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Chervena Lgota - a red miracle of the Czech Republic?

the Picturesque lock of Cherven Lgot which settles down in the territory Are southern - the Czech edge, there is only in 20 km from the small tourist town Yindrzhikhuv Gradets.

the Main feature of this construction constructed in style of Renaissance is the fact that it is built on the small island standing in the middle of the beautiful lake aloone. Such location attracts to the lock of tourists even more, it represents the real fantastic fortress with the small stone bridge and unique park plantings.

Today it is difficult to tell precisely when Cherven Lgot`s lock was constructed though most of historians stop on the 13-14th century, the first documentary mentions of the lock are dated 1465.

At first on its place the Gothic construction rose, this style was popular at that time, but approximately in 1542-1555 it was reconstructed, having completely changed appearance.

Today the lock rather bright and at once is evident the visitor, but the initial construction was completely white and carried Lgot`s name. When and as red color of walls appeared, nobody knows, but locals tell many legends.

If to trust one of them, in the lock there lived the princess who from unfortunate love jumped out of a window the lake. Her body could not be found, but on a wall there was an awful trace of blood which could not be washed away. Therefore they were recoloured in scarlet color that occurred in the XVII century. After that the lock was renamed into Cherven Lgot.

In those days Chervena Lgota was in the territory of the small settlement which appeared here in the XV century. At first the settlement differed in nothing from the neighbors, but after construction of the unique lock became very attractive to travelers.

Unfortunately, Chervena Lgota constantly changed the owners, they changed a construction everyone to the taste, reconstruction were often carried out. Henry Edward Shenburg was the most famous owner of the lock.

Except the unique lock, the attention of tourists is drawn by the beautiful park located here and an ancient chapel. Today the lock is entered in the list of National monuments of culture. In a structure tourists can see a lot of interesting - for example, a unique ancient vase which was created 2500 years ago. Also tourists can drive by the boat on the lake surrounding the lock. And couples of lovers with pleasure will take a walk in the track hidden from looks with which unforgettable landscapes of the local nature open.

Cherven Lgot`s lock is not always open for visit, tourists need to consider it. In April and October it is possible to get only to the weekend here, and from May to September it is open every day, except Monday.

Unusual beauty of the most red lock in the world is protected by national institute of heritage that settles down in the small Czech town Czech to Budeyovitsa. Traveling around the Czech Republic, do not forget to glance in Yindrzhikhuv Gradets with own eyes to see the real fantastic miracle created by hands of the person.