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What men it is necessary to avoid What

of men it is necessary to avoid
8. Now I will tell NARTsIS of
A about men on whom you should not spend the time and the more so life.
1. The most important NEVER you CONNECT the LIFE WITH the PERSON BURDENED with ADDICTIONS.
are the relations in anywhere. You will put a fat cross on the life and will become “Accomplice“ of this unseemly process. Unfortunately, in our country the trouble of alcoholism concerned practically each family. It is difficult to hide bad bents, “you will not conceal a pricker in a bag“, they come to light very quickly, practically from the first meeting. Sometimes also does not reach a meeting when the alleged applicant calls and U-00AB he braided language talks “. When the man at the first meeting does not drink absolutely or orders to himself several glasses of beer in a row, and then “is still caught up“ - it is a bad sign, run from it at top speed. You should not re-educate him and “it is as if good to treat love“ was not, nothing will turn out. Let copes with the problems. And you have the life and the person ahead, it is necessary to wait only a little.

are pleasant to Some girls such guys because: “With them it is cheerful“. They are not boring and are not boring. And it became just heavy to find the man absolutely without “addictions“, such do not go on clubs and bars, stay at home, go to the gym or library. Presently the use of “drugs“ and alcohol becomes FASHIONABLE! There is an active promotion of mass media, show stars - business on which equal and for which “mere mortals“ long set the tone.
should carry To addictions not only traditional alcoholism, smoking, and the drug addiction which now became habitual. Now there are a lot of dependent people: compulsive gamblers, seksomana, shopaholics, perverts and much, many other. with All this the doctor, the corresponding profile, and earlier parents has to occupy
, it has no relation to you. Therefore never listen to those, speaks:“ He is not an alcoholic, and just likes to drink“. It is not the truth. Process will only amplify, keep in mind. And you can become dependent on these bad bents too. And it is not necessary to anybody, either you, or your family. Therefore an exit one - go away, without turning around. I had a girlfriend who for the sake of money decided to suffer. Also said that: “One either drinks something or walks“. And there was everything together. So usually also happens: drank - sinned - confessed. you present to
A what children from this person can be, no savings will help, everything should be spent for treatment.

Does not belong to duties of the modern woman “to rescue the people who got lost“, and even just unbridled. They began the vicious way much earlier, than you got acquainted with them.

Modern woman:

Appreciates the peace of mind above all the rest. She cares for the health and wellbeing.

She rejoices to society of men and to aspire to the constructive relations which will bring joy to it and her partner.

It is open and trustful, but does not allow “to mount to itself upon a neck“ and to exploit itself, both morally, and physically.

She is ready to construct a full-fledged family where the relations will keep on equal partnership, on similar interests and aspirations.

She realizes that rest and prosperity of a family more depends on it.

If the relations do not suit it at all, it is capable to refuse them, having shown restraint, reason and diplomacy.

Following these rules, avoid, please, men about whom I will tell below.

