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Copyright on the Internet. What here special? Part 1

Seems to me that the Internet as global information system represents certain essentially new and legally virgin essence. And if I mentioned sexological category, I will continue by analogy from this sphere.

the love act by a mutual consent and to mutual pleasure Is.
Is rape: one caught a high, and another / another is caused damage.
But is also a petting at which and everything is whole, and it is enough mutual pleasure.
Is also a scopophilia: one enjoys, and another about it does not even suspect.

We will return to the Internet. If the owner of information took measures for its protection, but protection is cracked - plunder, with all that it implies takes place.

Information is protected, but is under certain conditions available. Pay or fulfill other requirements of the author, and bliss out both.

Both information is laid out, and use of it is not limited in any way by the author initially. As in one movie: “It would be careful - would not be mother“.

Information is protected, but there is opportunity to some extent to get acquainted with it: photo preview, melody fragment, some specifications. To the user of it was enough to dopetrit to the rest and to use - honor for him and any claims. Not figs before a window zagolyatsya. I do not think that the gardener had claims to Newton.

That is we come to the situation which is already mentioned by different words again: many think that what is not designated as a private property, can be used nevozbranno. Designated though somehow: “MINE!“ - then make a claim. Did not designate - be wiped.

Frankly speaking, these things amuse me. Several times was: I receive a mail in which it is told that a certain magazine, some “KAZANSTAR INDEPENDENT“ published your photo such - that. You can attract them for copyright infringement. Yes people an adova did work - turned the hundred-kilobyte picture into something suitable for the publication, I have to thank them! And a mail - from lawyer office!.

Me the ancient Jewish custom was remembered. When to the person it is very bad: an illness, misfortunes - though in a loop, it scatters money in crowded places, and so that it was imperceptible. Money will pick up, from it it will become better for someone. Who supported - it is not known, but the Lord - that sees all!

Imagine that was superhonest and meticulous which looks for and finds the owner of the “lost“ finance. Also returns that to it it was empty! Conclusion: anybody`s - mine! Also do not wash away!

French say that “But“ it is possible to drive all Paris into one.

All of us it is crystal honest and decent here. But here though burst, and there is no necessary material in the status “public property“. Or not time to look for: garycho, panimaish ?!

And before a nose the necessary picture, the scheme, the text... Print screen - is also ready! And your business went. Really someone in such situation will be held by high-moral reasonings?

Not really to me it is believed in such tolstovshchina that around continuous fathers of Sergiya who instead of that to enjoy love, will snatch to themselves a finger. The author of this loony was very and is very far from the image created by him. And fingers for a long time will not last.

But not all is pleasant to feel like the thief. Even the “sports“ thief as someone stealing was witty expressed only because it is difficult.

Here a true-life story of my good friend, clear head, the stayed dissident. It went the psychotest at the device to a solid position to more than solid firm.

Question. “On the conveyor by you money floats. It is a lot of money. You nobody especially watches, money too. Your actions?“

the Acquaintance answered: “I will gather to myself more“. Then he somehow saw “personal record“. In the corresponding column stood: exclusive honesty and decency . I Swear to

, than want, it is the most exact characteristic of this person!

To what I led this paradoxical case? To the fact that any admonitions, spells and passwords not to improve situation. Ethics of relationship in information society have to become another . To change essentially. Also will change! This process already goes, society is already pregnant with the new relations, and they will surely be born.

Relation to normal pregnancy too miscellaneous. To someone precisely from an ugly figure, and someone with delight waits for the new person.

You can imagine the website “burglars - bear-hunters“ where they it is quiet and on business discussed methods of theft? And sale stolen. And openly offered each other fomk - master keys or schemes of shutdown of the automobile alarm system?

And here I tried to look for the websites of hackers. Yes on one Mail. ru their not less than ten. There is no such paid thingummy to which there would be no free “medicine“. It is of times .

Now two . I do not ask you not to confuse. But if (by the way, why?) offered me obviously stolen thing? I though the phlegmatic person, but kit hundred thirty live weight dangerously for a predlagalshchik.

And here when I was cried to the friend that I extremely need an applet and it is possible to buy it only payment on the Internet, and I am afraid to give the credit card in the Network, heard: “You okhrenet? Shcha I to you for nothing will throw off it“. Very much to it he is grateful.

Both you and I, and it, it, they we know a set of such cases. It becomes norm.

But so far I will make a respite before the following release “Shkolyzhizni. ru“ where dear readers will be able to continue reading my razmyshlizm. Certainly, if already read it did not seem too boring.