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The smoke (Byl) of

Is people whose mood in many respects depends on weather. The sun looked out and at heart became cheerful. And the rain, heavy clouds cast grief, melancholy and an unclear depression. Here and today, Lena got up, looked out in a window, saw a sunny day, was delighted. The mood became cloudless. Towards important the cat marched. It already, it is visible, nourishingly fed. It did not need caress of Lena and humiliating begging. Now hurried on appointment to a neighbour`s lop-eared cat of Nyurke. In total nothing, but Lena so wanted to snuggle him, to play with him, to share good mood that it did not sustain, called: “Smoke! Smoke!“ I will a little distract.
the Smoke was local notability. In due time it was thrown with three kittens on Lenina Street. Children at once looked after them: constructed a lodge, dragged food, water always was. Two kittens were taken away over time, and here the Smoke remained. All love of children was transferred to it in a threefold size. The kitten grew quickly, turning into a beautiful cat. The smoke was fluffy, a black color, with brightly - green eyes. The tail was such that the fox would envy it, accurate, very fluffy when the Smoke fell down, took cover them as a blanket. So he was also a favourite of the street, but construction below began, heavy traffic of cars became menacing and for animals, and children. Lena right there made the decision - to take away a cat to itself though in their private house already were having a tail, even five cats. Among them there was a Saffron milk cap which down the street often dragged for a tail of a raven. The smoke, maybe, therefore did not digest it, fought with the Saffron milk cap at the slightest pretext.
to the Smoke was succeeded to get Once on television shooting which was conducted at Elena at home. It added to a cat a bigger respect and honoring among children and adults when they saw the favourite from the TV screen. “Smoke, Smoke! We our Smoke saw“, - long under impression children ran and shouted.
I here, this solar morning Lena, and it was for thirty, the Haze called. The cat politely approached, asked on hands as he rubbed about her legs and at the same time purred. The hostess took it, but, having seen the Saffron milk cap, decided it to take on hands too, keeping saying: “A saffron milk cap when you learn to give delivery to a crow? Why yesterday she dragged you for a tail down the street again? All children laughed at you, even on the video removed“. The saffron milk cap zamurlykat in reply. The smoke, silently suffered these tendernesses, not in the address. And here in it the patience blew up, he became angry on the hostess before that all her words were intended not to it that hit with a sharp-clawed paw Lena on lips.
If just struck, but the teeth were shown, the lip suffered a serious injury. Remained as a section from a knife. Blood it is simple to drip became, without stopping. Lena clamped a lip fingers, let out cats. Processed a wound oil of a calendula and then stuck with an adhesive plaster. In hope that it will give the chance to grow together to a lip not to impose a seam.
the Smoke faded at once, understanding that it will meet capitally with the deserts. The saffron milk cap sat next, continuing to purr. Lena reflected. A smoke the only cat who caught rats. Recently on her eyes, sat, was on duty at a hen house. Suddenly from where - that the rat got out. It without fear got into a goose feeding trough and became quietly, there is a grain.
the Smoke with surprising speed, dexterity seized her by a neck. Rat peep was distributed, but it persistently dragged it in raspberry bushes. Rats are carriers of many infectious diseases, Lena knew about it long ago, and here now decided to find material more detailed about rats with whom the Smoke was at war. Under nails it could have any rat infection not only simple dirt.
Lena opened the Internet, found article.
of the Rat - carriers of diseases
of the Rat are carriers of dangerous infectious diseases of the person as live in proximity, direct with us. According to WHO data of 235 species of various rodents are capable to catch plague in the nature and to promote formation of its center. In city conditions there is especially important a sensitivity to plague of rats and mice. Rats catch plague through stings of the fleas living on them capable to bite also the person. The person also through rats can catch a tulyaremiya and a typhoid, contacting to sick rodents.

In intestines of rats there live two species of the salmonellas capable to poison the person if he ate the products containing excrements of rodents. With urine of rats leptospira are allocated and live in the damp environment a long time. Bathing in the open reservoir infected with leptospira, the person can catch the leptospirozny jaundice which is often leading to death. There is a weight more of human diseases which distributors are rats: hemorrhagic and Marseilles fevers, tick-borne encephalitis and typhus, botulism, trichinosis and many others, often having a lethal outcome. Damage which is caused by rats very big. They destroy food, ruin a harvest, spoil isolation of cables. With them it is just necessary to conduct ruthless and everyday fight.
Having read up article, Lena understood that it is necessary to ask in policlinic for the help. She lived in the resort settlement where there was the branch. Contacted the veterinarian, reported that the cat normal, but unexpectedly scratched till it bleeds, before behaved very peacefully, tenderly. Besides a cat - the rat catcher.