2. To love the gigolo (gigolo) of
of the Woman I am undressed
of the Woman me dress
the motto of the gigolo
Always was considered normal when the young, beautiful girl marries or becomes the mistress of wealthy, but not really young, not really handsome man and, we will call things by their proper names, parasitizes on wealth of the influential friend. Often the girl sincerely falls in love because she does not imagine other elect, to aspire to such relations, does not imagine other life. Recently the girl of 25 years addressed us very beautiful, educated (the graduate of MSU). It is in search of the worthy candidate on a hand and heart. How worthy? Our clients were for it “not really rich“ though we have really wealthy men. Not really there is a lot of, but is. It turned out that she communicated about 7 years with the rich, famous person who well helped it, perhaps, helps and now. But it is necessary to marry, build a family therefore perspective candidates which can MARRY are necessary. But in comparison with the former gentleman others seem faded, “poor“, not interesting. The girl does not work, and is not going to work yet, there is enough money for life. Here so from the youth in many respects thanks to the good invoice and character the personality is also formed. Perhaps, will carry, and she will meet same “super rich“, but free and he will fall in love. And all will be happy. The man will receive the young wife of model appearance and and the girl comfortable existence on for the rest of the life.
It concerns women. And if the man gives the love in exchange on material resources? It - is bad, it is a shame and it is not correct?
In modern society such situation becomes more and more typical.
are popular Now the unions where the relations of “not a wound“, namely age “in advantage“ men, and security the girl`s priority. And for some time all are happy. If the guy sensible, he quickly accumulates experience and treats with gratitude to the to “patroness“. And it should leave in time. Because the first should throw the lover. Such couples are known in the world of show - business, and at mere mortals. I consider it as the normal phenomenon, to help the talented person a good cause.
But is also other men. They are full baby`s dummies and want to do nothing, consider themselves special and consider that happiness and material welfare itself will fall to their legs. To them to spit on people around, they want to take and take only, without giving anything in exchange.
B than magnetism of their power? What are they attractive and dangerous by
? How not to allow them in the life and if so it happened, to get rid with the smallest losses for itself. whether
Are available positive aspects of such relations when both parties are satisfied and happy? I met by
For many years of work in agency different men who in the people are called by gigolos, gigolos etc. people of different age of the social status, education were
It. But they had one general: to organize comfortable life at the expense of other people, and specifically women. Usually it is considered that gigolos object of love for not young successful women.
But age of the girls ready to share material benefits in exchange for love “the handsome - the man“ now sharply decreased. Often to them 25 - 30 years which it are working hard, which often worried or endured disappointments in private life, and at times at total absence that.
Strangely enough at men - gigolos surprising intuition for the girls ready to warm them. They are practically not mistaken. As a magnet pulls them to each other.
Is simple touching and choosing men, the woman stops on the next magnetic handsome capable of time to lull it into a false sense of security and to satisfy greedy need for love which all of us so need. And no councils of the family work. Desire of darling to love and be so big that the novel twists promptly and the man begins to parasitize actively at the expense of the girl.
the Case from practice:
the Successful woman, the Russian by origin, but since the childhood living in the USA, business, active, the financier had many wealthy admirers. But it is difficult to love the rich man too. There are pluses and minuses. Much should be endowed, to suffer a lot of things, to be a tender kitty. And the girl “with character“ it is not simple. by
And so, she met the beautiful, educated young man, by the way, almost of the age-mate. But not rich, there is many times less bigger earning and not seeking to achieve.
In each conversation with me it emphasized that her elect “beautiful“. Her soul always aspired to fine, there was a strong wish to have the beautiful child. And according to the status it could not appear in society one.
Everything turned out as it wanted. The beautiful girl was born, and it was necessary to leave the man as all patience was exhausted, and magnetism of the man slowly descended on “no“. But he just like that did not want to give up, there was a long trial, a lot of money and nerves is spent.
But as a result, at the price of improbable efforts freedom and independence was found.
So the relations with men of this sort usually are temporary, except for situations when the woman very imperious, and the man agrees to all her conditions. Such unions I am long, the joint economy is conducted, families are under construction, children appear.
But often men, despite positive combination of circumstances, begin to look for more favorable and perspective options capable to give more to it in the moral and material plan, to meet their insatiable desire to be safe and happy at any cost.
the Case from practice:
Not young, but very nice man got acquainted with the taken place woman who VERY MUCH wanted to marry. Despite presence of children, and active work she took female loneliness hard and dreamed to arrange the destiny as soon as possible.
the Man lodged at it, began to conduct the general economy, gathered the credits, naturally issued on the lady. And then unexpectedly there was the former spouse whom the man called the picture of beauty. She was very full and not really beautiful, but very aggressive person. The wife raised the claim, and so far the hostess was not at home a visor blessed and many valuable things. And the credits remained. And for a long time it was necessary to communicate with militia, to find out who is right in the circumstances.
How to distinguish the gigolo? Who is he the lucky or the person of tragic destiny?
How to get out of the situation with the smallest losses?
First of all, it is necessary to have a good head on the shoulders and to connect mind even if heart is ready to jump out of a breast.
Strangely enough business, practical women often refuse “to connect brains“ in this situation. Sober and practical at work, strict with subordinates, imperious with relatives and children, they literally “conceal“ from charms of the man which not against to use their prosperity earned at the price of improbable efforts.
In their life there is so not enough heat and simple female happiness. And so there is a wish to be darling and to nestle on a strong male shoulder.
But such men, do not want anything to understand. They look at life through pink glasses, want everything and at once, without using any efforts, consider that they all but them are guilty of their troubles and insolvency. Usually it is the spoiled egoists, so-called “handsome men“ who are internally embittered, and at heart hating women.
However, the relations with men of this sort are very useful. It is the best way to distract and switch from the prolonged “not perspective“ relations, to spend time with the pleasant interlocutor, to relax and feel the desired woman, at last.
Artur, (the nice young man of 22 years) sits opposite to me and having smiles, it is very talkative and gallant, tries to make the best impression. It was well prepared, it has an album with a large number of the huge, art photos executed by a professional photo the artist, any model will envy! Still, Artusha very much wants to get acquainted with …. rich woman, and maybe several rich women. Others do not interest him though to many young girls from agency it was nice. But they are not necessary to it. The young man wants to combine business with pleasure. Having seen enough television shows and movies (like “The American gigolo“ and having the brief experience Artur decided to turn pleasant occupation into a profession and no what arrangements help. “I so solved“ and a point. Now many young people (and not really) wealthy women meet and even take in marriage temperamental “young men“, support them, sponsor, arrange for prestigious work, help to climb a career ladder. The market is the market, everything is on sale also youth, passion and force not an exception. And earlier so was. Let`s remember how many great people at the expense of women “rose“. Because “it is necessary to pay for everything“ in this life. And to demand then from the young husband that a family contained business useless, young husbands not for this purpose, and for “pleasure“, it is necessary to understand. Just it is not necessary to cross a side and to let in the gigolo the heart. And if let, (in heart and the apartment (country house), gave keys from the safe and passwords to credit cards) that prepare for moral and financial losses. They are inevitable, beginning from change by the lock, finishing with serious material crisis. We recommend
: despite a charm of men of such grade to switch the attention on worthy, let not so bright and attractive, but kind and attentive men, there is a lot of them around and they are very lonely too and need heat and care. Look at
around, possibly it is your partner in business, the ancient friend or the client. He darts shy glances at you, but does not decide to talk and invite to appointment frankly. Help it, you the Woman, such clever, independent and resolute. there is no
A if it nearby, come to us, safely ask for the help experts and you will be helped surely. We have many good, worthy men. And one of them will become yours. Do not concentrate on the loneliness how many to you there would be no years, each person has the destiny, but partly it in our hands. It is necessary to work, look for, it is better, than to stay in illusions, to wait for “prince“, to complain of life and to criticize all men.

of On - line the consultation / Psychologist
of sergei
I meet the girl 3 years, we want to live together, but I cannot tell mother that I move to it since she thinks that we just are on friendly terms. My mother constantly controls me and therefore to her it very much is hard to say. Prompt as to make it. Thanks.

