Rus Articles Journal


Christina happy and cheerful was ON a SILVER PLATTER, it was rolled out from a drawing room of the girlfriend.
- So! All the time! I love you little girls, of course thanks for everything, for support and here for it too, - she nodded under a mouse on a 3-liter jar marinated red tomato, - surely I will eat everything itself, - well so long!
- I to you that told, together, - shouts, laughing Zina, - well you only look at this doll, learned it, learned, and it all the same on the does.
- Only be not someone`s gift! - Snezhana, &ndash warns; on the street night already.
- Ugu! - Christina agreed and sent to girlfriends an air-kiss at parting.
Snezhana and Zina flashed mysteriously eyes:
- Today special night and if she eats all tomatoes with the young man, then to walk to us at a wedding in New year!
the Girl went and admired beauty of winter evening. Inhaled extraordinary fresh winter air and observed how large snowflakes fell under light of lamps, reminding confetti. Despite the twelfth one o`clock in the morning, on city streets it was crowded.
Came nearer New year!
Suddenly under the very nose one stranger from the big cheerful company waved hands, trying to keep standing and not to fall. Christina at the same time tried to keep to bank with tomatoes and with astonishment looked directly to it in the face. And it to it. How many it proceeded, it is hard to say, but it all - failed. And bank it appeared somewhere among them. The guy jumped on knees. Generally, they held it together.
- Well, you, pancake, give, the companion - without having managed to be frightened, the girl, &ndash began to blink; can, my happiness depends on these tomatoes.
- Yes, - with relief he sighed, - tasty, likely, - he swallowed saliva.
- Yes, - Christina carefully released to bank from hands of the stranger, was developed and went the own way.
- Ooh, you, real Snow Maiden, - it is captivated he spoke, - you where swept? Give in our snowdrift.
- The boor, I will give tomatoes to nobody, itself I love, - trying to leave, she muttered.
But could not keep and looked back to the odd fellow who continued to be kneeling. And here he suddenly started singing:
“It passed as a caravel on green waves,
Cool heavy rain after hot day,
Ya looked back to look whether she looked back,
to look whether I looked back“.
Only now Christina remembered that she somewhere already saw this person. “Ah and same Moroz from advertizing, he sits in a chair and distributes gifts to all, still realizes dreams in life“.
Here - that it also stopped.
- And you what, and the truth of desire you carry out?
- Yes, of course! And what desire at you?
- Yes, actually, not at me, and at my friends.
- There now, as always, to anything. And you want, I will arrange a holiday to you?
- How it?
- Time already without fifteen twelve. And nights.
- Oh!
- And I have no Snow Maiden. The suit even is.
- Well, I agree.
- The Fine fellow, dress.
When before them were opened by wide carved gate, she thought that it appeared in the fairy tale. Directly the confetti was on a silver platter. There was a high fir-tree decorated with stars, spheres, garlands. Around it fairy tale characters turned. And suddenly all saw it. Also whispered:
- Who is it?
- Gerda with Kai drink strawberry cocktail with the snow queen.
- This is the Snow White?
- No, the Snow White just passed in an environment of the gnomes.
- And Cinderella with the prince too here.
- And Sleeping Beauty with the prince?
- In hibernation with Masha and bears settled. Promised to be later.
Whisper stopped when blew softly frost:
- Look, Winter with Father Frost came!
- These are my parents, - it under an elbow took Christina and brought to them.
- Be my Snow Maiden, - Moroz whispered to the girl in an ear. She confusedly looked down and whispered:
- Perhaps, I will agree.
smiled Winter, and Father Frost was tickled.
- And look how the Spring dances, its time, here Summer soon, and Fall. Get acquainted. There are zodiac signs.
- Coincidence is desirable. You do not want across a current time to spend, - Cancer warned.
When a ball ended, all suddenly disappeared, and the couple appeared at the holiday table together. They sat, tomatoes burst and whispered each other:
- Happy New Year!