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Marketing: the science to sell or the science to deceive?

At the market relations when all relations remind the continuous market or east market on which one - daring dealers - try to sell more expensively the goods another - to gapers, are casual and not absolutely been near, possession of science “marketing“ - ability to sell cheap and unnecessary with chic and extremely expensively, expensive and costs.

Courses, schools, institutes, universities and academies of a marketologovedeniye very much, also applying in the practice the same science “marketing“ to already pupils - how to sell unnecessary, worthless, and it is not obligatory more expensively, very much nauchat once Soviet such honest, but still poor citizens who lagged behind in time as it is thinner and cleverer objyo …, an obma …, an obkra …, e - e - e “to obmarketingovyvat“ naive buyers.

All of them, in different ways and bad, though correctly put, voices, by means of glossy manners and competently put speech thinly teach how lovchy to creep in trust to the trustful, going to warm hands buyer how at the same time to hold a pause what to accept a pose how more brightly to emphasize imperceptible advantages of the goods and, on the contrary, to hide evident, even to the inexperienced buyer, shortcomings.

Peer, for example, in the numerous and often quite not bad cut out yutyyubsky courses of marketing for those who ran by and thought to earn much, and in all of them in spite of the fact that there various techniques of science “marketing“ can be applied, you will find one regularity: all of them learn to manipulate thinly those who should sell something.

Listen to these brisk or tiresome, with the Russian speech which is competently put or not put at all, with plentiful impregnations clumsy, even for an inexperienced ear, inostranizm to voices, and you will find out that all of them, flattery and cunning, learn to win against the silly opponent - the buyer, the clever strategy - science to put off, flog, put. And at the same time it is unostentatious, sometimes with an acidity, sometimes with important mumpish look, to be proud so of the ability as they speak, to sell.

Or, for expansion of an outlook and in spite of the fact that you the newly made ballroom dances coach is, work in the summer in some marketing company - the apartment three-room once, nowadays office, with intricate nazvaniyets not in Russian, on the ninth floor of the ugly building which peeled off from bad weather, the sales agent, the sale manager or the marketing specialist, the merchandiser or the marketing specialist (at us for this purpose vocational education is not obligatory at all, the main thing - would be desire to push and flog). And over time everywhere you will find approximately same: “the goods, best in the world“ which you need to advance and market continually are rejected; on boxes, in brochures and on your show-window pestret something, only bearing a faint resemblance to the fact that you should sell - so the first more beautiful than the second; the maximum price to your goods - time figure in three is less than that on which you are forced to push it etc. That is given out never will correspond to offered.

All right, all right, not all are capable to a descent, and even years later, to make out what I, for example, for some reason see everywhere and at once. Because our many marketing specialists and specialists in sale do not even know what is prime cost and profitability of goods, for example. And for many to give China for Europe and forgive, shit for a candy, it is not shameful at all: they really do not see a difference - such is for them our market life.

And here I, old and silly, far off feel this difference with the clogged nose. For example, when sold spherical cranes at plant, so we had the whole department, Otik was called which had a secret order from above on fight against dissatisfied consumers: “we have no marriage - there are a negligent installation and misuse of our production by the consumer“. Also let the consumer will try to prove something - our lawyer - the Cerberus in offense will never give “our best production“. Offended in the best feelings and expectations, with the jambs flooded with apartments and the proceeding pipes of consumers developed back home at gate of our giant - producer of “the water shutoff valves, best in the world“.

Ability to create image of a product and the company from scratch: the office three times of Sharashkin “Horns and hoofs“, reselling others everywhere, positions itself as only distributor in the world, dealer and reseller (the main thing, is more than inostranizm) a unique product - horns and hoofs.

Ability dexterously, one elegant movement to retouch defects and marriage, and even to turn them into advantages: the fruit which are impaired a little? They are natural, without chemistry gram therefore spoil - it is a quality assurance!

The waist of trousers is underestimated, and trouser-legs short?! It is fashion such, haute couture, directly from Tambov. The coffee maker, a microwave, the iron does not work? You incorrectly use! But we for a symbolical payment will repair everything.

The thought-over and shameless formation of myths: today in nobody controlled the Internet - space are started by hundreds of thousands the Internet - ducks and drakes when for a moderate payment often absolutely unusable product for ears is tightened in the Internet - ratings, invited papers are written, hammered public relations - content specialized forums. The fabulous presentations on which they allegedly give free gifts are arranged and free of charge treat (though for those who manage to be winded and not to sit down in time on a marketing hook from there similar actions can really be free, but already at the expense of that cream which will be skimmed off from their fellows on those pans, microwaves, duvets).

And there is a little arithmetics from personal experience: I sold design knives and other rubbish in due time. One knife of the Shayser brand from stainless steel and with the horn handle for the dealer cost 59,9 euros. For the end user at the minimum retail price of 109,9 euros from the VAT (that is the dealer, minus delivery payment, welded on about 40 euros on each knife). And actually prime cost of “product“ was about 25 euros. “Stainless steel of the highest test“ at best was stainless steel of the lowest test - well as sturgeon, only semifresh; “the horn handle“ actually consisted of two plates 2,5 mm thick, and not of horns of a wild bison, and of horn tissue of a cow. And all this “miracle“ was made not by “Canadians“, but Chinese, not “at plant“, and “in underground shop“, and the pure gain in most cases made about 30 euros from a knife. And final profit - about 75 euros or 200% of profitability! And the company quite successfully profited at the expense of trustful Germans, French and British. And here “near“ Poles, Czechs and Slovaks quickly prosekat that to what, and did not hurry to leave the money though all of them are the inveterate hunters who are a good judge of a cold weapon.

Alas, but the truth such is that everything, almost everything that we eat, we carry and what we use, in a varying degree, it is deception, illusion of comfort and quality in a beautiful wrapper on an equivalent exchange - I will deceive on money. A question long ago not in whether deceived us. A question only in, as far as.