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How to become a star at work and why the emotional intelligence is more important than professional skills?

Thanks to “IQ“ you get a job, and thanks to “EQ“ - do career! Now it is an indisputable fact. Now about us judge by new criteria, being guided not only by that, how well and quickly we think or on the level of our vocational training and erudition. In what degree we are self-controlled also is taken into consideration and we get on with others.

This criterion becomes nearly main when it is necessary to solve whom to dismiss and who is not present; whom with easy soul to release, and whom it is obligatory to hold; whom to leave on a present position and whom to advance.

In conditions when guarantees of security with work completely disappear, and the concept “specialty“ is quickly replaced with “mobile skills“, such abilities become the major qualities which help to get a job and keep it. Decades in a row vaguely argue on this subject. As soon as do not call it - from “character“ and “personality“ before “manner gift“ and “competence“ … But now at last more exact understanding and definition for these human talents - emotional intelligence appeared .

The first about exclusive importance of emotional intelligence - EQ, Daniel Goulman exorcized , and thanks to it this term gained such popularity. In the book “Emotional intelligence in business“ it accurately defines 5 main social competences:

of Samoosoznaniye: a clear understanding of what we feel at present, and use of this ability in the course of decision-making.

Self-control: ability to cope with emotions that they promoted, but did not disturb the task performed at present.

Motivation: use of our innermost preferences to force us to work and direct to achievement of the objectives, to help us to take the lead.

Empathy: feeling that other people, ability to understand their point of view feel.

Social skills: exact reading of social situations and human relations; use of these skills for belief and the management, negotiating and settling of disputes, cooperation and collective work.

Working in the large organization, you probably even are exposed to an assessment from the point of view of these abilities now, but do not guess it. If you submit the job application, you, most likely, will consider through the same magnifying glass though, besides, nobody openly will tell you about it. Than you were engaged, the understanding of how to develop these abilities, is necessary for achievement of success in professional activity.

Being the head, you have to understand how your organization will arrive - will encourage or it will slow down development of these competences. Than more atmosphere of your organization promotes blossoming of these abilities, especially it will be effective and productive to function it.

Working in the small organization or for itself, you will feel that your success in many respects depends on presence at you of these abilities though almost for certain the mention of them was absent in your school program. But even in this case your career will depend to a greater or lesser extent on that, how thoroughly you seized them. The modern times demand new talents!