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What reserved “does not pull“ a car luggage carrier?

Well, first of all, of course, without what how wanted, but checkup not to pass. Fire extinguisher, first-aid kit and sign of an emergency stop. And all?

Generally, to whom as. Someone put demanded traffic regulations and a strict eye of the inspector at least and - forgot. And here I … No, I do not love when you become suddenly where on the route. And what?! Run, swing hands on a roadside and wait when who stops and will help? So that which goes along the route, it - not just like that. To it too - from point “A“ in point “B“. And in perhaps short terms. And here I with the problems. Which could and not to be if what stock in a luggage carrier was. And therefore it, let and minimum, surely has to be. You never know. And at us with itself - was.

Just for that minimum to consider? For someone and “9 -“ - the car. And someone if there is no AKPP (automatic transmission), and will not take the wheel of this unit. Of course, how many people - are so much also opinions. So, without applying for a list ischerpyvayemost, just I give the option.

In addition to the fire extinguisher and a sign of an emergency stop. Old children`s blanket . The folk it seems as well as grew already, to anything to it. And in a luggage carrier - a thing very much even necessary. And not only, if suddenly that in a motor compartment will light up. Fie - fie. God forbid. So far there is this fire extinguisher “zilch-a zilch“. And what supports process of burning? Correctly, oxygen. Therefore - the blanket on a motor compartment and access of oxygen to the place of ignition was blocked.

But it so. As a last resort. Also give Spirits of the Road that anybody that had no “extreme cases“. And the blanket and without them is useful. If started slipping where. Especially on spring, when from above friable snow porridge, and under it the ice crust knurled by your predecessors. And how tried not to increase speed, and wheels all the same slip and slip. Not to grab them this crust. Even thorns do not help. Here also you will throw odeyalko under wheels. That was it, darling for what to be hooked. And slowly, slowly … Without increasing speed … Went, darling went.

And still if where started slipping, and the shovel does not prevent . Even two. One such wide, winter that snow is more handy to otgrebat from - under wheels was. The second - usual, bayonet. Both shovels - with the shortened shanks. Otherwise as you will push them in a luggage carrier? And in addition to them … the Axe . No, will not prevent. If not snow and ice under wheels, and dirty spring medley? The blanket, it seems as well as is a pity. And bushes they - here, directly on a roadside. Cut down a two-three of good poles with branches - under their wheels, and for a wheel: “Give, native. Slowly, slowly“ … If neither the blanket, nor a shovel, nor poles help

and feel - everything, tightly mudflows. On the bottom. That`s when it is possible to pogolosovat. To ask that helped. But one business if you empty-handed, another if in a luggage carrier of at you fat towing it is laid up. And you already pulled out it and fitted to an earring or a turnbuckle. Only who should stop, to put on the turnbuckle or an earring and … Slowly, slowly …

Therefore without towing fal in a luggage carrier - in any way. I have them even two. One - rope type. Well, as at school, on physical culture. You remember? Here it at me on six legal meters. The second is shorter. On too legal, but four. Not really I love it. Who knows whether the one who behind, on “tie“ to go is able. Still will drive to you. Directly century. luggage carrier!

But this, four-meter, - with a metal cable. Though cling cargo “Gazelle“, will not tear. I … If two plus, so it is already 10 meters. Somehow I flew off in a blizzard the track. Decently so took off, for a fresh snowdrift. And only - only ten meters were enough from my earring to the turnbuckle passing by the milk tanker.

Yes! You on the carriageway potter. Therefore not superfluous … Such of orange color the cape - a sleeveless jacket with reflecting strips will be oh not superfluous . She takes places very little, and here personal security … Already moves to absolutely other level. The bright, warning color from far away it is visible. And if at night, so reflecting strips on what? To a sign of an emergency stop and the blinking yellow sparks of your car - very much even important addition.

Further. What most often found accident on the route? Correctly, something happened to a tire. Or the disk on the next hollow was so bent, as it is terrible to look in its party. On this business at me in a luggage carrier - an electric pomp - the compressor . Of course, and the foot pump will fit, but it … Stand, swing. And so - the cap turned off, the pomp socket on the gate threw, the plug in the lighter thrust, clicked the toggle-switch. Pure health. Stand, smoke a bamboo and wait until the wheel up to the necessary pressure is pumped up. It was pumped up, threw a pomp under a mate seat and - before the next mounting with intermediate control stops: how it there, a castor, did not podspustit? And if yes, got a pomp again and pumped up.

And if it is not pumped up? Well, then there is nothing to do. It is necessary to get from a luggage carrier a key - a ballonnik and a jack .

A jack at me the most usual. Trapezoid screw. But, to it still two square dies ten on ten cut from a usual board-. What for? And you never know - soil in that place where you punched a tire - sandy? You twist the screw of a jack, and it does not lift the car, and in sand gruznt. Here that it was not, one die - under a jack. The square on which it presses increases and, respectively, chance that the jack will be to coordinate in sand, considerably decreases. And the second die between a jack and the bottom of a body. If there is no opportunity podlezt under a beam, then at the expense of the bigger square on which jack pressure will be distributed, an opportunity to rumple a body in the place of contact with it of the lifting device will be nullified.

And near a key - a ballonnik in a luggage carrier the small scrap of a water pipe has to lie . Half-meter, centimeters seventy. And diameter it is slightly more, than the handle of a ballonnik. Threw with a key a rim bolt, and put on a scrap of a pipe its handle. The lever of application of force increased. Means, force - increased. Physics. Not superfluous if the same bolt soured or stuck. In this case not only the lever can help. But also auto chemical goods. In any shop of spare parts there is such an aerosol barrel, “A liquid key“ is called. Yes, sellers know. Here it puffed on the soured bolt of times - another, waited a couple of minutes and … twist. It is already unlike easier, than before was.

Only this “the liquid key“ is better not in a luggage carrier. In a glove compartment. He does not love cold.

And here in a luggage carrier will not be superfluous which - that another. Two packings on liter. Antifreeze and engine oil . Plus standard packing of brake fluid . You never know, and at you, here it. The fact that it is necessary, and already near at hand.

Plus. If, of course, it is not really heavy. A small reserve of liquid for washing of glasses . And that I had time on spring. In the winter - that this liquid is not especially necessary. Well, and the route it seems as frost since morning is grabbed. And through an hour everything thawed. Also dirt from - under the wheels which are ahead and passers departed to me to a windshield. I - on the right understeering lever. Shchyolk - silk. And in a tank - that … It is empty. Generally, until before the nearest gas station reached, through each five kilometers stopped and the remains of snow from a roadside cleaned glass. Long went...