Dear Sergey! Specify by
, please your real age, according to it you will be given the concrete answer how to behave. In any case, you communicate already rather long time, I think, it is time to make some decisions, and with mother she should talk, explain current situation frankly. I hope that everything at you will safely be resolved.
Please, prick up the ears if the man to 30 - 35 had no family and children! At the real active guy already owes life a little. You want to see the real man nearby, the truth? Perhaps, you already have a child why still? I know category of the women, with a great interest who are bringing up such creations. They are very imperious, houses and at work got used to order. But also to them often bothers “to wipe up snivels“. Though very small probability that you it will be “so just given“. It has mother who, owing to vital circumstances lost the husband, it was never more often than it just. The son replaces with it and the husband (who had to care for it) and the child (about whom has to she cares). It is heavy to put in such family and it is not necessary. Subconsciously he wants to find the woman and looks for her, but actually he does not need it, he already “is married to mother“ and to two of them it is good.
sometimes call Me mothers of adults and absolutely adult sons and it always guards. One business of the girl, each mother worries for destiny of the child and if he “is not arranged“, tabout it big trouble, on myself I know. When children are happy they have families or the strong stable relations - the soul rejoices, when there is no, cannot find any peace. Children will never mature and will always remain kids about whom it is necessary for mothers cares and to protect.
But private life of the son this business thin, not always it with mother is completely frank, preferring to consult on the father or friends. Guys practically always solve independently a problem of the loneliness. Mothers - manipulators, attach to themselves sons strong, firmly, blackmailing with the diseases, indispositions, neurosises, a lack of money, the list can be big. The picture is typical: they have a lot of not dissipated female energy, they often lost husbands tragicly, early became a widow/widower, and even had no long relations at all. Where to put force? Here also vent sincere bitterness on the sons, doing them unfortunate, not arranged. On the one hand they worry about the children and do not want to see them lonely and unfortunate, with another - very much are afraid to lose, worry that together with sons their sincere and material comfort will leave. And even it is simply banal are jealous, showing feeling of a sobstvennichestvo and egoism. Not our children! We gave rise and brought up them what … to give to this world and their girlfriends including. And our yesterday`s kids have to become men and live independently, and to help us, not to forget. If the child is brought correctly up, and occurs.
And so, called me the lady, we will call it Natalya Nikolaevna and asked for the son, Maxim who is 35 years old and he is still not married though he is well arranged, educated, beautiful also all at it. I asked that Maxim himself called back to me and he really made it soon. We about everything talked over, discussed some details of cooperation and agreed about a meeting on a weekend. In total as usual. Yes not absolutely. Already late at night the call was distributed, and the angered Natalya Nikolaevna began to lecture me for something. I plainly did not understand, probably the price policy was not pleasant to it, but here I can do nothing since we not the charitable organization. I do not love such talk. But all absurdity of a situation is that the adult man - the head, reports all on mummy as the little boy, complains, and then all for some reason are surprised why it such good, safe, but LONELY.
Mother`s darlings - often frequenters of a porn of the websites and neurasthenics and bores, at many of them a problem with alcohol and the mass of other bad bents. But that the most interesting, their kind mothers, often speculate on it, inspiring in the children that they such except them are necessary to nobody therefore it is not necessary to look for anybody, all the same nothing acceptable will turn out, it is better to sit for a long time at a mother`s skirt, it will understand everything and will forgive.
“Why all of you time call my son! » was indignant the woman unfamiliar to me, with obvious a gap in education and mentalities, “Stop calling Alyosha! You know that he is an alcoholic and the addict!“ The son her difficult guy, but she very much exaggerated. Alexey works as the head from 18 years and completely supports her. Means, “the alcoholic and the addict“ can stick and support her, and here it is impossible to arrange the life in any way. Now the truth it lives with the young girl, but does not plan to build a family. Who whom will draw.
I of such cases surprisingly is a lot of. Not all mothers impudent and energetic, are also manipulators - intellectuals who are ill also tikhush all the time - the sly fellows acting so sophisticated that it is possible to envy an ingenuity.
Ruslan very much wants to be happy: to have the beauty the wife and children, but nothing is impossible to it, and it comes to despair. It would seem that it? Ruslan has all to be happy, he at the peak of a man`s maturity (to him 40), is clever, nice, all at him, has a “man`s“ profession, is educated, and hangs out the circle of mossy losers, old - bachelors. They to it and svatya, and brothers moreover mother the patient of the house waits. He says that he very much wants to establish a family, but only with women it is not lucky, “acceptable“ do not come across. Actually he with himself was not lucky. Ruslan meets ladies (from time to time), but ate the girl shy, not resolute, the any relations still last. He can “bullshit“, argues as it is good to live they - will live and cost a family. And if the woman active and “concrete“ comes across, then everything comes to an end promptly 1 - 2 meetings and all. It quickly “pricks“ it because Ruslan does not want anything, to it it is good with mother, it “accustomed“ him to itself. At the unfortunate woman the husband when the son was a teenager and Ruslan “two in one now“ tragicly died. It is a pity for them of course very much. But if the person wants to change the life, he has to act safely and resolutely. But it not about Ruslan, despite his positivity and a profession.
Attention! If the adult was never married and he has no children, it is even worse to eat, but he does not care for them because “the woman wanted to give rise“. At it what there was no time and an opportunity? It is not the truth. He just does not want, it is not necessary for him. Mother did not resolve, friends dissuaded. To it, it is not necessary and to you what for? Leave it to mother. He will never look after and try to obtain you and if begins quickly “will withdraw“ and again will sit down at a mother`s skirt, and palsy-walsy will console him. Let`s not give the!
This subject do not cost attention, it is not necessary to spend on it the time. All the same nothing will turn out.

3. “And I love MARRIED …!“
of On - line the consultation / Psychologist
the Marine,
Hello! Very much I hope, on your help and I am glad to such opportunity to address you. I am 42 years old. I was never married. At me is 20 - the summer daughter. Now I have in life again a period when everything does not arrange, however itself cannot solve anything that it is better for me. My man with whom we together 8 years, he is married. At first, thought that we will establish a family, but it turned out that the wife is seriously sick and to live it not for long, I think for a long time that it was the lie, of course. For these years the daughter grew up and went to England. I am very lonely today. For these years I two times had a depression, I was helped by psychologists. In August of this year I was operated, uterus myoma. Now I already again slightly repress, and subjects all old. Again offenses on my man, but I also cannot leave him, and I cannot understand even myself, I do not understand any more what I want today. Whether I am sick again, whether I just silly, well do not know. I as if all life go around and in any way I cannot go beyond its limits. And one I am afraid to remain, and the most part of time with us the normal relations, and good sexual relations, but I am all the same oppressed by its unfreedom. Forgot to tell that it is more senior than me for 16 years. Perhaps it in vain disturbs me, can do it life too and there is such love? How then to me to cease to worry? I am not abandoned now by feeling that after all that that not so. I ask you prompt though the direction for my tired brains. Thanks.

Hello Marina!
is 40 years old - it is crisis of middle age, both for women, and for men, and it often proceeds very hardly. Apparently, for this reason you also have depressions, and against them - somatic diseases. Certainly, you have very difficult relationship with the partner who in addition much more is more senior than you. Close relations with the married man it is often the confused ball which usually has no happy ending. Address us in the center, we will help you to learn to you to live in a consent with by itself and to find the suitable partner.

How many women spent years for such men. And not to count. The married man - not your man. The mistress to be humiliating if only you have not “a mad contents“ and it does not break a star from the sky in literal and figurative sense, putting them at your legs. Then it is possible to reconcile and suffer situation.
the Married boyfriend, badly lives with the spouse or she “is ill“. He says that he will surely divorce … then, sometime, when children grow up when youngest 18 years knock and he will enter the institute when the wife recovers (or on the contrary, everyone happens what will only not be thought up), etc. You trust it? In vain. But how to overpersuade you? You remember: “It is not difficult to deceive me - I to be deceived Pushkin is glad“. It just uses you, and you allow it it. Perhaps, he really will divorce and marries then, only … not you, and you will spend the best years in a pursuit of the ghost. If you consist in such relations finish them as soon as possible, the first should throw the lover. And it is better - not to begin. “Nonsenses should not be done even if it is very boring!“.
often call Me old acquaintances, men and women with whom I studied earlier, worked, just communicated. Many remember me, want to get acquainted and arrange the life. Recently there was the next call. The woman with whom I once studied at institute took an interest “to marry her or not“ … in 60 years?

