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Rest in Croatia. Tsavtat - the most solar city?

Most of tourists, preparing for travel across Croatia, choose for themselves the known resorts to which, in particular, carry the well-known Dubrovnik. But very few people know that in the neighbourhood with it “the city of the sun“ - Tsavtat is located.

This young resort differs in the small sizes and a small amount of locals (only about two thousand people live in Tsavtat). Fortunately, it did not prevent it to become the most solar city which brings only positive emotions and many joyful memories.

The small streets which are filled in with sunshine, not numerous small houses under tile roofs, a light touch of a warm southern breeze, pleasant splash of the sea - all this is also Tsavtat. Coming here, you understand that it is a real paradise on the earth, and leaving, you dream to return to this town again. He at once fascinates, forcing heart to fight several times stronger.

Tsavtat lies in the territory of two peninsulas which Sustyepan and Rat carry the name. Thanks to it there is here an unusual bay which draws to itself attention of lovers. Along the embankment huge pines which not only cover tourists from the scorching sun are planted, but also do air purer and more pleasant.

Walking on the city, you receive only it is a pleasure. From each place the view of the embankment and the sea opens here, and having approached a little closer water, it is possible to enjoy beauty of the blue sea and unique air in which purity of the pine wood and sea aromas is combined. Exactly thanks to the unusual air, Tsavtat became popular among the people suffering from various allergic reactions. Having spent here only several days, at once you understand that to breathe it became much easier and more free.

The road to Tsavtatu will not demand a lot of time and forces. It can be explained with the fact that this small resort is only in 20 km from the well-known Dubrovnik. Besides, in 5 km from it the airport is located. From Dubrovnik to Tsavtat it is possible to reach by bus or a taxi, at the same time the road represents the charming mountain serpentine.

Tsavtat is an ancient city therefore each house here really “breathes“ history. Its history deeply originates in Ancient Greece, here still in ancient times there was the Greek settlement of Epidaurus. Later, after arrival of Romans, the settlement grew and was renamed into Epidavrum. The first mentions of it are dated 47th year B.C.! When in the VII century Epidavrum became the Slavic city, it was renamed into Tsavtat again. Soon it began to enter the Dubrovnitsky republic.

Thanks to unusual history, on Tsavtat`s streets it is possible to find a huge number of various sights. There is both a unique Prince yard, and numerous orthodox churches and monasteries, the art gallery of Vlakho Bukovich differs in special value.

Tsavtat is rather family resort therefore rest differs in tranquility and moderate speed here. But here, as well as in any other ancient city, hold many festivals and historical holidays which need to be visited. The Music and Word festival which takes place here from June 16 to July 30 is considered one of the most popular.