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How to learn to speak with confidence?

As it paradoxically it sounds, but sure communication begins “inside“, but not “outside“. Many people test shyness and, often, frank fear at one even thoughts that they should start talking to other person. Their body begins to sweat, turn pale, shiver also in any other ways to show that the forthcoming communication is very stressful for it. Adrenaline is splashed out by

in blood, thoughts are confused, language is braided, legs give away - well as in such state to begin conversation?

Better it is also not necessary, postpone it “ terrible “ business for later, and now just read several recommendations. These councils will help you to understand how to you to cease to feel similar discomfort and to begin to derive a sheer pleasure from communication with people - so different people and such interesting. Everything begins


As I already told at the beginning of this article, everything begins inside. To reduce stress and to burn adrenaline - deeply breathe: a breath - an exhalation, a breath - an exhalation … Felt better? Then we go further.

We experience nervousness from - for the fact that we draw a picture of our total failure in the imagination in advance - here I approached the person, and he as will shout at me as he will kick, will call the untalented person and the numskull, will take a baseball bat or will call the freezed bandits … All these passions - mordast ourselves draw

only in the imagination, and, you see, they have nothing in common with the truth. At most, what the person can tell you: I am busy, do not disturb me, come later. Nobody is going to kick downstairs you and to throw into you heavy objects of a local interior.

People on the nature - very kind and sympathetic beings. Yes, they sometimes are excessively temperamental and emotionally excitable, but to lash out unexpectedly at the person with fists?. It is rather a nonsense, than harsh realities of life!

Therefore remove the fears aside and safely you approach the person. Be convinced that it is free ( i.e. it is not busy with an urgent and important issue ), draw its attention, smile to it and begin conversation. Three simple councils

If you noticed

for yourself that you lose all thoughts for nervousness, then I recommend to you:

1. Literally to write out your forthcoming conversation on a sheet of paper.

- literally. Here one of options to start almost any conversation: “ Good afternoon. My name is Alexander. Allow to ask you a short question?. “ nothing is better to add

To this word form. Many suffer from excessive politeness, loading the interlocutor verbal “garbage - a diarrhea“ and by that taking away from him time and showing the confusion.

2. Prepare the question in advance.

It has to be short, on a subject and not demand the long answer. The only problem of the first question - to interest your interlocutor. If you managed to attract attention, consider that a half of business is made - with you will continue communication! Therefore prepare - set second a question!

3. Thank the interlocutor for the answer to your question. you made by

the most important - the first started talking to the person. So, you will be able to repeat it at any time!

I congratulate you on the first victory over the uncertainty. Now the most important - is constant ( better daily ) to train similar short talk with strangers, without reflecting to do it, to transfer it to automatism level.

And then your life will strongly change, and to the best!