And that, as a matter of fact, you did to this dear age. There was an affair with the married man who promised to divorce 10 years, years will grow up sons and did not divorce. And then as early as years ten “departed“ from it “impudent treachery“. But business - that of course not in it, at it is all in a full order. House, family, wife, children, grandsons. Perhaps, he and now safely meets someone, promising the moon, and perhaps peacefully sits “under the wing of the spouse“ and does not try.
Got acquainted they at rather mature age, approaching exchange of the fifth ten when wisdom already came, and a body still young and very much the love wants and in general there is a strong wish for everything.
Both worked in the field of pedagogics and had common interests. Alina was divorced and brought up the daughter, behind shoulders unsuccessful marriage with the mediocre drinking man about which it is not even necessary to be sorry.
Mikhail is the chief, he is married, has two sons very grown fat spouse to whom naturally interest is lost.
their novel flashed in a summer camp, there is nobody not a secret that in summer camps in Soviet period passionate love stories both among pioneers, and among the administration inflamed. In pedagogics of men it is not enough and they usually do promptly career in women`s collective. Each such man on a look, almost the hero it is possible to tell.
And so, began to look after Sergey Alina, “allocated“ her from collective, and for the woman with the underestimated self-assessment, after cohabitation to the husband - the alcoholic, it almost the fairy tale seemed. It even gave flowers to it! This novel could be short, seasonal, but is not present, there were mutual feelings and couple began to meet, and it lasted nearly 10 years. The girl patiently waited for all this time when the beloved divorces, tormented herself with jealousy of his wife and children, rowed, put ultimatums and loved, loved, loved.
Sergey loved Alina too, perhaps just “polyublivat“, but he was not going to marry it. She was “girl without dowry“, lived with the daughter in “odnushka“, worked at school - not interestingly. He was not going to marry at all, everything suited him, the family, children, Alina pleasant in every respect nearby, loves him. Lied that has no intimate proximity with the spouse and they are connected only by sons who “will not understand“. And she trusted, hoped and waited. By the way, if you have a similar history and you is oath assure that anything with the wife “there is nothing“, do not trust! They have all, assure you.
Came to an end this novel sharply, Sergey just told that more communication will not be. There will be no everything also, without excess explanations. And then all environment of Alina long was indignant: what Sergey the traitor and the swine though from outside everything was perfectly visible, and Alina understood it, it is simple to trust did not want. So there is a wish for happiness! If your affair with the married man, please, do not count
on it as on the husband. He is already married and does not belong to you, these relations can be considered as entertainment, “outlet“ among gray everyday life that that serious was butted in it will turn out. And it is a pity for children from two parties.
Is frequent fight for the man to last for years. Desired object not necessarily the oligarch though it is more often so because “the question price“ is present. It can be the ordinary man, even the little man, but here he was lucky and he became desirable to several girls at once. By the way very good way to raise rates on the person - to get a romanchik on the party. Or at least to pretend. Interest in you will rise at once and “will read off scale “to unprecedented before heights“. Because, in - “we have the first we do not appreciate“, and secondly there is no wish to lose habitual tenor of life and to be the “lost“ party. Though who will win a controversial issue in this history, and losers will be precisely. And in the forefront there are children.
Are used different methods of fight: peaceful talk, showdowns, scandals, threats, fights, persecution of the competitor in literal and figurative sense, the appeal to black magic, sorcery and love spells. There are cases when men all - get divorced and marry or practice polygamy, being such “sultans“, “two, troyezhenets“. Kings can do everything!
Sometimes even all calm down, somehow agree and are seemingly happy, but it only, it seems. Nobody wants to divide the beloved, nobody wants to lose, nobody wants to be unfortunate, the “loser“ deceived, deprived, “gathered“ etc.
1. if you have a novel with married and you want “to take away“ it from a family, fight for it. Think very well what waits for you in ahead. What it will be a family, what happiness. You need others tears and damnations? Thoughts materialize. Whether it is worth fighting for such happiness, around, many free men. Let it is a little simpler, but it is completely free and will be yours entirely, it should not be shared with children, wives and other mistresses. Because if he acted with one woman this way, then will quite perhaps treat another, the third, fourth. Moreover will reproach why he from - for you divorced “such good woman“.
But most of men will never divorce, they have just a good time “on the party“, look for new feelings and positive emotions because it is boring, the routine jammed, they have even no sense of guilt to them all the same that happens to you and the second half.
2. if you were betrayed. You are not idle and at once ask for the help. Your situation is typical, you not one such and skilled experts surely will help to solve this problem, in any case losses will surely alleviate “pain“. Do not spend money for charlatans, magicians, psychics of fortunetellers. It is only waste of means and forces, they will not equal your hopes. Keep finance better, they will be useful to you on lawyers. The psychologist or the psychotherapist will be able to help. Better according to the recommendation and the woman because only the woman - the psychologist will be able correctly to understand and help effectively is better, there will be no games, misunderstanding, not the necessary criticism supposedly “itself is guilty“, “sincere desire “to console“ and other unpleasant situations which will only aggravate a situation. Because in the face of trouble we become defenseless and vulnerable.
my council - release it. Let leaves. If returns - it yours if is not present, it never yours was. It is very heavy, but there is no other way out. Because if to hold, then will want to leave very much even if earlier only thought of it. “Habitual“ places do not like to abandon the man, “live where they live“, not so that it is easy “to distil“ them, they are so arranged, they are very much frightened by novelty and the beginning “new“, let in the long term and very happy life.
Not the fact that you will be able to live with the man, in case of his “return“. To live - that, of course you will be able, especially if children, money, property, etc., but to trust and still to love it will not turn out. But if it happened, and you decided to accept and forgive “apostate“, never, not under what conditions do not reproach him past (especially in the presence of children, they very much suffer) as if you did not want it. This subject has to be for you zakrthe yta, differently will turn out nothing.

4. DON - ZhUAN You speak, I am Don Juan,
Is ready to lay down at legs the first counter,
But, only you one I is drunk,
You, in a dress wedding.

