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needs to be Read quietly! Nobody has to know
about what here is written! And very interesting is written!
So interesting that it is possible to learn the truth about himself such which also you do not guess! All is clear to you? Then read
and be frightened!
Once upon a time there was very terrible grandfather, it was green as kro - to - dit. And eyes as at cancer, red. Eyebrows it is bright - brown as oak bark. Clothes from a skin of a wolf, and on the head - the wolf head. From - under clothes curve hands and legs, pimply and green stick out. Well very terrible and curve. He speaks unclear language, but all understand it, even animals. And he understands all and all. It is called Chipushil and for some reason, itself I do not know why, all are afraid. This grandfather terrible, strange and mysterious.
But only on most - that business is the kind magician. He does only good things. In its unusual palace there are a lot of any jars, sklyanochek, miksturochek, small bottles with potions, small lizards, spiders and different goosebumps. He lives in the city of Magic.
A only three cities: the first as you already know, is called the City of Magic. The second - the Abandoned City. The third - the City of Black Magic.
In each city the palace, and in each palace of each city the secret room, and in each secret room of each palace of each city stands an emerald casket. this grandfather has
I the grandson Chipushok. This Chipushok sees not the terrible magician, but the dear grandfather who trains the grandson not in strong magic in the grandfather, and tells about the ancestors, about the family book and about three shkatulochka. Here you also learn about these shkatulochka a bit later … Once the angry magician Uzhas decided to collect by
all three caskets. These caskets magic. If you open the first casket - you will become strong, immortal, powerful. If you open the second casket - you will govern the whole world. If you open the third casket - the spirit will take off and will take away soul in an underground kingdom of the dead.
Yes! Uzhas had such dream. And he thought that it will come true. But what of caskets - what, he did not know as he did not like to read books. And in the family book of Chipushila it is written where what shkatulochka for what it and how to achieve the desirable.
Uzhas stole Chipushk`s bride, the princess Mira. And Chipushk very much wanted to marry! Stole to exchange it for the grandson of the kind, but terrible magician. The black magician learned about the book long ago and dreamed to take control of it for the black purposes. It was stated by the witch by the name of Balabonya and gave two caskets. Caskets were emerald, decorated with openwork branches and flowers from gold, very expensive, and foretold nothing bad. The magician hoped and expected from them for himself a lot of pleasant and a heap of wealth. But it had no time to read “About three caskets“. He just decided to exchange the princess Mira for Chipushk and his knowledge. But before to make it, the villain - to the magician needed the third casket.
But, having learned about loss of the bride, Chipushok himself came and brought the book and the third casket. Here - that the magician Uzhas also captured Chipushk, the book and the third casket. And at the same time he decided to marry the princess Mira. He went, had fun, laughed and fell on a rug, to pull legs with happiness, expecting much more still after opens all three caskets. The black magician turned Chipushk into the speaking parrot, and that told almost all truth about the book and caskets. Why almost all? Yes because he was lazy and did not listen to the end of the grandfather up to the end whereas his girlfriend princess Mira was nearby and incidentally heard conversation of the grandfather and grandson while the young idler pokhrapyvat on a family sofa. The princess learned the most important about the last casket.
the Black magician opened the first casket and became strong, immortal and powerful.
Opened the second casket and began to govern the whole world. He wanted to open also the third casket at once.
Opening it, he expected that he will just become rich, but its expectations were not met as from a casket the evil ghost took off and took away soul of the bad magician in an underground kingdom of the dead. And before the head disappeared in a casket, he told:
- I will return.
A Chipushok cheerfully answered it: for
- I Will wait. I am afraid!
in a week Chipushok married the princess Mira. Also they lived long and happily. Lived did not grieve. Also died in one day. There were from them children, even three, the same cranks, as well as the father. Also they ruled everyone the kingdom. Read
, kids, books!
Only helped to read and listen to ability to Chipushk and the princess Mira to take control of wealth and three cities at once.
to Make a terrifying story dobra!