The veterinarian promised to arrive and examine a cat. Before his arrival the cat, as ill luck would have it, got to trouble, whether the rat next ruined to it a jaw, whether still that, but the look at a cat became with accurate symptoms of rage. Judge. The jaw at a cat in blood, is not closed, saliva flows. Mews by a bad voice. And here and our veterinarian appeared suddenly. The hand at it is tied up, it is visible someone bit it. About what Lena at once also took an interest:
“And who you - the veterinarian so credited?“
- Who, who? Pig. Gryzanula, was necessary to tie up a wound too. As you can see, we are doctors too we suffer from animals, and, than simple citizens are more often. It is necessary, as well as to others, to do pricks, inoculations to itself. Here the veterinarian looked at
on a cat.
- That it with a cat? Starts up saliva, I see does not eat, drinks water. All symptoms … rage. Cage immediately a cat and track, will be, he is? And, the main thing to drink water. During rage in a throat muscles are intercepted, at the expense of it there is a reduction, and the animal does not drink water.
- you know, the cat normal was until you arrived. Was all right: also did not slobber, and a jaw - as it should be. It got, likely, into a scrape with the next rat. I do not know how to get rid of them. To put a poison, and cats, and hens can get poisoned.
- Is the ultrasonic device with a different radius of action only on rats. Cost within one thousand rubles, buy.
- I will Surely buy.
- you, Elena, immediately go for reception to the surgeon. You will be surely given help.
- What help?
- to you will give from tetanus an injection and for prevention from rage. Everything is very serious. Today the surgeon accepts with 15. 00, go for reception.
Lena nodded, in agreement, that will go to the surgeon. The veterinarian promised to come every day, to watch a state of health of a cat, from it took the receipt that within 10 days will keep a cat in isolation. Farther it will be visible on it, it is healthy or not. Lena looked at
on the sky, saw the hung, heavy black clouds. They here - here could be delivered of a heavy rain, is not excluded with the thunder-storm … All one to one: both weather, and mood, and solarly and beautifully day so began. From where so quickly the sky clouded this bad weather? And here to the surgeon it is necessary to go. It quickly gathered, took an umbrella, a bag, money. Suddenly it will be necessary to pay for all: for pricks, for top priority, to the doctor go on record since morning, and it at once. As they say: “Zdraste, please“.
Reached on a minibus smartly without incident. The rain did not manage to begin though in it it was lucky. And here on reception to the surgeon there was a problem. The turn is big. Accepted only several people, left and cried out in a corridor: “Today I will not be able to accept more, urgently I leave!“ Lena right there jerked
to it: “I know nothing
, it is necessary to me urgently a prick from tetanus and from rage to accept. Then here also leave where it is necessary to you! “
Turn became silent, some stood aside from it. The doctor looked at it, was silent and, it is visible, digested: “From where it undertook with such serious statement?“
the Girl after the doctor rushed into an office. In a different way it was impossible to call it. The surgeon and the nurse listened to her as the cat wounded also a cat, is not excluded, from rats was traumatized. And suddenly physicians amicably began to futbolit it in city hospital.
- you were scratched by a cat moreover in a face, it go only to city hospital, you and help will be given and will do all vaccination. We have no right such serious injuries on a face to treat and take under control. Only address the surgeon in hospital. There reception round-the-clock. Lena with astonishment looked at
on them: “So what it is asked, I here in turn kantovatsya? Wasted time? All right, I go to the city“.
on the street flaws broke At this time leaves. Turned them in some wild dance. Large drops of a rain began to break, threatening to pass into a pouring rain. The mood of Lena began to fall, at the same time adding eagerness to fight in decision-making: to get though to the sexton on reception and to give all injections - inoculations.
Here hospital. Lena got out of a minibus, passed in a reception. Silence, sound. She sat down on a bench and began to wait. Waits for five minutes, ten. Suddenly from some adjacent room the female voice was distributed: “You on what question came?“
- Yes, here a cat - the rat catcher scratched the person. Arrived to the surgeon from the settlement.
- And why you were not accepted there?
- And you ask it the doctor of that which half an hour accepted patients also urgently left on more important issues than some patients. By the way, and with whom I speak, and here I go to bat about the sores? You can appear? Or I communicate with the Holy Spirit?
On a threshold of a reception appeared the woman in a white dressing gown, advanced age.
- Tell please and as whom you work in hospital: nurse, nurse, doctor? - Lena was curious.
- I work as the elevator operator here.
- And it I before you - the elevator operator on simple multipliers am displayed already half an hour and where medical personnel? I arrived from far away, I wait here already what is the time and any attention?
In a corridor stood the woman with the girl of years of twelve. The woman began to protect physicians who are late. It went to attack Lena the real drill.
- What you so raged? It is difficult to wait perhaps? We wait, you wait too, nothing happens to you.
Lena from surprise was taken aback in the beginning. Then answered with sharpness inherent in it and virulence in relation to such “clever men“.
Ya you I do not ask to put in my ward with the elevator operator, besides I have a diagnosis - rage. Now I will bite you, you will accept pricks from rage too. I warned you therefore become silent, steer clear of me, I did not become angry really yet. The girl, silently watched skirmish, mother for a sleeve straightened out, that became silent at once.
