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How it is correct to build the house? Councils from a bird - the stove-setter of

As our planet is unique and beautiful! Each its corner is surprising and peculiar. Thanks to the highest creator and the person - beauty decorates the world. The music which stiffened in centuries call architecture. can believe

I in it when you look at majestic temples. Architecture - one of the finest arts which does unique and unique each country.

Maturing and leaving a native home, many of us think of own housing. Someone inherits such gift, others take a mortgage, is also such who lives many years on rental apartments. Well, and some marry the apartment - too option. The lodge in the village - dream of many, but not all can realize this dream.

How to build the house by own forces? Architects by nature can tell of it. The master - a class of a bird - the stove-setter who is considered sacred in Brazil will be useful. You can believe, this is really cool master, construction of the house at birds goes in due form architecture: with observance of lines and proportions, but without water-level, a ruler and a plumb.

Having secured with a consent of the girlfriend to receive her hand and heart, the father of future family prior to the beginning of the nested period begins to choose the place from which he will extract clay. But, to do career works, it is necessary to remove the turf: and the stove-setter at first tries to pull out all grass on this place. The pit is ready - dragging of clay for future structure begins.

We will notice that building goes by joint amicable efforts. Spouses work in one team, helping each other. In the beginning the base of future nest - the horizontal basis is under construction. Ideally equal and proportional floor dries some time then feathery builders begin to put up walls which above form the round arch.

By the same principle many temples and churches are under construction. For a door the bird leaves sideways an opening which at the end of construction from round turns into an arch. Nothing reminds you an image of a structure? Of course, it is similar to the Russian furnace. There is a question: what the building what are applied materials and technologies is under construction of?

For the gnezdovya spouses prepare up to two thousand identical small bricks. The walls which are put up by the feathery architect turn out ideally equal as if on a ruler. The house at good speed is under construction - probably, terms draw in. Without excess vanity and smoke breaks in a month to a gnezdovya it is ready. It is possible to become populated.

Probably, it is interesting to everything to look at the internal device of a bird`s townhouse. In books of naturalists similar nests are described as the snails reminding a sink in which the corridor of 15 cm smoothly passes into the roundish spacious room with smooth walls and the floor covered with a grass.

And now present: how it is possible to make so many bricks without equipment, having one make-shift - a beak? Stove-setters are able to build not only low housing which is popular also among people now. Sometimes they unite in crews and in common build skyscrapers on trees.

But we will note - the phenomenon this rare and that influences such amicable enthusiasm - the scientist - ornithologists do not know. And in general, birds seldom appear on public, interviews give a little. Though like to arrange concerts - these architects wish to sing. But singing - not “robins a voice“.

It is considered that the sacred bird observes Christian customs and on Sundays does not work. However birds did not confirm rumors of locals. In any case, in this respect there are opposite opinions, but to ask there is nobody, and to find behind work a bird very difficult. The nesting period at such birds lasts more than 8 months.

And construction depends on preparation of bricks which are made by the principle of adobe. That is liquid clay mixes up with a grass and from this weight construction material is formed. But for this purpose clay has to be well spilled by rains. Here feathery architects also wait for a rainy season.

Birds tell a little therefore at ornithologists for studying of work is enough about themselves. It is known that there is a bird - the stove-setter from family of pechnikovy (Furnariidae). This quite numerous family is widespread in the woods, plains and on coastal dunes.

There are even mining stove-setters from a sort the sort Geositta, and stove-setters tokoko from the sort Chilia. The largest of these birds reach up to 26 centimeters. Plumage at birds quite not striking, the drill - brown, with a white tie and a hat in the form of the Ukrainian. Let`s notice that a female and a male equally modest hardworking builders and on appearance a little in what differ.