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PIRACY LYUBOV (the Spanish legend) of

“I was such as you,
and you will be such as I“.
Fermin Mundaca de Marechaja

of Odnazhda in the fall of 1825 in the town Santa - Maria, Spain, was born the boy. Named it - Fermin. Since the childhood the child was in love with science, read all books that were sprained under a hand and when became the adult guy - it was already very educated and rather inquisitive once to come to the decision, abruptly to change the life, life of rather poor shopkeeper. Having sold modest ottsovo inheritance - a moskatelny bench of the father, he equipped the ship and went to submit sea open spaces and to expand borders of the knowledge.
It was hard and cruel time. Fermin appeared among many thousands of Spaniards who moved to others coast in search of the better lot.
the Young man was the brave seafarer, and, being from breed of those people who find adventures even when they mercifully avoid them, soon enough bored with usual trade and soon its ship already decorated an ominous black flag with a skull and the crossed bones - the well-known sign reminding to the approaching ships - who the owner in the Caribbean Sea. But, as the Spanish saying &ndash speaks; “Ask from God and not so much“, - soon sea dominion of Spain was replaced British, and the pirate was forced to disappear from the ships OST - the Indsky company. It byl1858 year.
When Fermin Mundaca de Marechaja decided - to depart from affairs - and he not in what was engaged in other as a slave trade, - he dramatized an arson of own ship and disappeared on the Island of Women (Isla Mujeres). The island so was pleasant to the pirate that that decided to redeem his half and to settle thoroughly ashore, having constructed a manor and having got economy.
- Hands in callosities will not dishonor, - Mundaca liked to repeat an ottsova an introduction. However, as by then on the frauds he already scared together a decent fortune, not so much made callous hands how many successfully and without being sorry invested money in economy. As a result, having heard about the prospering colony, new settlers stretched here.
the Estate, constructed in 1876, the pirate called “Happy pier“, and it occupied a little less half of the island. And it must be said that all this, lovingly created, magnificence intended to the unique beauty - Spaniard Martiniana Gomez Pantoje. Luxury and richness of the estate the pirate in love wanted to win her heart. He painted house walls with portraits of the swarty beauty and hoped that the girl will lodge in these walls.
But the young Spaniard did not accept love of the pirate and rejected the riches which are saved up by the way opposite to soul of the devout Catholic.
- Suprotiv destinies all are weak, - old Spaniards in response to complaints of the beer rejected to Mundaca behind pint made a helpless gesture.
By then the forty-year-old pirate absolutely lost the head from love to the very young girl which besides suited it in the daughter and was ready for any expenses and love madnesses … But Martiniana still rejected love of the pirate. It could not force to enter the house built as it was represented to it, on bones of unfortunate slaves and no poverty could force it to that. However, poor, but honest parents of the girl supported her in this decision. Anyway, soon Martiniana married the simple carpenter at all and went to the continent. Speak, and the mark was not left by it about itself that find her Mundaca could not. There is a wish to believe that life she the lived happily!
A the pirate literally withered from melancholy and in the last days constructed a crypt with an arch and an arbor at the end of a garden.
Now, two marble benches suggest to have a rest at a grave to travelers and to think of destiny of the unfortunate pirate Mundaki.
However, one say that he died not so much of one-way love, how many of the indecent disease caught in a port brothel. Others say that from the plague which mowed clean a half of the island … Who knows
? The stone plate of its grave is decorated by “Jolly Roger“ and an inscription which was thought up and cut by Mundaca in 1877 as a symbol of the unconditional love: “I was such as you, and you will be such as I“. Dates of death of the pirate - no.
- Do not look for Death, and came - do not collect, - so Spaniards speak, and still they speak:
- Words are good when with all the heart.
But we cannot agree with their doubts. Insatiability of soul called Mundaca in sea open spaces. It forced it its acquired by blood and then suddenly to throw to the beloved`s legs so the empty tomb of the pirate directs at reflections. and today anyone can visit
of the Wreck of the piracy hacienda.
A a payment for visit of the estate costs real pennies, only 20 peso.

Here that the Spanish parable says:
the Teacher called the girl to a board and after that could not answer a question, left to stand.
Trying to apply modern methods of psychology, the teacher asked a class:
- How you think, but whether it is silly - here so to stand and be silent?
After several seconds of silence one boy rose from the place and rose near the shamed girl. Having waited for
whether it will begin to be responsible for it, the teacher asked once again:
- You believes, to stand at a board in the company and to be silent less silly?
what the pupil answered:
- You are right, mister teacher, you will not think up more silly... but it is sad to me to see that it costs all alone …