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Small green bananas. Than they are useful?

When we come into a grocery supermarket, on fruit counters among other things of abundance we see clusters of big ripe bananas. We buy them and we eat, believing that it is one of the most useful fruit.

Banana is a perennial grassy plant, it is from the Malay Archipelago. Height of different types of bananas fluctuates from 2 to 12 m. The plant begins to blossom in 8 - 10 months. The inflorescence represents a brush at which basis large pistillate flowers are located, in the middle - oboyepoly, on the end - man`s. Fruits are formed only of pistillate flowers.

In process of maturing each cluster of fruits reminds a hand with a large number of fingers. Each copy represents berry with a thick thin skin and a set of seeds. There are about 40 types of bananas, some of them are received by artificial crossing. The size and a form of bananas depend on a look. The majority have the oblong rounded-off cylindrical shape from 5 to 35 cm in size

In our shops generally large fodder bananas are on sale. The people at us are not spoiled, buy what is offered. But if such range was in one of the Western European supermarkets, then buyers would hardly pay attention to these yellow overripe bananas. The European buyer knows distinction between large fodder bananas and small green.

To understand what the difference consists in between pass - bananas (or small green) and what we buy out of ignorance in our shops, let`s get acquainted in more detail with the first categories of banana berries.

Each small green banana contains about 140 calories. At it there are vegetable fats, carbohydrates, a small amount of proteins and vegetable fibers and the considerable content of sodium - about 300 mg. The main function of sodium in an organism consists in maintenance vodno - salt balance and in regulation of a muscle work. The adult needs to use 1 g of sodium daily. Shortage of this element in an organism can lead to dizziness, fatigue, differences of mood and an incoordination of movements. One pass - banana delivers to an organism 30% of daily norm of sodium.

Green bananas have sweetish taste and can be used as in a diet of small children, and teenagers, the last they can help to get rid of age spots .

Small green bananas contain a lot of calcium which plays an important role in maintenance is normal of a blood pressure and protects heart from any harmful effects. The use of one banana in day is remarkable prevention to avoid a hypertension and atherosclerosis.

One more surprising property of green bananas - they have the strengthening effect on our organism. their regular use reduces a calcium conclusion from an organism with urine. Holding calcium in an organism, green bananas strengthen bones, protecting from development of osteoporosis.

The regular use of green bananas helps to support acid balance of a stomach. substances which, which promote healing of stomach ulcers are a part of these fruit. They stimulate production of slime which protects a stomach from effect of digestive acids.

It is worth mentioning that green bananas make very much favorable impact on all gastrointestinal tract of the person . For example, at diarrhea severe dehydration is observed, electrolytes, important for health, are removed from an organism. Small green bananas deliver in an organism the potassium which is a part of electrolytes and by that support water balance of an organism at the normal level. The pectins which are contained in these fruit promote improvement of a vermicular movement of a digestive tract and normalize a chair.

I advise to include green pass - bananas in the daily diet. They, undoubtedly, will improve quality of your life and will become one more step on the way to healthy food.