On a threshold was drawn the doctor, it appeared - the nurse.
- the Surgeon will come now, several minutes have patience, - it made happy with the message Elena.
Here the surgeon appeared. To it was years under ninety, went, it is more correct to tell - crept, besides heard badly what it was easy to guess later. Loudly asked questions. When heard that the cat scratched Lena, and from - for it it arrived the devil knows from where he on pricks - inoculations, it is loud, more precisely Homerically burst out laughing. Then just floutingly the following sounded:
“Me so many time were bitten by cats and scratched, but I did not run at once on inoculations to the doctor. And you were slightly scratched by an animal or will only break wind as at once in panic you run to the doctor. What during times went? “ Lena did not sustain
also to it nervously, loudly explained that it was often scratched too, bit and it quietly treated it. The matter is that this cat is at war with rats constantly therefore terribly, suddenly from rats he caught an infection, and from a cat it communicated some rat infection therefore came to city hospital. Inside slowly the rage increased. And here foolish questions fell down to the place.
- And why you arrived to us? You in the settlement have the surgeon. What for delusion of the patients to us to direct? You there and the chief physician have the with three salaries. No, I am mistaken, it has two salaries, and at our city - three salaries. At me big loading &ndash turns out; whole area. Lena did not sustain
: “What to me put to salaries of chief physicians, before your confusions at the administrative level. Why patients have to be as soccerballs? After communication with you I precisely, for a week will leave on hospital, from a hypertension. I all - navsy ask to pay me attention: to do vaccination against rage and tetanus“.
- you what you shout?
- you, the doctor, badly hear me, it is necessary to shout. Here the surgeon the silent nurse reported to
the completed card to Lena, having specified its data. Having forced to answer questions. Some of them were even interesting, for example:
of the information about the bitten or scratched animal,
of circumstance of a sting, an otsarapaniye, an oslyuneniye,
reaction to intracutaneous test: reddening (no samples to Lena were taken)
you take alcoholic drinks? How it is frequent? Lena answered that it does not take alcoholic drinks.
farther was appointed by it the antirabichesky help in a type of inoculations from tetanus and rage to 22, 25 and 28 numbers. Now asked to pass in a procedural office with the nurse on pricks.
Lena asked to give injections without the anesthetizing preparation as it has a reaction - up to loss of consciousness. She was told that physical solution, nothing terrible is used.
generally, at last gave injections: one from tetanus, under a shovel, and the second from rage - in a hand. At the same time told on Saturday 25 - go to arrive to them as on Saturday in the settlement the policlinic does not work. In hands it was given an instruction: “An instruction, injured from a sting an animal“ and the accompanying card of the patient with number.

Interesting requirements were in this instruction. It was strictly forbidden:
to Take alcohol, (2 months from the date of the last rage inoculation)
to be engaged in a hard work,
to overheat, overcool, bathe in an open reservoir,
to pass planned preventive inoculations during 2 - x months, to report
about all changes in an organism to the doctor, temperature increase, a headache, an indisposition, increase in lymph nodes, emergence of rash on skin, etc. And by a large red font it is written: you REMEMBER
Lena thanked, said goodbye and went home. Was caught in the good spring rain. The benefit took an umbrella therefore quietly went in the rain and on pools.
was small temperature increase, a fever, an elevated pressure in the Evening. So there passed the first day of communication with surgeons.
approached the veterinarian In the late afternoon. Took an interest in health of a cat. Passed, looked at it. It was convinced that the Smoke is in isolation, drinks liquid food, but does not accept rigid, the wounded jaw disturbed. Did not agree to give help as there did not pass the quarantine interval of time when it was necessary to be convinced that the cat has no rage. And it was number not earlier than 30 - go, the end of month.
, at the sight of Lena, began to purr the Smoke, rose and approached a door. The cage was big of a grid. In it there was a saucepan with water and a cup which was with fermented baked milk and the crude eggs divorced in it. The cat could drink up liquid food only. The cage bottom was too from a grid therefore, for sanitary reasons, Lena rearranged it about the place into place.
came Every day the veterinarian, glanced at a cat. Kept records about its health and all changes. To Elena made in the appointed days inse pricks from rage.
the Smoke in the conclusion behaved the first days uneasily. Tried to get out, mewed, but the cage was new, beautiful, sound, escape did not turn out.
At last 30 - opened that May a cage and let out the Haze. But not here - was. He did not want to leave it. All were surprised: the veterinarian, Lena and children who came to visit him. Hardly pushed out the Haze from its fallen in love lodge. It appears, get used to everything if to judge by a cat who all - most of all loves freedom walks in itself where wants.
Now the Smoke at Lena goes in favourites again, and the yum-yum earlier, than to the Saffron milk cap which cannot fight back even to the Crow comes the way of it.
Here such instructive history - byl happened to Elena.
Try not to allow injuries from animals, and then to torment them and itself with treatment with quarantine. It is good when everything well comes to an end WITHOUT RAGE.