This category of men is widely known. Not without reason there are so much verses and prose is devoted to their adventures. Among great wrote about it: Moliere, Byron, Pushkin, Tolstoy and many others. Adventures of the rake and the profligate Don Juan, (Don Guang and Casanova) always concerned minds and were a good plot for the play or just a joke (lieutenant Rzhevsky). Such men passionately love … all pretty women! They lead a dissolute life, being drawn towards carnal pleasures.
are the real champions on a gaining of female hearts, in a bed of skilled lady`s men, hundreds, perhaps thousands of ladies visited and practically they remember everyone, sometimes write down, keep account. I know one it, it has a separate notebook where all girls with whom it had it sex writes down on names and when does not remember names or “forgot to ask“, unites one general, “Katya“ is admissible. Each “victory“ for them as an award on a breast or an asterisk by plane, they very seriously treat it. I, of course, understand that the person a being polygamous, but not to such an extent.
Sense and lifestyle of the Philanderer: a love victory - disappointment - short rest - a victory - disappointment - rest - another victory! And so endlessly. Being fond of the woman, he can seriously fall in love, but after the first proximity the love somewhere quickly disappears and there occurs the disappointment, and sometimes disgust. It will never be appeased, will not cease to fall in love and get to fall in love, the source of its forces is boundless. Men of such warehouse are not capable to be loyal.
of the Man, similar warehouse, do not want to marry at all, they do not accept the relations with the one and only woman. Even if such man marries, his second half should be bent all life under weight of branchy horns. And nothing can be done with it, they are not remediable. Therefore marriages at such men happen much. In families children grow up, and Don - zhuan continues to look for object of desire, dismissing feathers as a peacock. Such men usually esthetes, they look for “ideal“, and sometimes, have just a good time, and is more often both.
One my acquaintance, married Don - Juan, she was dissuaded, she very much appreciates fine (Don - Juan is usually quite attractive) and then bitterly regretted about it. Because “hellbenders“ began, right after a wedding soon. The girl gave birth to the child, in hope “to fix“ marriage - it did not turn out. He got used to the daughter and became attached, and all the same “on the party“ pulled. And did not disdain even girlfriends that is especially offensive. Changed, apologized, swore that it any more not to repeat and fell back into the old ways with a new force. Not family life, but chaos. And warned her! All its tricks are widely known, he was even married, and not once. But did not obey and now reaps the fruits, in a family the second child grows up, and the husband everything “walks“. It is not possible to reconcile to it to the normal woman, it is difficult to get used If only the sense of humour rescues.
that Don - Zhuana beautiful lovers go legends. As far as they are skillful in love - I do not know, did not try (such type of men does not attract me because at once it is visible that it windy, not serious and sugary, tells much one and too), persons interested on them are constantly. Because the reputation of the good lover (still such practice), communicates positively, is polite, talkative, active, pleasant in communication, beautifully looks after! Some can give expensive gifts, but the majority does not like to be spent, “take“ eloquence and compliments. Not against to stick to a purse, dream of the rich bride, a big country house etc. Don`s
- zhuan - the nice man, usually creative profession: artist, actor, poet or just handsome man. In behavior there is a lot of “female“: likes to put on beautifully: understands brands, very much watches the appearance, food, counts calories, keeps to a diet, regularly visits the gym. Well understands women. The language “without bones“, can many and long talk, to discuss something, to do compliments, to give advice even if do not ask. Don - Juan, misleading you, does not want to hurt you, does not want to deceive, humiliate and break heart. It is just such what is, he so lives, enjoying everyone lived in the afternoon. The old age usually meets alone, without having found the ideal, in many respects and many having been disappointed, to it and it is so good. It continues the adventures, but is already more rare, not so “qualitatively“, he is already not so cynical and impudent, on the contrary, is wise and is even soft, likes to give advice in everyday affairs to familiar nice ladies. But it is not necessary to relax, at any opportunity, I will be glad “to use“, having dragged in a bed. And then everything will stir up, bragging of it. the OLD PROFLIGATE
Me the girl one called
and speaks: “I do not know what happened to men, one invites in a sauna, another to the dacha. I want to give you joy (pleasure) speak“. And it without any courtings and preludes, to both good fellows for 60! And one more at a party mysteriously said that “if there is a strong wish for sex, then it is possible to arrive to it“. Same age. The aging Don - Juan is called. How him it is not a shame? And I speak, tell it that the man at such age can be considered only as the husband. What stands on ceremony with them? They do not stand on ceremony with us?
It is interesting and that they in a mirror do not look and in the passport to themselves do not look? Also do not understand that “give pleasure“ the young lover can? Probably persons interested still are. Think, will oversleep with old, so he also marries. You will not wait! The old profligate (Don - Juan) will not give up, he will find a valid pretext and will turn you out, having carped at something. All of them have about one tactics, they get off in groups (flocks) and study each other, bragging of scheduled “victory“.
In general, is rather ridiculous and pathetic type if not to approach it seriously, and to use for designated purpose. Perhaps, it is worth trying, but only as entertainment because they do not suit for the serious relations.
This type can be useful in the period of “absence of fish“, can even become your friend, the girlfriend, but the husband - never!
for it money as a loan.
By the way, be careful - now many horrible diseases. To get rid of which, it will be much more difficult, than from Don - Juan.
5. The bad GUY Zhenshchiny love geeks
only they leave healthy descendants!
Disco Accident.
If Don - Juan runs for women, then women run for so-called “bad guys“. Usually it is high brutal brunettes (or blondes) with the corresponding equipment: leather jackets, unkempt long hair or their absence, tattoos, bike and impudent look. Such man is capable to drive with a high speed on the motorcycle, having passed the working day, then to get drunk in the bar and to fight. They live in all sectors of society from simple to “gilded youth“ (often mow under bohemia, show - business, fate). They are accompanied by addictions, roughness and obscene language. Change girlfriends as gloves, can “let loose hands“. Often very bad stories, sometimes with irreversible consequences get. Generally, from them one troubles.
So why to them so pulls, and they leave far behind the “positive“ tribespeople? It is all about male charisma. In our subconsciousness it is put: the real man is a rough brutal male, only he can protect, will take care, to endow with pleasures of rough unforgettable sex and to make healthy, viable kids. Genetic memory is called. You liked hooligans at school? Here you see! Often the scheme of resistance to a ban works. Mother does not resolve - I will do to spite. Not without reason in national folklore mother is a lot of popular “ songs, I fell in love with the bandit“, “The girl Pai and Zhigan“ etc. Bad guys are very attractive and are in demand, I was in love in it and it is a little a shame to me. They know about it and highly assume airs.
A to be proud that not of what! From them one troubles. Never contact the bad guy, after long communication with it, your nervous system will turn into a sieve, you will lose former appeal, and your purse will become thin and easy. In a bed the majority of them are selfish - “pull a blanket on itself“ in literal and figurative sense. To them to spit, on the woman who nearby. The main thing what to “your majesty“ it would be good. They consider that you have to be happy only because he looked at you. Communicating in certain companies, they study each other improper treatment with women. All men are children, and bad guys doubly, they did not finish in the childhood and chose to themselves such way. Women for them - size for warm-up. Seldom to whom will have the luck to pull out the elect from “their environment“ and to set on the right path. Unless he will fall in love madly, will become attached and will follow you “as a bull-calf on a string“. But it is not necessary to count on it, too the choice at “bad boys“ big. It is not possible to change such person because he considers himself irresistible, and all the acts correct. Most likely you should try on a helmet of the motorcyclist and to communicate on the Bonnie and Clyde type. Whether will be enough for long you? I think, no.
Zhanna got acquainted with Roman at a party a blitz - acquaintances. These are small Patya, organized for residents of the big city where it is possible to have a rest (to sum up the results) in a weekend, having combined “business with pleasure“. Lonely men and women to get acquainted with good people come to such parties, “on others to look and prove to be“, to dance, communicate, relax. And so, the 28th summer artist came to such meeting and fell in love with the bad guy Roma. It was the “softened“ option of the bad guy more likely he “mowed“ under this type because it is fashionable, but something in it was, picked up. Fell in love strongly, it dreamed it, appetite was lost. And it, having learned about its ardent feelings, decided to comply and invited at the scheduled party in … you understand a toilet for what. Here such love and such education. Though assured, hit itself into a breast that very much wants to find the soulmate, was tired of loneliness, wants children etc. Nothing he wants
, moreover is afraid of the serious relations, responsibility and women does not respect as you can see.


