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to Everyone it will be given -
on his belief.

In one most usual town, what in this world great variety, once upon a time there was a little girl with the mother in the small cozy apartment. They loved together from a window to look at figures of the hurrying people in the afternoon, and in the evening at fires in windows and at the star sky. To look and dream …
Mother, embracing the daughter, told about the father:
- The good person your father and here only serves he in the far-away cold country, remembers us, but also the debt to the Fatherland does not forget, for all people of border and the World guards.
Reflected the girl, and then took a piece of a chintz and began to cross stitch the word “WORLD“ and the father about photos and mother nearby. Happy they such, smile. And in the middle embroidered herself, and in hands a bear cub small - a toy fluffy, favourite.
A in a week was distributed a call to a door:
- The Telegram, soon the father comes to you! - joyfully reported the mail carrier.
Were delighted hostesses - big and small - also began to prepare for a meeting.
A as efforts ended, the girl again to an embroidery - became it around a family the house to embroider big, beautiful, and the brother on a threshold that for the aid to the father and it it would not be boring for one.
I here came day and hour, in the telegram appointed, they open a door, and on a threshold the father, big such. Nastenka looks - will not see enough. In one hand at it - a suitcase, and in another - flowers. They started embracing, kissing. All gifts and on a table of a food.
- Here, the wife and the daughter, I will be with you now always, the world came and the army is not necessary, sent me to a stock, and the form should be held so the house I will build, work, well and children to raise, - the father speaks.
I, truth - in a year all family they moved to the big cozy house and the kid, the brother appeared at them, Vanka called. Nastenk
A so was fond of an embroidery... will embroider a berry, a floret, and even a garden around the house on a chintz... that parents what notable embroideress at them grows will not rejoice moreover and she gives the works to people good.
the Town became big, rich - to live in it is mute to everyone in pleasure and many handymen grow. The temple of masters turned out.
Come to us! And to you the place will be!