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Power supply of a new building or new private house. In what way to go?

in the course of creation of the homebrew scheme of power supply specify everything simply and clearly: here I want that the lamp with illumination froze up, and here let there is a two-push-button switch. Sign with a row, you intend to twist power what bulb. Think over

and record how many electric devices are planned to include in future kitchen over a table-top, and then assemblers will install the necessary number of sockets here at once. In kitchen food processors, meat grinders, toasters, waffle irons, electric kettles, dishwashers, bread machines etc.

are used Therefore in advance measure by the kitchen in the new house (or in old where capital repairs with replacement of an electrical wiring become). Decide what kitchen and what sizes you establish. The sizes are available on the websites and by phones of producers. Be defined where there will be a table-top where a sink where the refrigerator and other. We enter all these data in our scheme in a free look. In parallel we note on walls, a place ceiling where there will be built-in bulbs, sockets, switches, lamps and what they will be. Suspended, wall, with the switch - a string or push-button etc.

Everything that you will note on our skhemka, will demand coordination with the electrician because, for example, you will want to have the socket over the battery or near a pipe of heating, gas, and it is impossible to do it by rules of installation of an electrical wiring. Therefore your plan can change, but thanks to it it will become clear as where specifically it is required to establish in the scheme of power supply of the house, and construction electricians will be able to embody your dreams in reality.

When you will note both on the plan, and on walls, a ceiling as where from electric equipment it will be established, it is necessary to remember the following:

In - the first, all switches have on a wall at doors from the handle. At once estimate what will stand a door on an entrance to the room where it opens that it did not turn out so that the switch was installed, the door too, and becomes clear then that when opening the cloth blocks the switch. Such embarrassment often happens. For information: optimum height of an arrangement of the switch - about 160 - 180 cm from a floor, also recede from a doorway of centimeters 15 aside.

In - the second, sockets. They are impossible, it is dangerous to establish closer, than in 50 cm from pipes of heating, a water supply system, gas. Select height of installation depending on where the socket is necessary and for what it will be used. It is not forbidden the socket even under a ceiling to do, only to recede from it 15 - 20 cm

Is sockets which specially are installed over a plinth. Quite good option, they are not visible, however, if that happens, it will be not really convenient to approach it for repair. In general, noting the same sockets and switches on the scheme, do not forget that it is necessary to have them in the zone available to repair.

How many it is necessary sockets on the room? Was considered earlier that one has to fall on 10 sq.m, however now in connection with abundance of equipment the norm became already outdated. 4 - In 20 meters there will be enough 5 sockets on the room. However, if it is planned to use a lot of equipment, then put double, and even threefold sockets.

The person who is not tempted in power supply of the house or apartment should know that there are three ways from the very beginning of process.

The first - an official way . Here it is necessary to obtain initial specifications from service provider (in Moscow it is most often “Mosenergosbyt“, in regions the organizations, of course, dominate). It is necessary to learn current in Amperes, staging of power supply brought to the dwelling (one or three-phase), the allocated maximum electric power on specifically your house or a cottage, the apartment, to be convinced that the voltage makes 220 Volts, to learn about system of grounding and other. Then it is necessary to find the licensed design organization which will make according to basic data of the supplier the scheme of an electrical wiring, with observance of rules of fire safety, Construction Norms and Regulations (construction rules and norms), rules of installation of an electrical wiring, the instruction to electric equipment etc. All this has to conform to requirements of “Gosenergokontrol“.

So, ordered. The ready scheme will quite possibly appear beautiful, on good paper, even mysterious, as well as any scheme in art, but without statement of it all in same “Mosenergosbyt“ (in Moscow) all this technical art on paper or the digital carrier does not cost also the eaten-away egg. Only after coordination (approval) of the scheme the consumer or team of the supplier of electric services realize drawn on the scheme. But it is not all! It is necessary to connect the ready electroscheme to networks of the supplier still. How?

Everything the new application is submitted to the same, for example, “Mosenergosbyt“. An essence its is as follows: I - a full name, the address - such - that, ask generous to allow me to be connected to electric networks of the supplier. And still I ask to establish and put the electric power counter into operation, to appropriate me personal account and other. The supplier of electric energy will look that you “heaped up“ in the dwelling, will lift earlier coordinated scheme, will compare reality and what is recorded on paper. Further the commission of the severe staff of the energy company will come, and they have to instruct with the owner housing, concerning safety measures when using of electric devices and in general all scheme of power supply of the house.

The owner needs to nod, “take good note“, especially not to argue because at worst already mounted conducting with electric equipment can be “wrapped“. But if the scheme is made really by specialists in the project of the licensed firm in wiring, or (that it is the best of all) erection team of the supplier, then everything has to be good also you - the new full subscriber. Only after verification of your electroscheme mounted already the supplier generous will allow to be connected to a source of Great Light: to the networks. An official way - the long and the most expensive, but also the most guaranteed.

The second way - amateur . There are such men, and there is a lot of them that a lot of things can be done by the hands. Here already the owner himself takes the tool and goes “for storm“ the same wall, hollows openings under sockets, shtrobit walls, stretches wires. Buys everything that is necessary for installation of power supply of the house. Sometimes employs in assistants to acquaintances or the electrician.

Quite often happens that at this option in general do without normal and extensive plan of an electrical wiring (the plan of an electrical wiring differs from the scheme in the fact that there is surely specified where and as the eletrooborudovaniye on the district / apartment / house in a certain scale will be located). Usually in the simple scheme men “will outline“ on a leaf a skhemka (here even scale is not always necessary) as where approximately it will be connected to conducting and - forward.

But there is also the cheapest option of power supply of a new building or the new house...