It is a source of “thrills“ with it as on a roller coaster everything is unexpected, takes the breath away. It girls love and “a share“ and lovers “what would be hotter.“ It “does not delay

“ the relations, it on courtings has no time, everything occurs quickly and spontaneously. For the “pages“ which yearned on love - a desirable adventure.

They are frequent participants of reality show, show them on the TV and invite to television shows, they brightly look and can emotionally “act“, their speeches often “zapikivat“.

They are very independent and often live far from relatives, make decisions quickly and will not argue with them. They do not poor-mouth, do not ask permission mummy, to themselves owners.

Bad guys behave safely and impudently, at them already the equipment is developed. Many women consider that these lines obligatory for the real man that roughness - an indicator of confidence and strength of the man, his ability to break through in this life. “what would smell of the man!“

U them ooooochen high self-assessment!

They are active, inaccessible and somewhere eternally rush or hang, And all inaccessible seems very attractive.

Usually they “do not go on brains“, do not learn life, they such what are also it are interesting and you are allowed to be such what you are.

Many good children are afraid of “bad boy“, envy them and dream to become what, but hide it.

If you had an irresistible desire “to stir up“ with the bad guy, I can understand you and here that I will advise:
In - the first, seriously you do not treat it, it precisely seriously does not belong to it.
In - the second, you maintain reputation and pretend that you from admirers have no release.
B - the third ignore it and “dinamta“ as long as possible, he for it will respect you.

by Deep disappointment:

after short “race“ the bad guy will surely go “on the left“, he is not capable to be true, he just does not understand why it is necessary? It has such environment, such friends and girlfriends.

It will never take you seriously and therefore will constantly betray.

He can begin to be rude, “to stand up for the rights“ and to let loose hands.

With them it is not interesting, people they usually empty and internally deeply diffident.

The majority of them has addictions “sex, drugs, rokenrol“. You can sit down on it “for the company“.


It does not cost your attention: you will never be happy with the bad guy and in vain will spend time.

Steer clear of “bad boy“! Do not contact it, it will never improve and if improved, so he never also was “the real bad guy“ but only pretended to be, giving in to fashion and Tvpropaganda, and you can be congratulated on good production.

it is CAREFUL!

Unfortunately, I had to face this type not by hearsay.
are not born Misogynists them, the family forms, but it is special conversation.
the Similar man rises in own eyes, humiliating the woman, suppressing, enslaving, depriving own “I“, firmly attaching to itself. It is very lonely, it goes from the childhood, to it it is terrible, he considers that he is not necessary to anybody and nobody loves it, it seems to it that having attached to itself the partner, having deprived of her will and ability to independent actions, it will secure itself(himself) and to his internal loneliness the end will come. His behavior extends only to the partner, it is normal, and is frequent, quite successfully functions in society. The attention of a mizogin is attracted by bright, strong versatile women, or is much younger than it. Cheerful, full lives, active and successful persons turn in nervous sick beings soon, about former beauty there are only memoirs. However in the woman it is inspired that she “itself is guilty“, “bad“, “worthless“ and will surely be gone without it. Often on a rod of a mizogin the women having experience of similar communication in a family with mother, the father, or other authoritative members get. We are often so brought up: do not lean out, indulge, suffer, admire and everything will be good. “Who are you such?!“ the daughter`s mother often speaks, wishing to repair her to herself. “You can do nothing therefore you will be gone without me (it)!“ And the girl recedes, contracts, tries, “not to disturb“ once again. She cannot independently live any more, cannot do without man - the owner. And by that finally becomes attached to the man and “loses face“. The sadomasochist knot which to break off very hard is tied. Partners practically “stick“ to each other, they as Siamese twins: together suffer, but cannot disperse. On such relations you sit down, they as drug, feelings seem sharp and bright. Misogynists usually “romantic heroes“: charismatic, attractive externally and sexual. Such relations very painful and painful for both partners also come to an end unambiguously hard, especially it concerns women. They are very destructive and at best them them it is possible to leave the disabled person. Never contact misogynists.


Marina and Semyon got acquainted when it was for 25 years. Both behind shoulders had an experience of the first, “trial“ barrack, both were ambitious, active, purposeful and looked at prospects of life with optimism. Girlfriends envied Marin, and relatives spoke: “God sent!“, but shortly decided that fig.
Semyon passionately fell in love with an attractive Marine, the girl from a good family, versatile and not usual, and its initial coldness and severity only urged on ardent feelings. He beautifully looked after, acquainted with parents and they got married soon. Features of its character were shown quickly enough, Semyon began to be jealous pathologically and controlled each step of the wife. In a family it is frequent “sorted out the relations“ - there were rough scandals reached ugly scenes of a manhandling. Both suffered, but in a family two children already grew up, the vicious circle turned out. The marine very much loved the husband, gradually began to seem to it that it is guilty of all conflicts and it is necessary to suffer everything. But soon to live it became absolutely intolerable and the family broke up. After divorce the young woman in a dowry got two children, the broken heart and neurosis.


Externally mizogin makes very pleasant impression. It is allocated the mass of advantages which many men are deprived: it is courageous, romantic, charming, attractive, sociable, is capable to love, to look after, it can be attached to one woman and is sincere love it. When you take a detached view of it, it seems that the man is almost ideal, it is only necessary to dream of it. But the narcissus with sadistic bents which extend only to the partner is behind this cover, with others it is quite loyal. People around bewildered think how it is possible not to get on with such remarkable guy. Very often they not all an order in the material plan, have addictions and bad bents, but it is well covered with an external luster and congenital ability “to give“ correctly itself. Often it is quite wealthy, self-sufficient, purposeful and educated men. Unites their one - the perverted mentality, desire to subordinate itself the woman, to attach her to itself “firmly“, to control and humiliate constantly. And they are convinced that they very much love the girlfriend and she without them “will be gone“ and constantly inspire in her it. Actually mizogin - “a paper tiger“, he cannot exist without the partner and deprive of him “the girl for a beating“ all the same that to block oxygen.


