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Power supply of a new building or new private house. What option the cheapest?

If power supply are brought by the supplier to a guard at a door as now becomes almost in all new buildings, then it is possible to mount electric equipment in the dwelling and most. There is no duty to do everything through service provider. The problem can arise and, most likely, will arise when the supplier has to put already ready electrical wiring in operation.

it is frequent Here without “to oil“ does not pass though if it is installed competently with observance of all norms, then and will do without it. The second way - amateur - it is undoubted, well, cheaper, means less contact with officials and the gone too far masters, it is less than coordination and nerves.

The third way - temporary , is the cheapest and, perhaps, even in something optimum far-sighted. The matter is that any new house, anyway, shrinks in the first few years. Especially brick, panel. Even the monolith settles what was told. Means, also cracks in finishing will go, construction plates move, and all this deformation harmful affects fresh repair. As laying of an electrical wiring always precedes repair, it turns out, it is better to do finishing repair in the new house of year through two - three after the termination constructions. Means, and it is better to postpone installation of power supply of the house until those times too.

And are till used the temporary scheme of power supply of new housing (in old houses at capital repairs and replacement of conducting there is no need to wait for shrinkage). In this case it is not necessary neither to shtrobit walls, nor to punch them through for sockets, nor to install distributive boxes, nor to suspend any thorough chandeliers and so forth. In large quantities we use extenders and we wait - from shrinkage. All apartment, the house is covered with extenders as garlands the fir-tree for New year, and life with light begins. It is the simplest, fast, cheap option, I would even call it in something wise. But … the Result is ugly, uncomfortable, unsafe

! To live three years among extenders, to go as a monkey among lianas in the jungle, with impossibility to fully use electric devices, with the wires which are eternally dangling under legs … Discomfort! But if there is an opportunity to wait somewhere until the house shrinks, only then to do serious repair and power supply, then the third option is thorough. Thus, the owner of the new house or apartment anyway should choose what of three above-mentioned methods, proceeding from its situation, is optimum.

Consider that the most important point in power supply of the ready house, a cottage, a new building and at capital repairs, is conducting. It is important in house “body“ as our blood system in a human body. Conducting happens external (now in few places it is used) and hidden, aluminum and copper. From the economic point of view, aluminum conducting is cheaper considerably. If we glance in the textbook of chemistry, then we will see that aluminum has high degree of oxidability in comparison with copper and on a surface of an aluminum wire the film is formed. As a result the wire carries worse out current, there is escalating transitional resistance and there is a heating of the most aluminum vein that conducts to bad consequences up to short circuit.

Copper is oxidized too, all - is metal, but in much smaller degree, than aluminum. And still copper can always be cleaned. You remember what brilliant there were helmets, copper-plated, at firefighters in ancient times? I consider that it is possible to save at the limited budget on switches, sockets, it is simpler to buy electric devices, to establish not the most expensive guard and other. But you should not save on an electrical wiring. It is important to know it from the very beginning.

I very much respect “Jacks of all trades“. But the electricity is that area, it is far better not to climb even to the “handy“ man, not the electrician! Why? Let`s take, for example, wires. Usually they heat up a little alive, it is inevitable from - for material resistance. But even if about a droplet soldering of wires is not screwed up if do not hold on the screw if isolation in junctions is cleaned not up to the end off, then even the most high-quality conducting gives intensive heating from - for growth of resistance in a type of low-quality installation.

And extent of heating can fluctuate from insignificant before short circuit when, like a lightning in the sky, instantly in hundreds of times current increases. And - the fire! In some countries the safety issue of works with electricity reaches excessively: for example, to replace the usual burned-down bulb it is required to call the electrician. Whether it is severe? Probably and.

But we will look that the statistics speaks: my familiar electrician knows several cases when “Jacks of all trades“ climbed in electric circuits, hoping for the luck and good skills, say, in carpentry, but 220 volts are not a stool also above to hammer together. According to my companion, men perish always. But there is an official statistics: on 100 dead from blow current of 85 people - men, and only 15 - women. Therefore I recommend to address good specialists after the electrician in such important issue as power supply of the house because to plaster walls, for example, it is possible to try and most. If it turns out crookedly, so it is always possible to polish, oil, podrikhtovat. If the owner got itself into electric conducting and “shook“ him, will already “podrikhtovyvat“ and oil him in a morgue, God forbid. The electricity is not only light and heat, but also death, mutilations.

Before making the decision everything to make most, it is also necessary to know: installation of the electroscheme will demand considerable efforts - both physical, and psychological. It is necessary to cope quickly with punchers, borozdofreza (does ditches in walls and overlappings to 2 cm and about 1 cm wide), pipe benders, plus any “Bulgarians“, pincers, lingering mechanisms, “assembly guns“. There will be a mass of dust, a concrete and brick crumb, noise, unsuccessfully made breakdowns under through sockets. Many nerves will be spent, but there will be no confidence that everything is made correctly.

If decided to make all, then surely invite the sensible electrician who will advise you, but it is the best of all to address to specialized firms on wiring. Gas, light and bathroom equipment - these works have to become experts.