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How it is the most effective to develop the brain and memory?

in What ways it is possible to develop the brain that it did not turn into one continuous crinkle? There is a mass of ways which will help you with it.

the Human brain can be compared to a human body. If a body not to train, then it will be ugly and weak. Also our brain is also arranged. We obtain every day and we process the uncountable number of various information, constantly we learn something new. And in order that the brain easier, simpler and better perceived and processed all this burden which is assigned to it, trainings and exercises are necessary.

Training of a brain is simply necessary for people, an essence of human life - in continuous development. Over time, as it is known much on the example of the grandmothers and grandfathers, memory and intellectual activity dies away. In order that this moment did not come as long as possible, it is necessary to exercise constantly the brain.

The most widespread way of development of intelligence is the book . So to speak, “classics of a genre“. The book is not only a source of any information, and also the good exercise machine for a brain and development of a lexicon. Read as much as possible, everywhere and always. And you will notice after a while as you change. You will not only receive a large number of useful information, but memory, thinking and literacy of the speech will improve besides.

Begin to learn foreign languages . It also is very effective way of training of a brain. You dreamed to go to any country long ago? Start studying of language of this country and go to it immediately. Travel influence your development too. There you will be able to have a rest and learn well a lot of new and interesting.

Always undertake performance of the most hard work , especially, if this work is intellectual. It will help to move to you to a new level of development. The brain will get used to such work, and after a while it will seem to you absolutely and not such heavy.

Try to take any book which got to you, the newspaper or the magazine right now. Turn and try to read . Difficult? But it is very effective. For a brain - all these turned letters are unfamiliar. Make such exercise few times in day, begin to read from small paragraphs. And every day increase the volume of read. And if you know a foreign language, then can also read something in it.

Play sports . Athletes are very bright. Someone can tell: “Where communication between sport and a brain?“ Only scientists who are engaged in similar researches can answer this question. And I only give the facts which, as usual, remain the facts.

And also there are a lot more various ways for development of intelligence and a brain. You learn verses, solve crossword puzzles, get the diary, play chess... If yet you are fond of nothing, then surely get to yourself a hobby. Believe, all this very much will influence you and your intellectual development.

I hope, you were interested in these councils and you will successfully use them. All this really good ways to develop itself, the brain and memory.