Marina and Semyon were married, divorced, but still loved each other. When they communicated from - for children pulled them each other as a magnet. There came hard times, reorganization, Marina lost the father, did not work, taking care of children, and Semyon`s career went on accruing. Having thought, they decided to organize a family again, to live together, however, the man emphasized that he “needs the hostess“. From outside everything was fine, a family, prosperity, travel. Actually Marina`s destruction continued, “hostess“ did not work, was considered “worthless“, “not formed“, “to nobody necessary“. Semyon periodically continued to practice a manhandling, but the woman already completely inspired in herself that she “bad“, can do nothing and without husband will be gone. It grew fat, addictions appeared. After a while Semyon met the young attractive person and declared Marin, “that could not fall in love with her on the present“ and that they do not approach “on a horoscope“. Children will be supported by him, and the rest does not interest him any more.
the Marine remained one with two children and an array of problems and diseases again.
Here such history.


We women give birth, we bring up sons and we address them in adulthood. Who to it teaches us to
the Family, our emotional base is under construction on the attitude of parents towards us. To small children parents seem almighty giants with whom it is senseless to argue and it is only necessary to imitate and equal. For this reason in the teenage (pubertatny) period when the child grows up and gains strength there are so-called “revolts“, protests, not understanding, often a gap and withdrawal from a family. Some mature and come back, others leave forever.
We copy behavior model of parents for this reason it seems that “misogyny“ is descended, “from the father to the son“ how to be told. Actually mother has the greatest influence here.

Weak, infantile mother,
often is an example of humility, “slavery“. At the same time it is also a pity for her and irritates, she at such age has to cares and to protect.
If the imperious and cruel father in the face of the son slights the woman and all family, then very high probability that the misogynist is formed.
of “The slave to the children“, so with despair one my familiar man called mother (typical mizogin). When the father came home, “all amicably climbed under a table.“ Extreme patriarchy reigned in their family, the head of the family showed cruelty and often beat the woman in the face of sons. When the guy grew up, he long could not find the soulmate, in the head there was an utter chaos. By 30 years it stopped the choice on the woman, is much more senior and “with experience“, with children fondly believing that it will be provided with both mother and the wife in one person, not the young lady will appreciate it very much and from it will not get to anywhere. And after a marriage launched real war with her children for the right of “the first place“. And of course lost. Because any woman will never replace mother, even all combined girlfriends, wives and mistresses (even at desire) will not be able to replace mother.

Imperious mother - the potakalshchitsa,
at the weak weak-willed father to a wave can bring up the misogynist. Allowing everything, immensely indulging and indulging continually, it forms the infantile personality, it will be very heavy to them to adapt in society when he grows up. The child who “is always right“ and to whom all is allowed, facing reality where not all is possible, and continually “give on hands“, literally falls into a hysterics, “ozverevat“, venting not full value on the woman who nearby, at the same time revenging the mother for wrong “installation“. In the companion he chooses usually “killed“ woman who “will not try“. Also unburdens on it the heart.


Vecheslav is more senior than Liouba for 10 years, has behind shoulders broken up (because of his alcoholism) marriage and the son. Lyubov the same was married, she has a daughter who is brought up by elderly parents. When they got acquainted, both did not work and now work periodically, from time to time, do not raise the children, having shifted this boring occupation to the state and parents. They have no time to be engaged in any nonsense because distracts from receiving vital pleasures, sometimes very doubtful and a constant showdown which often are followed by fights, a beating, and even slaughter. Together they nearly 12 years, are not connected by Gimeney`s bonds, but the union is stronger than them strong, they cannot exist the friend without friend because very few people to agree to such mutual mockery. Both are already seriously sick, underwent difficult operations, but still together and are not going to begin new life because the prospect is not seen and think that both “are not necessary to anybody“, it is possible at each of them the reasons, foreign soul darkness.
Vecheslav late long-awaited child. Mother of soul in it does not hope, despite its “problematical character“. He grew up in a full family where the father was not respected and all allowed it, indulged in everything here and result.

The rigid, business, active woman same
can quite bring up a mizogin as she constantly has no time, including to be engaged in the child, to especially show female caress and care. On this occupation no, not of time, neither desire nor forces. The child who grew up at such woman often feels defective, “nedolyublenny“, subconsciously looks for the woman who will “be dissolved“ in him, to love him “selflessly“ and to belong to him completely.

So all of us it is from the childhood!

what has to guard you with

the Novel between you “is untwisted“ too promptly. You literally “rush“ in embraces of each other.
your partner is very romantic, attentive, but something guards, “reefs“ are felt.

Mizogin begins to prove:
Frequent changes of mood (from love to hatred one step) It is the real Two-faced Janus!
of the Critic in your address (causal and causeless)
So-called disappointment (you were not such what he thought at the beginning)
the Method of “moonlight“, he indulges in wishful thinking and skillfully inspires it in you
Wild jealousy (out of the blue), a sobstvennichestvo, control of actions and even thoughts
Continuous charges (in the and your failures, even in bad weather!)
Rough showdowns
Transition from “words to business“. The misogynist will begin to let loose hands

sooner or later If to you on the way the similar man met - RUN FROM IT at top speed because after communication with mizoginy, you long should visit the psychotherapist and other doctors.
is possible it will forever beat off to you desire to marry or just to get novels.

in eyes looked Yesterday,
A - everything askances now aside!
to birds sat Yesterday, - All larks now - crows!

