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Amphora of the cape of Saint Theodor (A swallow`s nest in the Crimea)

On border of a warm current near the cape Ouch - Todor from a thundercloud suddenly arose a tornado. Water under it became agitated, began to boil, rose a cone towards to blackness up. Together with it the turning huge column quickly moved. The tornado lifted together with water the ship, people, and carried away trees in the sky on terrible height. The daughter of the notable merchant was by this ship. For fear it was swept up in search of a shelter and, having seen the biggest amphora, hid in it.
- Oh, horror! - only also the father could exclaim, falling on knees, having seen the events from the coast. He raised hands to the sky, and its groans rose damnations to all gods, - what I am punished by you for, gods? All life I lived for people, taught them to wisdom, bore the word God`s, - large tears began to flow on his courageous face. It was bent from a grief.
Here the ship with a terrible roar unstitched a black cloud and failed, having cut a surface of the Black Sea on two half. Stopped from - for weights of the and directed, at first it is silent, and then gathering speed, in a black chasm
Everything ceased. Only foam bubbled, burst, throwing out the smallest salty splashes and chips in air.
Suddenly the merchant became straight and hard went to break - the grief of the father was big, he could not endure it. Solved turned gray, during an instant, the aged man last time to turn the look to God of the sea Poseidon and to plunge into his salty water, but here saw how sea water became transparent, and from deep waters the big amphora which under the pressure of water it is noisy rose jumped out on a surface. Wind drove it to the coast. When threw out a clay vessel on the land, it left the daughter of the merchant Aurora. the happy merchant all amphoras began to decorate
After this case with drawings and letters on pleasure and for edification of people. to
Very often this story is told each other by people.
- About a miracle! - they admire in centuries. here the nature presented to
A in memory of it surprising feature: since then water at the cape Ai - Todor is always transparent, and even the storm cannot vzmutit it.
the Black Sea is usually quiet in the summer, and in September begins to worry, storms so in the winter that bends columns and breaks concrete moorings. Show off Aksinsky - the sea inhospitable. The ships break from anchors, fight about pier and the friend about the friend, sink.
But passes time, and everything is forgotten. Again the moon, a gold path, slightly audible rustle of waves at legs. Show off Evksinsky - the sea is hospitable.