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Mythology and computer graphics - concepts incompatible? There are no

, they were combined perfectly because where there are people, even surrounded from all directions with advanced technologies, both conjectures, and myths appear there.

Though the computer graphics (CG) - the youngest type of the fine arts and began to gain popularity only about 15 - 20 years ago, it already acquired mythology. “Mythology“ in this case is understood as the explanation of the phenomena incompatible with common sense and the real situation.

1. The myth about the Artist - the Photoshop Appendage . The most popular belief in the people that is drawn not by the artist, and the computer or a photoshop, or both together, and the artist only drives a mouse on a table and presses the buttons.

At the same time nobody in a similar case will think: “What clever car - you twist a wheel, and he goes! “ And nobody will believe that the white grand piano itself will play “The ode to pleasure“, only point a finger at keys, and put on the Word computer will make someone the great writer.

Cruel and unfair myth.

2. The myth about the Magic Button - a favourite joke and secret dream of those who draw in graphic editors. There would be a button “it is beautiful to make“, to press it, and it is not necessary to sit for hours, drawing in detail the picture, - at once it will be beautiful!

There is a similar button on the Internet (button. dekel. ru), but not, not... But there is a set comic (the unemployed, alas) the interfaces of the Photoshop made by the same dreamers with a totality of buttons for creation of the ideal beauty or, for example, Russian salad (yes, magic of the button has to be many-sided!) .

The most harmless and ironic myth.

3. The myth about the Miracle Graphic Tablet . Beginners often with a sinking heart ask some “monster of a photoshop“: “And you on the tablet draw?“, obviously thinking that progress of “monster“ comes from the tablet. Or, happens, somebody is distressed: “I draw nothing because there is no tablet“, and waits when that appears, in full confidence that with the tablet the masterpiece navayatsya right there.

The tablet appears and - oh, horror! - on it it is drawn worse, than on paper. More difficultly. But not all “monsters“ have abrupt tablets and which - who and works for himself with a mouse at home.

Harmful myth.

4. The myth about Miracle Lessons . It is a lot of - many beginners carry out lessons in which by long and tiresome manipulations with layers, masks and other special effects unpretentious images of objects which can be drawn in 10 - 15 minutes with a simple round brush of the editor turn out, and drawn will not look plastic and lifeless.

Of course, there is a set of lessons, and they are necessary, but only when in them there is an urgent need: sometimes without difficult manipulations not to reach the conceived effect. The artists who grew up at such lessons do not gain the handwriting, and their works seem creation of one author. And that “ceiling“ which they reach as a result, nizkovat.

One more harmful myth.

5. The myth about Fast Glory and Money the Shovel . The Internet is big, the websites needing graphics - hundreds of thousands, games are stamped by hundreds, and it seems that field of activity has no horizons - only begin, be only hooked...

The joke was remembered. The girl shaken by smart courting speaks: “I thought, you are an artist...“, what he answers: “And I am a computer artist!“

But... but, the beginning freelancers forget about the most severe competition in this sphere, about incompetent, and sometimes and dishonest customers. And, of course, that big and expensive orders are received only by the best of the best and to become such, years are required.

The myth - delusion.

6. The myth about Aura`s Absence . Ah, this aura streaming from monitors from the works performed in “living“, traditional technicians, but which is absent at works of computer graphics! Some feel it.

Computer painting - in fact, the same painting as traditional, also demands the same knowledge and abilities moreover plus many knowledge of digital tools. And to work in figure though it is more convenient, but it is more difficult. So the digital painter obviously puts more own aura in work, but for some reason it does not stream from monitors on people at whose heads the stamp sat down: “To draw on canvas / paper is cool!“

the Silly myth.

7. The myth about Lack of Value . Yes, there is an opinion that computer graphics - not art. It call craft, hack-work, something subsidiary and commercial.

Reasons for such opinion are. And from - for a huge number of freelancers who undertake any offer of work, often without having ideas as to execute it. And from the fact that the majority of high-quality works is drawn for games (from here - standards, a cliche, similar styles of execution). Many works become for printed materials. That is activity this initially commercial. However artists draw also for themselves, and draw perfectly. In this sphere there are magnificent creators, and it is pleasant that in Russia and Ukraine there is one of the best schools of computer graphics today. We concede only to natives of Hugo - East Asia.

The myth is disputable.

8. The myth about General Property . Likely, the belief formulated once in the song “All Around Collective-farm, All Around Mine!“ is genetically inherited by the users living in the territory of the former USSR. It is often possible to face the statement: “If something is posted On the Internet, then became the general, and with it it is possible to do anything“. This natural disaster still overflows the RuNet: kryaknuty programs, potyrnechenny source codes, the appropriated pictures with shabby copyrights (signatures of authors)...

Perhaps, for today it is the steadiest myth, it is perfect, by the way, impossible in the most part of not Russian-speaking Internet. However owners of the large websites and solid customers do not contact advocates of this myth any more. Also it is already possible to assert the violated copyright civil suits.

Extremely harmful myth.

Such is in brief mythology of one of the most progressive currents of modern society. Mostly it reflects its problems, misunderstanding of this new art form, small knowledge, existence of the stamps which developed for years in consciousness, absence of criteria in connection with novelty of the phenomenon. What to hide: it often touches computer artists. But time goes and there is a confidence that the computer graphics (and its highest manifestation - computer painting) will become not less dear, than easel, traditional.