I am silly, and you are clever,
Live, and I am stunned.
Oh, cry of women of all times:
“ my darling what to you I made?!“ Marin Tsvetaev`s

People constantly play games, love always fight of samolyubiya of the man and woman. But here it will be a question of “very cruel game“ which can cost the broken heart, and, and lives.
Now this type of men extends like mad. For certain you the same faced such. The matter is that there are many nice successful women who “are not lucky in love“. Everything is seemingly normal, and here will not take out! Because wait for the prince charming as Assol from “scarlet sails“. On them that is also calculated, on their loneliness adjoining on despair. Emergence in life “devilishly attractive“ men literally puts everything upside down. Waited! At last! It is should fall in love with him: it is attractive, courageous, sports, perfectly is able to communicate and look after, it is very much cast from ordinary, “everyday“ men who surround in everyday life, go nearby, work, just communicate, look after, want to approach - but all “not that“. There is a wish for something “more hotly“.
Larisa got acquainted with Kirill on a visit at mutual friends. He made to the girl, a compliment at once, having attentively glanced in eyes, his look got into the heart! Kirill told that Larisa is very similar to one famous actress, but it is much better. She, of course, knew that she is attractive, but did not hear it yet. Something moved in soul, but it is no more. Soon the man called, then more and more. It was persistent, began to look after, give gifts, but the most important: spoke, spoke, spoke. All know that the woman is auditory and “the unapproachable fortress“ was given - between them the relations were entered. The girl madly fell in love, Kirill, not only beautifully looked after, he made plans for the future, dreamed of children to whom they will be similar etc. Heart literally thawed from his speeches though as the lover he not really suited it, but nothing but prospects were fine. Sex not the main thing. By the way Kirill very much advertized “the ability to Love“, but in practice all was very ordinary, perhaps badly tried, saved forces.
I here at the height of all this love story suddenly Kirill disappears, ceases to call, vanishes absolutely. As though there was no prince charming as though it dreamed, seemed. Larisa of course in tears - to look for and to ask friends, even to it came to work. Nothing happened to it, works, just once began to communicate, there is no time, put, problems and so on. “Yesterday in eyes looked,
A - everything askances now aside!“ as from Marina Tsvetaeva`s poem.
I of nothing with it cannot be made, the prince charming disappeared from life. Marina bitterly suffered, there was no wish to live, and Kirill rubbed hands “the next silly woman got“ and cheerfully discussed it with the friends. To them it was very ridiculous. One my familiar player with ecstasy with naughty gloss in eyes told
, sitting with me at restaurant: “You represent: I appoint meeting - it prepares, and I do not come and I do not call, then I say that I was, is very busy on work and could not report in any way, very much I apologize, she forgives, then again: I appoint meeting - it prepares, and I do not come and I do not call. However, it is healthy!“ And it the successful person ready to exchange the fifth ten speaks!
of the Situation different - style one: with you decided to play for distinction.
And sex here not the main thing, unlike Don - Zhuana or the Gigolo for which sex - a cornerstone in the relations, on it they and to keep. The player usually has a stable mistress and several spare options, it is interesting to it to hurt you morally that you properly suffered and the self-assessment fell. It is difficult to understand it to the normal person, but the perverted mentality of the player is programmed on destruction of your moral status and a raising of the image in own eyes. He derives a sheer pleasure from your sufferings as the real sadist. Here he is similar to a mizogig, but mizogin is capable to love, to endure, be jealous, be attached to one woman, and the player LOVES ONLY HIMSELF. If he is also considered with someone, then these are his numerous friends, with approximately similar manner of the treatment of women and inaccessible (and from it very desired) the woman of whom he dreams, but to approach to be afraid as he considers himself not worthy and not capable to make it happy. To the player simple human happiness is not conducted. Perhaps, he thinks of it, but always postpones “for later“ as the child the most tasty piece on a plate. AS IT to DISTINGUISH
Is the attractive, self-confident and talkative guy, but his gallantry and a sladkorechivost are equally proportional to falsity and unreliability. At the seeming courage it is coward and disgusting. When it opens the real face, you will be amazed sincerely from his roughness and cynicism. This is the pathetic person who did not receive in the childhood neither love nor caress, nor education. Someone very seriously offended him and he revenges all women.
He much, promises much, itself imposes “services“, but does nothing, does not keep the word, does not keep promises and it is not a shame to it at all. He respects nobody including. He calls
, and then vanishes and you pull down plans for evening, and it is possible on all life, depending on your impressionability.
In love with the player it is possible to fail as in a chasm. Such guys do not need the relations though they pretend (and it is possible also trust) in the fact that the relations are very necessary.
Sex for them not the main thing. In these respectable gentlemen, the little scared boy who was offended once by the girl similar to you sits.
It will never calm down, and all the time will revenge, causing you troubles, small and big. It can even turn your life into a nightmare if you it allow it.
“Expose“ it, tell it directly who he is is actually. He will estimate your insight at once. do not allow it to play
with you, put it into place, let him play by your rules and is whipping the cat that such magnificent woman will never have with it nothing in common. better simply send to
A it where far away. At heart the player perfectly everything understands
and knows the price to himself and you. It is necessary to steer clear of such men, at best you hold it as friend.

Love of the EGOIST

In Ancient Greek mythology, the Narcissus - the son of river god and the nymph, fine, but cold and proud, he cruelly rejected love what it was punished for. So there is it on life lonely and proud, loving only himself. It does not need the partner, he despises women and does not find “to himself well matched“, they it are not worthy. And if chooses, then either very beautiful, or eminent, populyarny that it was not a shame, and he “does not notice others“, “for people does not consider“ and just despises.
the Narcissus is brought usually up in a family where he was the only desired or long-awaited child where it was very much loved, “cared and cherished“ on whom they were laid great hopes and he tries to correspond to them since the childhood. Parents very much indulged him, excessively praised with and were sure of its “feature“, talent, imposed the overestimated requirements to him. And he from - for all forces tried to correspond and not to afflict the father with mother. Every day, looking in a mirror he saw the beautiful young man, almost fantastic prince there, and very much was proud of himself, and parents were proud of it. Also he grew up therefore very proud and haughty. Being an adult, he tests indecision and helplessness if the partner does not praise it. It needs “a specular reflection of the perfection“.
Near such man is not cozy. It is fine, well-groomed, is well and fashionably dressed, but is cold, from it there is a “heavy“ power.


addressed me narcissuses several times. And here my impression - they is artificial. Smartly dressed, by big cars if there are not enough means, then not expensive, but huge, polite, but what “ice“, “not live“.
At Ivan everything in life is good. He is in general a positive person, does not drink, does not smoke, the businessman, the blond handsome, but here to themselves worthy cannot find the girlfriend. Though seriously looks for also itself and through assistants.
A wants it the girl to itself well matched, same young, beautiful and successful. That is for 20 years is younger than it (to Ivan 40), the long-legged blond beauty, without addictions and without the past! And unless presently blond angels “without the past“ happen? From school rich uncles notice them or just ordinary boys, demand for them are good. It is not necessary to be and indulge the storyteller in wishful thinking!
Ivan meets girls much, but still one because it is very difficult to correspond to the tsarevitch, it is necessary to be the tsarevna, but here not at everyone it turns out. And if the tsarevna, then waits for the overseas prince or even Corot