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From the “How From Scratch to Build the House the Hands?“ series

If you decided to build for yourself the House or you already began to build it, then you need a huge number of information on various questions of construction design and production.

Even if you not bad are guided on the Internet and you will manage what - or image to distinguish the standing information from empty and worked not enough, at best, you will waste a lot of time, and, maybe money.
the Necessary information should be “got“ literally from a huge amount of information materials and how to define whether the person, inexperienced in construction questions, should use it?
Process is not easy and not fast.

As there is a wish to have at this moment near at hand a reference material in which information on all (or almost everything) to questions of construction production would be collected!
I that the similar reference book was created by skilled authors on the basis of the checked experience. That it represented articles with step-by-step instructions of conducting construction works and design that it was clear even to the beginner! I Tell


to you that the book
is posted On the Internet “How from scratch to Build the House“

to you in the help are published by the Hands 31 it is information - technical articles according to many sections of construction production and design among which:

With what to begin?
What to do on “the earth “?

Project I Choose the constructive solution of the house
of Separate designs of the house
of Concrete and
solutions Finishing works

does not need to waste in vain the time, rummaging in a world wide web, in search of necessary knowledge!

It is not necessary to force an open door!

Receive free of charge the book “How From Scratch to Build the House the Hands“ on my website moydom777. ru /

the Book will help you to deepen construction knowledge if you not the builder also do not know with what to begin!

The book will help you to keep the most part of the budget.

I wish you pleasant studying of articles with the advantage, maximum for myself!