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The legend of the Crimean amazons of

B the Evpatoriysky County is the small settlement. It is located in four versts from the sea coast which is filled up with sinks. Near the coast, in the sea, the small island on which the great variety of the most different sea birds nests is spread by a gray strip.
Davny - on this place the first settlers were long ago maidens - warriors. Having lived several months, they were attacked from savages who came from the woods with the purpose to capture maidens live. After desperate fight of the poor thing declared to the queen that they have no more than forces to be protected.
- In that case we should die or live in bondage, - the fair-haired queen answered.
- We will rush to the sea, - it is proud maidens told.
- Then I the first will show the road as mother is a queen.
renewed cruel fight from inhabitants of the wood Next day. Maidens were forced to rush to sea waves. But when each of them dreamed of death, under them the seabed rose and the island with an uncountable set of sinks was formed. So gods relieved them both of death, and of bondage.
Such turn of events very much surprised savages. But as they could not understand that in power to make a similar miracle only to gods, decided to make the way on the island where it was more convenient to catch all maidens live. The leader disposed about delivery of trees which were connected and floated rafts. Soldiers were also located on them. They freely landed on the island. Then on wave of a hand of the leader savages rushed on defenseless women. But soldiers did not manage to reach them: from the sky white fluffy feathers suddenly fell down, maidens disappeared, and from the island the pack of snow-white birds rose by air. This time gods finally saved beautiful warriors from villains.
our ancestors claim that the birds inhabiting steppes and are those maidens who on command of gods took a bird species, and, in their opinion, to kill one of them equaled to murder of the person. Since then our ancestors also swore an oath never to catch and not to kill birds heavenly.