mix with onions and a pepper from it excellent sauce turns out. Here it and to a kartoshechka … Taste … Especially if from above moreover small chopped greens …

Well, it check!